AT&T’s Nexus 6 stock is being returned to Motorola because of faulty software [UPDATE]


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It’s no secret the Nexus 6 for AT&T had a fair amount of the carrier’s influence as far as software is concerned. In fact, earlier today we even showed you the necessary steps you can take to remove much of this, bringing back a “pure” Nexus the way the Android gods intended. Now, a software bug that’s apparently unique to the AT&T model of the Nexus 6 could make it hard to find the device at your local store.

According to an internal memo sent to AT&T stores, they are to return all stock of the Nexus 6 back to Motorola thanks to “incorrect software” being shipped on initial units. While only these initial shipments seem to be affected, rather than sift through all their stock, all of it is going back to the mother ship.

ATT Nexus 6 software bug

It’s not clear exactly what the bug is, although we’re seeing reports of some devices randomly powering off, or not booting up properly. Yeah, not a fun time, especially for a phone that should just work. A Motorola spokesperson confirmed the bug in a statement:

“We delivered a small number of Nexus 6 smartphones with incorrect software to AT&T customers who pre-ordered. The incorrect software prevents the phone from starting up properly. We will provide replacements for consumers whose phones are affected. The problem has been corrected and the phones currently shipping are fine.”

UPDATE: Turns out we may have another idea what the “software” problem is. A user on Reddit  posted the following images which, like AT&T said, wouldn’t allow his phone to boot properly. In fact, he was stuck in bootloader mode for a good while. Once he was able to get everything up and running, turns out his Nexus 6 was running some kind of Android 4.4.4 KitKat test build — not 5.0 Lollipop. L.O.L.

Nexus 6 att software bug


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  1. The bug is that you can get their stuff off of the phone. :P

    1. Yeah,that,& someone made a mistake w/the amount of bloatware.
      Was meant to have twenty bloatware apps,instead of two………..

    2. Either that or they want MORE bloatware.

  2. FYI, you don’t make lollipops in ovens

  3. Nexus should mean no soft/bloatware problems. By leaking this memo, AT$T made it seem like it’s Moto’s fault.

    1. “Initial shipments of Nexus 6 devices were shipped with incorrect software from Motorola.”

      1. Which could happen if a company forces Moto to do bloated software iterations right before launch. Instead of giving a rather pure Lollipop.

        1. Are you serious? A few ringtones and apps that you can delete and a AT&T bootup animation. LOL…Yeah…no more pure Lollipop.

    2. If the phone isn’t working properly, and it came from Motorola. then who’s fault is it? Why don’t you just blame Apple or Samsung?

  4. I got one last night from my local at&t store, I haven’t noticed anything

    1. Just talked to at&t and moto, this leaked document is old

  5. They need to load up more bloat.

  6. I got this same info this AM from the corp stores in town. So that’s 2 fails for OKLA and Nexus- first Tmobile and now this crap. #WhereIsGooglesStock? #NoRestockWed

  7. Lol. nexus 6 hasnt even launched and theyre already being returned

    1. Ah. Moronic UID and moronic statement. *thumbs up*

      1. Sounds like you be butthurt

        1. Sounds like you be trollin’.

    2. Nexus is soft and useless.

      1. I’m sure your use to being told your soft and useless.

      2. Tizen fanclub is thataway ——->

  8. one more reason to patiently wait for an unbranded one.

  9. THIS is more than likely why Verizon hasn’t said anything yet.

  10. My ATT phone came without any bloatware I am pretty sure that is why they are re calling them, it works perfectly fine.

  11. He should just be able to flash the factory image to fix the Nexus 6.

  12. Carrier: Leave the nexus software to google, don’t touch anything. Google: Let a 3rd party retailer sell the nexus. Best buy, amazon…

  13. clickbait headline and article…

  14. Good old AT&T… A-holes, Trash, and Turds.

  15. I preorded the Nexus 6 from AT&T – mine has no bloat on it either.

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