Google Search now shows reviews and detailed product info for easier holiday shopping


Google Search Holiday update

Black Friday is soon upon us and whether you’re shopping online or in-store (heaven help you), you’re going to want to research all those “deals” using Google Search. Thankfully, Google has made this process easier than ever, adding a few new additions to Google Shopping results so you can see all the most relevant info at a glance.

The above example shows a Nexus 10 tablet along with detailed information about the tablet, the going price, where you can buy, and even product reviews from customers. When viewing in Google Shopping, certain products will be rotatable in 3D, so you can see every angle. If you’re curious to see what gifts are trending this year, Google is providing us with some of their stats.

  • Game consoles and tablets continue to be the top gifts trending on Google Shopping, but wearable technology such as the “fitbit” is also on the rise this month.
  • Certain retro toys are making a comeback this season. Thanks to the new movie “Ouija,” searches for “Ouija boards” are up 300% since October. And queries for “Barbie Dream House” and “My Little Pony” are up as well compared to last month. 6
  • Cold-weather staples, such as “Hunter boots” and “Canada Goose jackets,” are among the most popular apparel searches, up 46% and 140%, respectively, since October. But “jogger pants” are the newcomer gift this season, up 39% from October. 7

Google Trending toys holidays 2014


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  1. This remind me bit of yandex(it is another search engine which was distinguishing itself from Google by doing this and a couple more different thing to)

  2. Never forget that Google shopping is now a paid ad listing. If a vendor that doesn’t pay Google for placement has a better price, Google won’t tell you that.

    “Google is compensated by these merchants. Payment is one of several factors used to rank these results.”

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