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Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge is finally here, folks. The device is Samsung’s first experiment in using a flexible display to siphon information off to one side of the display and use the rest as your main easel. It’s a pretty interesting idea, though one that Samsung’s not totally sure the market is ready for as they’re considering this a “limited” release.

The device is now available on Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile here in the United States. Here’s the break down of pricing for each carrier:


  • $430 with two-year contract
  • $840 off-contract
  • $35 per month for 24 months with $0 on Easy Pay


  • $870 off-contract
  • $36.25 per month for 24 months on Simple Choice


  • $399 with two-year contract
  • $945.99 off-contract
  • $47.30 per month for 20 months on AT&T Next 12
  • $39.42 per month for 24 months on AT&T Next 18
  • $31.54 per month for 30 months on AT&T Next 30

No one said it was going to be cheap. For all intents and purposes, the Note Edge is practically the same device as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It houses the same specs and features outside of the unique display, including a 5.6-inch Super AMOLED 2560 x 1440 display, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 805 chipset clocked at 2.7GHz, 3GB of RAM, a 16 megapixel camera, a 3,000mAh battery, 32GB of internal storage and more.

So what’s that little strip of display used for on the Note Edge? You can get notifications, use quick utility apps, control music and camera or get updates on weather and time. This quick list of 5 cool things you can use it for should give you a pretty good idea. If you haven’t already bought the Note 4 and you’re feeling a bit adventurous then the Note Edge is definitely worth a look. Let us know if you’ll be giving it a go in the comments section below.

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  1. By the time i save up to get this the phone will be gone and probably never to be seen again.

    1. 35$ a month barely gets you dinner at McDonald’s for,4

      1. I prefer having Subway for dinner

        1. Penn Station

          1. Nah

          2. Pen Island?

  2. $900 for a gimmick? What a deal!

    1. touch screens was once considered a gimmick, matter of fact so was cars, airplanes, GPS for that matter… should I go on?

      1. Yes, I’d like to know how you feel that a screen on a mobile device with a slight edge to it is going to contribute to society much like global positioning satellite technology, the ability to fly, and the invention of the automobile.

        1. I didn’t say it would “change” the world, you called it a gimmick. there’s no telling what they could implement to make something that the world think how did we live without this. give it enough time as the other aforementioned things.

    2. The Galaxy Note products are a proven Worldwide product with industry leading track record. The Galaxy Note Edge brings growth to the Galaxy Note brand. People not being able to afford the device doesn’t take away from the meaning and future this handset has. It’s definitely better than any silly Nexus featureless stock android phablet that’s extremely overrated and overpriced.

  3. Got mine ………: ) Aug case to follow, now for that screen protector……? Got a cheap case from amazon with prime shopping for 5$ be here tomorrow.

  4. Samsung Galaxy Gimmick

  5. Apple had flexible displays first.

    1. I think you’re confusing “Flexible” with “Non Linear or Curved” Display.

      1. Think he is referring to bendgate

        1. I think he’s just being a butt

  6. Not sure if I like this phone. At&t store had demo’s out yesterday and I just don’t see what the benefit of the curve is? You can add the widget on any of you Note phones,minus the curve of the phone.

    Save the extra money and go with a Note 4.

  7. I just got a Note 4 and am 100% happy with it. However, if this came out on VZW and I was still in the market, I would definitely consider it. I like your quick list of 5 uses for the edge functionality.

    1. It should be coming to Verizon, but they are usually last to approve the phones for sale.

  8. I ordered my phone 20 minutes after it came out this morning (at 2:30 am). It’s almost exclusively only available online for T-Mobile. But I can’t wait. Goodbye Note 4, Hello Note Edge. Both great phones, Awesome!

  9. @Phandroid
    UK will launch on the 12th December Phandroid. Yes you heard from me first

  10. wonder what’s so special about the at&t version that makes it $76 more then t-mobile, lol. very interested in this, hopefully the stores will have the displays out soon.

  11. I really like that Edge,now all we need is a cover to….cover it

  12. Is anyone planning on buying one of these?

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