HURRY: the first 200 people to buy an HTC One M8 get it for just $299! #HTCHotDeals


HTC One M8 DSC06661

HTC has another crazy deal this Tuesday, (they’ll have them every Tuesday through the holiday season if you haven’t heard). After giving folks a shot at a $200 Nexus 9 last week (which unfortunately didn’t go well), the company has announced this week’s #HTCHotDeal — a chance to buy an HTC One M8 for just $299.

The deal will go live at this link at 12PM Eastern

That’s what you’d pay for it off-contract, so you’ll even have total freedom in choosing when to leave whatever service you use it with. The device usually costs $650 off-contract so that’s a damn good deal if you’re in the market for a smartphone that still has strong legs. Here are the quick details you’ll need to know ahead of the sale period:

  • Only the first 200 purchasers will be able to get it for $299
  • After that, the next 300 purchasers will only pay $499
  • The promotion runs from 12pm to 12am Eastern today, or until supplies last
  • When purchasing, you’ll be able to choose from the unlocked version or any carrier variant

Got that? Hopefully HTC has cleared up their server issues in anticipation of this week’s deal. The goods should be going live here as soon as the clock strikes 12PM Eastern Standard Time (that’s 9AM Pacific and 11AM Central) so get the trigger finger ready and hope for the best!

Need something to do leading up to the big sale in 15 minutes? It might be worth checking out our HTC One M8 review to see if the phone is worth that $300 asking price. Let us know if you’ll be looking to grab it in what seems to be an unbeatable steal of a deal.

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  1. That’s an awesome deal! I paid $380 for mine used…and that was a great price.

  2. Big shock, their SaaS provider, digitalriver, can’t handle it.
    When will idiot companies learn?

    1. DigitalRiver seems to be terrible. I managed to get the Nexus 9 last week, paid for expedited shipping. They did not ship it in the method I paid for and refused a refund of shipping.

  3. I GOT ONE!!

    1. Congrats,it’s a nice phone,lots to like…….

      1. Thanks man

  4. looks like it’s dead? just checked at 9:03am PST and it’s showing $649 for unlocked

  5. wont let me get to my cart after adding it, looks like another fail on their servers.

    1. It’s a thinly disguised bait & switch to get you to buy the phone @ the “sale” price of $499.
      Sales have no doubt fallen flat due to the latest offerings from the competition.
      Look for deeper discounts in the coming weeks…….

      1. I really just want the Nexus 9 anyway

  6. Omg. I got one and I don’t even need it!

    1. I don’t need one, but went to buy one anyway. Good thing they are gone. I guess I’ll keep using my Nexus 4… I was just looking for an excuse to upgrade.

  7. Stupid website shows $650 at 9:00 AM, i think u have to go into Cart to see the actually price. Such a retarded design of website.

    1. Yes, it showed lower price in cart…when it eventually got to the cart web page…took awhile

    2. nop the cart also show 649
      I refreshed at 12 noon sharp (or 9am pacific)

  8. I got in now shows $499… sigh.. stupid.. could have got it if i enter cart in the first place.
    Not gonna get it at $499 LOL

  9. fuuuuuuuuuucccccckkkkkkkk can’t get it in Pakistan :'(

  10. Service Unavailable

    The server is temporarily unable to service your
    request due to maintenance downtime or capacity
    problems. Please try again later.

    1. now it’s:

      Error 503 Service Unavailable
      Service Unavailable
      Guru Meditation:
      XID: 741127437

      Varnish cache server

      1. I got those two, and refreshed the page to move on. My final error was:

        Server Error


        We are unable to perform the selected action. We apologize for the inconvenience.

        Error Number: SIT_000002

  11. That’s a super deal. If I hadn’t recently bought a Nexus 5 I’d definitely jump on this for $300. I was actually able to add one to my cart and get to checkout with the $300 price.

  12. I got 3 :) Gotta be quick fellas.

    1. dude can i get one too :/ i can’t get it in my country :/

    2. Really? They should have had a limit of one per customer, otherwise even more people miss out.

      1. #HTCFAIL

    3. Well, that explains why it was gone in one second. I got $649 even though I refreshed right at 12 noon.

    4. I dont know why it didnt cross my mind to buy and sell -_-. Thats a easy $200+ profit for each phone.

  13. All kinds of errors during the process but I got an email saying order submitted $317.69 after tax.

  14. Web site was so slow that during checkout it wasn’t available

  15. If anyone bought one just to see if they could, I’d be willing to take it off your hands :-)

  16. So does the Developer version work on all carriers? That’s the one I got…

    1. Only GSM obviously, no sprint and verizon.

  17. Currently the $299 deal is gone. It’s still available for $499 however…..

    1. Both gone in 1 second…what are you talking about?

      1. now it’s showing 499

        this is BS…basically HTC can’t even give it to the first 200…they give it to 200 after they are able to fix whatever problem they had, and I just wasted my time

  18. I put two in the basket yesterday, but only managed to get one for $299. Better than nothing, I guess. With the upcoming holiday sales, the possibility of paying $499 for this phone is high. So why rush in? HTC should have set the price at $350 for the remaining 300 instead.

  19. Thanks HTC for having server issues. Until next week I guess.
    Hell I didn’t even need it, just wanted one. At that price it’s a deal I can’t refuse.

  20. Awesome deal if looking to stay grandfathered on a contract, otherwise no thanks. M9 is likely right around the corner.

  21. Just picked up a Droid Turbo. Otherwise I would’ve been stoked for this deal. Apart from preferring LCD tech and wishing it had a micro SD slot I am very happy with my purchase.

  22. Useless….I refresh at 12 noon sharp and still no chance of being the first 500, not to mention first 200.
    That pretty much means my connection just isn’t the fastest to whereever HTC is hosting their server. I won’t waste my time again.

  23. has anyone received a shipping confirmation for this? I managed to snag an M8 yesterday thru the sale. I’m just wondering what sort of shipping method HTC uses and how long it takes for the item to show up at my door. Thanks.

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