Nexus 6 now available from Sprint, $300 on-contract; are you buying? [Poll]


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Last week Sprint put their name in the hat as the first carrier to offer a Nexus 6 in the United States, and its day to shine has finally arrived. You can walk into any Sprint store (or go online) right now and buy a Nexus 6. The on-contract pricing is now revealed to be $299.99, not a bad tag for what you’re getting in the Nexus 6. The other route is to pay $696 off-contract, or split those payments up at $29 per month for 24 months and $0 down with Sprint Easy Pay.

The Nexus 6 is a 6-inch Motorola-made beauty that packs a pretty nice set of silicon. It features Qualcomm’s quad-core Snapdragon 805 chipset, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage, 2560 x 1440 resolution, a 13 megapixel camera and more. Perhaps the biggest selling point is that it’s the first device to come with Android 5.0 Lollipop out of the box, though the upgrade has been making its rounds to a fair crop of other devices over the past week.

And there you have it. If you have the money, the upgrade room and the desire to get a Nexus 6, be sure to head to Sprint’s site or stop by a store today and grab one. Let us know if you’ll be doing just that with a vote and a comment down below.

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  1. i feel smartphones are coming to a point where hardware is not the deciding factor! Nexus 6 is awesome, but i’m sure my Oneplus will be more than good enough when i get Lollipop on it.

    1. Yeah for me the battery, screen size, and OS make all the difference.

  2. $300 subsidized for the 32gb? No thanks.

  3. Hell no. Want a reasonably sized device 4.7-5.0″.

    1. I’ve always said the same thing, but I went to VZW and messed around with the Note 4 and IP6+ and the size really wasn’t an issue to me. This is from someone with average hands (can’t grip a basketball) and I currently have an OG Moto X. I’m looking forward to trying out the N6 as it’s a little bigger, but not enough to make a difference hopefully.

      1. No interest, I want a device I can use with one hand. I’d buy an iPhone 6 before this giant piece of garbage. So pissed Google has done this.

        1. The phone not being appropriately sized for your preference does not, in any way, make it a piece of garbage.

          They still sell the Nexus 5. Have at.

  4. I find it kind of humorous that they will offer “Unlimited iPhone 6” for $50, yet charge $300 on-contract for the Nexus 6. Yes, people will say there is a difference in terms of customer draw, I’m not arguing the business, I just think the disparity is kind of ironic/frustrating.

    1. No, people will probably say that comparing the cost of a promotional service plan to the price of a subsidized phone is stupid since they are completely unrelated.

    2. A blatant mistake to be sure. I was pretty sure this was going to be my next phone, now I’m pretty sure I’m not buying it sans some sort of Black Friday or holiday deal.

  5. Just out of curiosity, how much do you guys pay for your phone each month? I bought my nexus 5 16gb for 399€ (hardware was not available in the playstore when I bought it) and pay 15,50€ a month for 100 minutes or text and 1,5GB sim only

    1. I pay in dollars.
      My Nexus 4 was $300 2 years ago and it still runs awesome with Cyanogenmod on it. My phone service costs me about $21 a month thru T-Mobile with unlimited everything. (I have 6 lines for $125 a month total.)

  6. Well I was thinking about it but that requires the sprint store to have them and my local store hadn’t received any yet.

  7. The question is, can you buy it outright and use it on a GSM carrier, or is this one tampered with?

    1. Man, question of the month so far right? I don’t want to wait for Verizon to carry the damn thing, and I can’t hit the 3 second window needed on the play store to purchase. I might swing by a Sprint store today and roll the dice…. :/

      Update: Called the Sprint store in downtown Chicago and the rep mentioned that they will not have them in stores for the time being, they will only be orderable (online or in store it seemed like).

      1. T-Mobile should be getting theirs in 5 days.

      2. Take the floor model sim out and put your vzw sim in and see if it works…..report back!!! Hopefully, no alarms go off lol.

        1. Holy crap! Brilliant!

      3. I called the sprint store nearby and they said they should have the shipment in by noon today and available for sale later in the evening.

        I’m in St. Louis

    2. I’d be willing to bet they would refund within 15 days as long as you don’t take the stickers off. ;)

  8. Sprint? $300? On Contract? LOL. That is the trifecta of “No way”.

    1. It would be better than suffering through T-Metro PCS.

  9. And I’m still waiting for Tmobile

  10. $300 contract is a $750 phone unlocked. It is supposed to be $200 on contract.

    1. Who says it’s supposed to be $200 on contract?

      1. Umm Apple and Samsung, Motorola’s competitors? Good luck eating into their market share. The fact the Nexus 5 was only $50 more off contract adds to this line of reasoning. A lot of people look to retail price in assessing value if they plan on reselling a phone, so paying $300 for a phone that retails at $649 when they can pay $300 for phones that retail between $750-$850 is a little disheartening for many. It may not make perfect sense but I know I was shocked when I saw this pricing.

        1. The iPhone6+ and Note 4 – both comparable phones, are $300 on contract. Am I missing something?

          1. The retail price. Good luck flipping your average customer who is way more familiar with the Note 4 and iPhone6+ due to their massive advertising campaigns who basically doesn’t know what a Nexus device is. The phone retails for about $200 less than those two and this should be passed on to the customer. With a lower price point than those competing devices THEN your average customer would seriously consider switching. It’s a terrible price point for this phone and that seems to be the general consensus in the comments.

          2. The phone does not retail for $200 less than those two…iP6 is $649, 6+ is $749, N4 is $699. Play store has it listed at $649 (comparing cheapest models on VZW site)…again, am I missing something?

            And I don’t honestly think that Google cares about making the Nexus program mainstream as much as you’re thinking they do.

            Why not get upset at Sprint, they’re seemingly the ones picking the on contract price. Perhaps other carriers will have it lower? Or perhaps Sprint is taking advantage of the low supply at the moment and offering it at a premium?

          3. I was off on the pricing, but I can only find the N4 for around $799 on Amazon. It’s still a differential.

            I find it hard to believe Google wouldn’t want this phone to be as successful as possible, as well as not wanting to take sales away from Apple (and Samsung to a lesser extent). Are they not trying to maximize profits? Implying they’re targeting only hardcore android fans is ridiculous, this phone is clearly meant to directly compete with the big brands. Why else would they break from their historic model of providing affordable premium phones? They needed more premium features to compete (battery, camera, display), that costs money which in turn drives up the retail.

            I’m definitely not excluding Sprint from the blame, but Motorola negotiated an agreement with Sprint and Sprint’s pricing on the phone was certainly part of that discussion. It’s their phone not Sprints. I’m interested to see what other carrier’s pricing is announced at, it very well could lead to me switching carriers.

          4. It’s $720 on Sprint’s site…why would you compare Amazon’s pricing to Sprint’s for different phones?

            I think Google knows that the N6 is not going to fail. They are trying to maximize profits, but most likely looking to do so through their main source of it (ads). If someone doesn’t buy the N6 but buys another Android…it’s no skin off their back.

            I don’t know how phone negotiations work…but how certain are you that Moto negotiates on contract pricing? Doesn’t sound like that would be the case…Moto is selling to the carriers. I’m sure that the people who set the pricing are doing so to maximize profits, much to the chagrin of folks like yourself that care way too much about it. It’s simple supply and demand, you’ll either buy it, or you won’t…if you don’t, it’s very likely someone else will…

  11. I placed an order at 8am EST and they are already saying its backordered. The Nexus 6 unavailability issues continue! What a disaster.

    1. That is only because the shipment hasn’t hit the warehouse. Later today you will get an email saying that your item has shipped and when you can expect it.

      1. Do you work for Sprint? I called them and their customer service rep said 7-10 business days before it even arrives at the warehouse. Not that those people generally know what they are talking about, but that’s what they said.

  12. I plan on stopping in to see if they have any in stock and if they have a model on display. I want to compare myself to my Nexus 5. I might get one but leaning heavily to sticking with my Nexus 5 as it meets my needs right now…but I do have “upgradeits” lol

    1. I caught the upgraditis close to the beginning of the year. I finally treated it by buying a Nexus 5 about a month ago. Found out that the Nexus 6 is somewhat more expensive and a bit larger than I expected as well. Enjoying it a lot. Anxiously awaiting CM12.

  13. My local store doesn’t have any. It pisses me off that they advertise
    the phone would be available today in store but I’ve called literally
    every Sprint store in a 50 mile radius and none have the phone. They never received a shipment.

    1. I called the sprint store nearby and they said they should have the shipment in by noon today and available for sale later in the evening. That was the first store I tried.

      1. Nope, work for sprint corporate retailand they told us to not put any signs up or anything as the availability is still TBD.

        N.ponds, Phone availability isn’t sprints fault, its the manufacturer. Why would someone be mad at sprint when moto/google can’t make enough phones? The play store selling out in less then 5 min should have set the correct expectations for availability. Smh.

        1. Correct, there are no physical devices at any Sprint stores.

        2. Ryan, you must be correct.

          I called that store back and they said it didn’t come in on the shipment today. They were reluctant to give me additional information except it will come in very soon.

          I called 5 others stores in the area and two of them told me they expect it in on Monday.

  14. $50 more than ATT… Lol, no.

  15. No, because I’m in the UK!

  16. As soon as I can get to the store.

    1. Did they confirm they have it in store?

    2. They aren’t in the stores, call the Sprint stores, they will tell you that you can either order online or order within the store, they have no physical devices. They aren’t in stock.

  17. Just tried ordered it on sprint. Was a little irritated, they didn’t tell me until afterwards that it was on backorder. I spent 15 minutes cancelling the order.

  18. Local stores in North Florida apparently won’t have the device until 3 PM ET.

  19. Conversation with Sprint on the Nexus 6 being backordered as soon as it when up for sale.

    Bob: For that model, we’re expecting to receive inventory by the end of next week.
    You: so having it available today is essentially a preorder then since they aren’t in
    Bob: That would appear so.
    You: Mm hmm

  20. My sprint store doesn’t receive shipment until 3pm. In which case, they will be on sale later on.

    1. Did your store get the N6 yesterday?

  21. The problem is… Sprint probably isn’t offering more than 1 variant because they expect poor sales. Their decision to limit what they’re selling (and jacking the price up) will lead to poor sales, then they conclude no one wants a Nexus and the next release might follow the same fate… ugh!

    1. Where in the heck did you come up with that nonsense? Sprint has sold 4 different Nexus phones. Nexus S 4G, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 5, and now the Nexus 6. Sprint is, more than likely, pricing it at $300 on contract to push more people into the Easy Pay method.

      They are relying more on the Easy Pay method now than anything else, hence their $50 plan for iPhone buyers who opt for Easy Pay. Those who take the individual unlimited plan ($55/mo) only have two options when they renew contracts, pay full price or Easy Pay. They don’t permit the old subsidized for 1/3 or 1/4 the price on that plan. That’s also why I left Sprint after 10 years.

      1. And easy pay is 200 up front then 24 payments of 20 and change for an additional 500ish… Again not a deal.

  22. This pricing is absurd for a $649 retail phone. I have no idea what Motorola was thinking when they worked this pricing out with Sprint. The Galaxy Note 4 and iPhone6+ are the same price but retail for way more. I was incredibly excited about the Nexus 6, positive it would be my next phone prior to the announcement. My concern with the size, mixed early reviews of the camera, reports of lag on some devices, and now this pricing has definitely resulted in me fully reconsidering this phone. Now I might just try to hold out on my S3 until HTCs next flagship is released. Incredibly disappointed.

  23. If I buy one of these at Sprint will it work on Verizon?

  24. So disappointed. Was really considering the N6 as I’m about due for an upgrade on Sprint. But then we learn they will only have the 32GB version…and only in blue. Ok, I can probably live with that. But now they also want 3 bills? $249 would have been a stretch. And just yesterday I read an article that the N6 while nice is actually somewhat sluggish? Bummer. Perhaps they’ll drop the price by a c-note for black Friday. But at $300 I’m out. I’ll hold out for the M9 next spring unless something else interesting comes along between now and then.

    And let’s remember, a $300 device on Sprint is well over $350 after their BS $36 activation fee and tax.

  25. It is NOT in stock. The phone is NOT in stores, you can’t walk into a store and pick it up, trust me I’ve already checked. They are pretty much back ordered since midnight and they never really had many in stock to begin with. It’s a bit annoying and something Motorola had issues with on the Moto 360 as well, delays, delays. The only way to get the Nexus 6 from Sprint is to “Order” or lets say “Pre Order” it and they will ship it out as soon as it’s in stock. I ordered at midnight, this is my status “Your order or a portion of your order is in backorder status. If you would like to wait no action is needed. If you would like to select an alternate product or cancel your backordered item, please call 866-789-8292 between 8:00 a.m. EST to 11:00 p.m. EST Monday to Friday or 9:00 a.m. EST to 9:00 p.m. EST on Saturdays and Sundays. Please note that cancellation requests may not always process successfully due to the speed of warehouse processing. If you cancelled your backordered item but still received a shipment, please refuse the shipment or call us to process a return within 14 days of receipt.”

  26. I ordered around 6:30 AM Pacific and my order status started with “backordered” but is now:

    “Your order for the Nexus 6 has been received. We will do our best to get it to you in 3 to 7 business days. Keep an eye out for a shipping email with your tracking information. Thank you for your patience.”

  27. Too big.

  28. mugg job..

  29. I think nexus 6 is out of the running for me as a tablet. It was never in the running as a phone. I will keep the nexus 5 and htc one.
    My new tablet choices are down to iphone 6+, note 4 and nexus 9. It’s a difficult choice. iphone 6+ works and looks the best by far, but I still prefer android. note 4 looks “cheapest”, but I haven’t seen nexus 9 yet, perhaps nexus 9 feels as cheap. It’s a touch choice I plan to make next week.

  30. With Sprint’s $299 pricing, the better idea would be to buy it at full price on the play store or from Motorola and use your upgrade on the iphone6 and just sell the iphone6 new to get money back. Depending what you can sell the iphone6 for, it should equal out to getting the nexus6 for close to $199 on contract

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