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Many Nexus 6 pre-orderers woke up to a treat this Friday morning. We’ve been hearing reports of credit cards being charged, and even some sparse cases of shipments going out. We thought it necessary to take a little tally to see just how many shipments are being prepared.

A couple of folks around the Phandroid camp are starting to see their credit cards charged, though no shipment information has come in just yet. If you haven’t gotten a shipment email, we hear making a FedEx account with your home address plugged in might show that a shipment is being readied for delivery, even if you yourself haven’t received any sort of confirmation.

The earliest we’re hearing of orders arriving is this Wednesday, though Google technically has until the 21st to get those shipments out as that was the original date listed on the Google Play Store. Sound off in the comments below!

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  1. Shipped – Pre Ordered from Moto 1st wave

    1. What was your original estimated delivery date? 64 or 32?

      1. Pre Ordered Nov 6 – Order #0803 – Est Delivery 11/19 – Midnight Blue 32GB

  2. Shipping Nov 20th and delivery by 22nd from Motorola

  3. Nothing but a pending charge on my cc account. Play store, second wave of preorders

    Edit: Google says my order was processed for shipment but won’t ship until the 26th. What kind of sense does that make? They billed me yesterday!

  4. My credit card was pre-authed again last night for the 3rd time since October 29th. No change beyond that. :/

  5. No but it will when they make a new 5″ version.

  6. Mine are on “backorder” through Sprint. No notice on shipping, though I have a feeling that all Sprint orders may just be marked as “backordered”.

    1. Or rather, I *hope* that’s the case :)

  7. Ordered by thru AT&T morning of release and I’m seeing a shipping date of 11/18-11/19. Hopefully, I made it in before any kind of back log so I can get it by the 21st. Next friday cannot come fast enough!

    1. Same here. Ordered mine at 12:05 am and have the exact same time frame.

  8. Received my FedEx Confirmation this morning from Motorola delivery listed as the 19th.

  9. My Motorola order shipped this morning and should arrive on the 19th. Straight from Shenzhen China!

  10. I haven’t heard of any 64s getting shipped yet. I ordered a 64 midnight blue from Moto on 11/6 with an est del date of 11/19. They charged my card on 11/7 (not just pending, but an actual posted charge). No shipping notice yet.

    1. Motorola doesn’t charge when it ships, they charge immediately. The checkout page says this as well.

    2. My 64gb shipped this morning with the wave of others reporting the same. Ordered within 5 minutes of Motorola first selling them.

  11. Yup! Shipped from China today!

    1. Lucky you! Mine isn’t scheduled to arrive until December (though I have my fingers crossed for sooner).

  12. I went to a brick and mortar Sprint store today and they had no Nexus 6 and no idea when they would have them. They did know it was supposed to be available today. Called two more stores in the local Orange County, CA area and got the same story.

    Finally ordered it online and got a back-order email right after. Subsequently though my order status has changed to:

    >>Status: Your order for the Nexus 6 has been received. We will do our best to get it to you in 3 to 7 business days. Keep an eye out for a shipping email with your tracking information. Thank you for your patience.<<

    So apparently Sprint is having some undisclosed supply issues.

  13. Nope. But my case shipped yesterday! :(

  14. you would think, that Google would have had more devices available at the launch they do this every time the Nexus 4 was not particularly easy to get the Nexus 5 was not particularly easy to get and now the Nexus 6 is even more difficult than those two even though its a premium device and cost a lot more money those that want it now have to sit around and wait until January or February for it to be widely available on the Play Store I do not want a locked version from tmobile I want an unlocked version from Google so now I have to sit and play the waiting game I had an easier time getting a one plus one that I have getting one of these phones. If I don’t get it by the end of January I guess I’ll just wait for a more advanced device than this one. End of rant

    Until then at least I still have my one plus one.

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