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Thank you to all of Phandroid’s great sponsors!


It’s one week from Thanksgiving but we want to give some thanks early: thanks to all of Phandroid’s great sponsors, especially the first developers who signed up for our Apps & Games section! Last month we launched a new initiative to help independent developers get exposure in a very crowded scene without having to break the bank.

As part of our Apps & Games spotlight widget – which shows up throughout our website on desktop and mobile – we’re taking a moment to share each of their unique offerings from the Google Play Store. Check out what Phandroid readers our contributing to the Android ecosystem and if you feel inclined to get in on the action, take a look at what we’re offering or hit our contact box if it’s something a bit out-of-the-box.

Without further ado, thank you to the awesome developers of the following apps:

 Debt Payoff Planner by Adonis Apps

debt payoff planner

Wondering how much time and money it’ll take to pay off any debts you still owe? This app helps you lay it all out and create an effective plan based on your income and expenditures.

Up Plus One Live Wallpaper by gridRED

up plus one live wallpaper

This live wallpaper lets you use whatever text, numbers or emojis you want and animate them for use on your home-screen. Nothing like deep customization to make your phone feel your own.

Fur and Furious by MiniGamesPlus

Like dogs? Play as a dog. Like cats? Do that, too. Your goal is to use your dog or cat powers to chase a red dot around, collect chicken and fish, and be awesome. This unique take on the endless runner genre could be a nice solution to a boring wait in line.

FX File Explorer by NextApp

FX File Explorer equips users with a long list of tools that you might not even find in desktop computer operating systems’ file managers. From FTP, SMB and WebDAV support to cloud storage integration, root functions and a gesture-based UI, this app is pretty much all you need for handling all your files.

Weather Timeline by Sam Ruston

What do you get when you combine up-to-date weather information by Forecast, material design and a timeline-based layout that shows you up to a week’s worth of forecasts in an easy-to-digest way? Weather Timeline. If all you need are simple forecasts then this wouldn’t be a bad app to look at every day.

Link Bubble Browser Pro by Chris Lacy

Link Bubble Browser is one of the most useful apps we’ve ever used. Clicking a link in apps tend to kick you to the browser in order to wait for a lengthy load, but Link Bubble will load the page in the background and let you know when it’s ready. Other great uses include loading embedded YouTube videos inside the native YouTube app, skipping the browser step when clicking a link to open a profile or post in an app like Twitter or Foursquare and more.

Raise the Bar Goal Tracker by afewguys Apps

You have to do many things in life. Whether you like them or not, why not make a game out of it? This unique to-do list and organizer app uses gamification to encourage you to complete your goals and “level up.” See if it can’t help you get motivated to check everything off in your day-to-day musings.

Unclouded by Christian Göllner


Any cloud-guzzling tech-obsessed person knows how crazy it can be to keep track of all your files across the many different cloud storage services out there. Unclouded helps you consolidate all of it into one nice view. Aside from being a one-stop browser for files from multiple popular services, it’ll help you clean things up by showing where you have duplicates and which files take up the most space. Dropbox and Google Drive are supported, with Box and OneDrive coming soon!

CallMask Disposable Numbers by Slashbox

Need to call someone or list your phone number but don’t want people to get a hold of your real contact details? Call them with a disposable one using CallMask. The first disposable number is free, and you can ditch it whenever you want. CallMask supports incoming and outgoing calls, voice mail, full SMS, incoming MMS and more.

Finger Gesture Launcher by Carlos Morera de la Chica

finger gesture launcher

Gestures make almost anything better, and multi-tasking is no exception. This app lets you switch between apps, open web browsers, place calls, toggle settings and more using simple customizable gestures. It also has a mouth watering design thanks to the advent of Material Design.

Franco.Kernel Updater by Francisco Franco

If you use the Franco Kernel on your rooted Android device, then the official updater for said kernel should be your next best friend. This utility will keep your phone loaded with the latest and greatest version of Francisco Franco’s popular kernel, and allows you to do so in a very efficient way.

NotiWidget Notifications by Christian Göllner

notiwidget tablet

Hate reaching to the top of your phone or tablet to access notifications? Now you can have your notifications in a handy widget that can be placed on a home screen or even your lock screen.

Action Launcher Pro by Chris Lacy

This neat launcher makes its donuts from one very unique feature: shutters. Swipe down on an app icon with a “shutter” and it’ll show the widget for that app in a neat popup. You can even customize which widgets show up for each individual icons, even if that widget doesn’t belong to that app.

Another great feature is Quickpages, a pane accessible by a simple swipe to put folders, widgets and more. The pro version adds QuickDrawer and QuickPage launcher access from within any app so you can access your entire apps list without stopping whatever you’re doing.

BeeKeeper by Umbral Games


It’s Minesweeper, but with bees. Yep. You’re sucking up honey instead of sweeping up bombs, and you’re doing so in over 60 levels across 3 different gameplay modes.

Anything Texter by Technology Discovery

If there’s anything you need to type but not exactly sure where to type it, Anything Texter hopes to solve that problem for you. a quick swipe from the bottom left corner of your device opens up a text interface that allows you to type anything you need at a moment’s notice, and then gives you the tools to take the text to the app you want. Type first, think later.

TyphonRT Video Suite by TyphonRT Media

TyphonRT’s Video Suite is one app you’ll want to see succeed on Kickstarter. It proposes a comprehensive suite of video editing and effects tools that’ll let you make as little as enhanced home movies to something that could qualify for an independent film festival. Folks have been clamoring for something like this on Android for years so be sure to support it if you want to help make it a reality.

Movement Detection by Kanetik

movement tracker

Tasker and Locale are great automation apps that let you automate actions based on location, time of day and other conditions, but if you want to make the location aspect of all that even more precise then you’ll want Movement Detection. This universal plugin for both apps will detect whether you’re moving or coming to a standstill, and will allow you to specify whether you want actions to trigger only when you come to a complete stop or when you begin moving again.

No Girls Allowed by Trick-Bow Productions

If you’re still in your elementary phase and believe boys rule, girls drool, No Girls Allowed will allow you to practice your girl keep away skills. It’s a simple tower defense game: you and your army of dudes protect the ever-so-awesome tree house from a horde of girls using slingshots, water balloons and even dirty diapers.

Chrome Reader by Technology Discovery

Free your eyes from having to read text and let your phone do the work. Simply highlight some text (whether that’s in Chrome or any other app that allows you to select text) and you can have it read out to you.

Get in on the fun next time!

Whew, that was a lot of apps. Want your app featured the next time we extend a big thank you to our sponsors? Park it right here and consider our sponsorship packages, and don’t forget to give us a buzz if you have any questions about becoming a sponsor or any suggestions about things we can do to help your Android app find its way onto more Android devices.

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