Shocker: Samsung reviews the Samsung Gear S and loves it



The Samsung Gear S is available now from a few carriers if you want to have a contract for your smartwatch. Before you spend $200 for this device you’re probaby wondering if it’s any good. Don’t worry, Samsung has reviewed the Samsung Gear S. You read that correctly. Samsung is reviewing their own products.

Spoiler alert: They like their own product. Who knew!


On a more serious note, this is a nice look at some of the features. They show off the keyboard, homescreen, app launcher, notification pull-down, UI, and more. One thing that we noticed about the review is how easy it is to type on the keyboard…while your arm is resting on a flat surface. How does it work when you’re walking down the street? It’s a nice looking device if you don’t want an Android Wear device and like curved pieces of technology around your wrist at all times.

[via Samsung]

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Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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  1. I have no problem admitting I’m a Samsung fan boy but this watch is FUGLY!!

    1. Lies!!!!!

      1. Who wants to wear that all the time? I might as well wrap my Note 4 around my wrist!!!

        1. I do sir. I will get one.

        2. Hey if u don’t like it, yo opinion, but let me know when a smart watch with the face size of a nickel come out, so I can encourage you to make that purchase

          1. Uh… Sony SmartWatch 3?

          2. Oh You talking about a smart WATCH that looks like a overgrown Fitness Band, by all means have at it buddy, infact all if phandroid is cheering you own, Make the pupurchase Fel Pe, you can do it, put your mind too it

          3. For now my gear 2 neo is fine…

  2. I’m no fanboy by no means but I freaking love it, but making it locked into a samsung ecosystem , they lost me because I don’t rock with Samsung’s phones

  3. No thanks.

  4. I have it and LOVE it!

    1. I have it and love it too. I bought one for running and it blows the Sony smart watch 3 away had one for a week then returned it for the samsung.

  5. Reviewing your own product. Wow. Now that’s a new low.

  6. kinda of pointless to review your own product. Even more pointless of signing a two contract for this!!!!

  7. shocker: comments are edited out to support the viewpoint of the writer!

  8. What exactly are the benefits of a smart watch? Why would I wanna stare at a tiny screen if I have a 5 inch phone?

    1. This pimp slaps any silly Android Wear watch so easily it’s comical. Of course the haters who plan on not spending any money will have something to say cause they wave pom poms for Google. At the end of the day TIZEN is whipping Android Wear butt android wear resembles stock android boring, dull, and drastically overrated. Gear S for me November 28th to go along with my legendary Note 4.

      1. I am not a Google fan boy I just don’t see the point in a smart watch.

        1. That’s ashame.

      2. I’ll wait for gen 2!

      3. Yeah ok Richard if you say so.

      4. 1. Show me where he said anything about Android Wear. You clearly have a reading problem because he didn’t. So your childish little tirade was all for naught. Moron.
        2. Tizen is on what, 3 or so smart watches? Compared to the at least half dozen that are/will be out now/soon. Just as Android overtook iOS simply because of the sheer numbers of manufacturers, Android Wear vs Tizen will be the same.
        3. Yeah, just like you claimed for weeks to be getting the Note 4 “day one” it was available, and ended up not getting it for several weeks. What a joke.

  9. Chris Chavez reviews phandroid, determines its the best source for android news!

  10. Don’t worry I will do my review for Samsung.
    Note 4 is the best smartphone out there period and this Gear S look like a futuristic watch and I will be getting one.

    If I wanted something noninnovative I would have gotten apple products. That Apple watch is one ugly looking watch lol.

  11. Feel sorry for any poor sap that signs a contract for this piece of junk… Then again, no I don’t.

  12. I freaking love mine.Thank you

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