Sprint will only offer the Midnight Blue 32GB Nexus 6


blue nexus 6

The Nexus 6 has been available on and off at the Google Play Store for a little while now, but we’re still waiting on carrier availability. Today we’re hearing the first rumblings about how it will be offered on Sprint. The Now Network will only be offering one Nexus 6 model: Midnight Blue 32GB.

At first glance this may seem like an odd move by Sprint, but they actually did the same with the Nexus 5 16GB model. The 32GB storage size should be plenty for most people, but not being able to choose white is disappointing. Google’s new Android ads are all about choice, yet Sprint has removed all choices from the Nexus 6.

Do any Sprint customers plan on picking up the Nexus 6 when it becomes available? Does this news change your mind?

[via Reddit]

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  1. T-Mobile is also only offering the midnight blue version. They will be offering the 64GB version though.

    1. This is good news for me!

    2. TMO TMO

    3. Where did you read this?

      1. Search T-Mobile Nexus 6 and you can find the page for it on their website.

    4. I know, sadly not the white. Second time I get shafted with a color (HTC m8, wanted either gold or white). I love white phones makes the phone look pure, sexy. I was really hoping for the white nexus 6 64gb, but blue will do.

      1. i wanted the white also only in 64gb

  2. if I wasnt going for the edge this would of been my next phone

  3. Oh sweet! Midnight blue! *puts case on phone* Midnight who?

  4. Can’t sprint customers buy one from Google Play or Motorola and use it on Sprint Network?

    1. Yea you should be able too. They might give you the run around about the imei though.

    2. You can do just that. It already works on Verizon. Since the Nexus 5 it has radios for all carriers now.

      I still need to see them in person or fondled on video a little more to decide on which color.

  5. As long as I can activate my 64 GB one no problem with sprint I should be good

    1. As long as I can get LTE then no problem… oops I got a problem.

      1. I’m sorry you live in an area without coverage. Let’s be honest though no one is forcing you to use sprint, so I suggest you try another carrier then maybe you’ll have LTE. I actually have coverage in my area and it works well.

  6. Sprint: The Ghetto Network

  7. I never cuss in posts but F#ck Sprint. Those assclowns couldn’t manage ax couple of tin cans and a ball of string! If you don’t know how to sell something then let someone else do it (Best Buy, Play Store Sam’s Club etc…) Good lord and the Sprints’ board just keeps screwing their investors and their dwindling customers.

    1. Wow. You know, no one MAKES you use Sprint if you don’t want to.

      1. Sprint has gotten really bad with phone offerings this past year. No Moto X (2014), not a current Windows phone to be found, and even limited Nexus offerings. If it ain’t iPhone, Samsung, or now LG (but they suck too), the pickin’s are pretty slim for higher end stuff.

        1. I agree. Sprint has to give their customers more choices… Please sign if your interested on the Moto X on Sprint

        2. If you think LG sucks, you haven’t used a G2 or G3. Seriously, there’s no suck there.

      2. My rant was based on the horrific management of Sprint by their board of directors. Case in point the Clearwire Wimax debacle. They have consistently lost money every quarter and it’s inexcusable to pay executives the enormous salaries to run a company into the ground. Simply put allow others to sell the phones close most retail stores (keep a g few repair stores open) and let their customers choose the phones we want.

        1. Clearwire wasn’t a debacle. You do realize if they didn’t deploy wimax they would have lost the spectrum? Sometimes people can’t see the Forest through the trees

          1. Do you realize they could have used that money to buy low band LTE? pfft

  8. I am going to wait to see if Sprint gets the note 4 edge before I jump on board with this phone. The Sprint spark coverage with my one e8 is amazing and I would love to try a nexus device again if the edge doesn’t show up

  9. Does sprint have a release date? It would be nice if someone beside tmobile had one.

    1. Agreed. I don’t care what color it is, just give it to me already. The screen on my EVO is dead.

      1. Please tell me that’s not the original EVO, lol! I think my cousin had one before the iphone 5S.

        1. Jus t sole my og original evo last month , didn’t want to , it was in like new condition but it just sat in my droor with two seido cases and holsters managed to get 125 for it on craiglist , I really can’t believe there is still strong developement for that phone , but when uou put the evo next to say note 3 you can really see the progress android has made in a few short years……..

          1. Wow it’s hard to believe someone have you 125 for that phone. If I got that I’d have felt like I robbed somebody lol

          2. Well the phone was a replacement, do it literary was brand new , pulse the radio cases and holsters cost me close to a hundred we met at the Sprint store and checked out all out for 30-or so minutes, needless to say he was very satisfied, to rack his own I guess, gotta run selling my nexus 5 , in preparation for the nexus 6 which I will be picking up on Les then 24 hrs Cheers……..

        2. Yes, original EVO. It worked great for 3 1/2 years until I dropped it over the summer and the LCD cracked. Not the digitizer, just the LCD. It was right around the time the new Moto x was coming out, so I waited and got burned on that one.

  10. People still use sprint?

    1. It’s sad Google allows this debacle to exist year after year.

      1. It’s sad that you can’t take the hint after being banned from myriads of websites year after year. For god’s sake, you were banned from this very website 4 separate times a few years back. You were banned from Android Central (both the forums and the comments on their articles) at least that many times in the past year alone, and probably countless other websites/usernames.
        And here you are commenting under a fake username after screaming your moronic, hypocritical head off about comments from “faceless cowards”.
        Oh, and lest we forget all those times you claimed on other websites that it was you who “kicked [Phandroid] to the curb”, despite the fact that you were banned by the mods.

        1. I couldn’t agree more!

          1. You and squiddy20 make a great couple he’d love your two chins.

          2. And as I see that same disturbing pic you I think……

          3. Wow. More childish, immature insults. What are you, 8 years old? Because your “real” profile picture puts you somewhere around 55+ years old. Grow up. I’m half your age and act more mature than you. That’s sad.

          4. Sounds good you are a no buying commenting fool when was the last time tou spent any real money.

            You are a silly fool on the Internet a person who lives on a strict comical budget.

            Squidsy20 is a poor budget buying fool who can’t afford anything worth while. Sure glad I don’t live like you do it must be seriously boring and pretty sad.

          5. And your proof of any of this is….? Oh right, you’re just a troll, spewing absolute nonsense and peddling it off as “facts”. When was the last time you actually stated something with any truth in it? And don’t say any of your usual Samsung-is-God BS, because I know for a fact that “7 out of 10 Android handsets are made by Samsung” (as you’ve repeatedly stated in the past) is flat out wrong. Moron.

          6. How’s the Crack of my ass smell. You sniff it year in and year out feeling insecure on your mother’s family plan on sprint. When was the last time your coward ass spent any money for a legitimate handset.

            You are a sad joke collectively a pitiful little boy living out a phantasy online

          7. “You sniff it year in and year out feeling insecure on your mother’s family plan on sprint.” Says the guy who seems so insecure of his own purchases, that he feels the need to bolster his self confidence with constant nagging all over the Internet about how great Samsung and the Note series is. Almost every single one of your comments for the past several years has been about the same topic, almost as if you are trying to convince yourself of this “truth”.
            Meanwhile, the only reasons you ever give for why these things are so great is A) Samsung’s marketshare, B) productivity/multitasking features, or C) just that the latest Note device “pimp slaps” any other phone (even if that phone hasn’t even been announced yet, let alone if you’ve never even seen it).
            You clearly don’t see the irony of your own words or situation.

    2. II’m surprised they’re still in business

  11. I might get this to replace my GS4. I prefer black, but could probably live with midnight blue. No way I’d ever by a white phone.

  12. being with sprint for like 15 years, if there is no 64gb Nexus in either color then i will be leaving sprint for good..i am just tired of them not stepping up there game and it seems there network is getting worse..the only reason i have been with them is having unlimited data and Verizon and AT&T cant make the price i pay with Sprint..but it might look like i have to get used to not having unlimited data

    1. I was on sprint for 18 yrs left them two yrs ago and went with T mobile , I could go on and on , I’ll just say I, m extremely happy with my decision.

  13. Yup I aure am. Trading my Sprint lg g flex.

  14. With all due respect , thisnhas been known for over a week now , I’ll be getting ine wednesday , the onky oroblem is if you want the 64 gb modelyou hace to order it , hopefully shipping doesnt take to long ,imhave three otg’s with 32 gig memory card that ive been using in my nexus 7 and nexus 5 , which work flawlessly, so I seriously think I’ll be fine with a 32 gb but if thenwait is less then a week I’ll order the 64 …….Peace

  15. C’mon People. It’s a Nexus device. Go buy one from Google or Best Buy and then stick a Sprint SIM card in it. You’ll probably pay less in the long run and get all the choices you want. Just make sure you insure it somehow.

    1. Sprint does not use sim cards, they use cdma.

      1. I beg to differ Sir. You might want to verify your facts in advance regarding Sprint and SIM cards. Having been a very satisfied Sprint customer for six years, I can tell you that every phone I have had used a SIM card … including a Nexus 4 and my Samsung Galaxy S5. Nexus devices intended for N. American markets are designed to use SIM cards from the four major U.S. carriers and operate on any one of nearly 20 frequencies. Look it up.

        1. Wanna cookie for the 6 years of service, I have been with then almost 15 yrs. Some phones have a sim slot, but they don’t use them. The only time they are used is for international travelers. Even then sprint has to unlock the sim slot before it can be used.

          1. Sprint uses SIM cards for LTE service. It’s how the tech works. The SMI cards are almost always pre-loaded and the trays are easily hidden. Voice and SMS service is still CDMA based. So just inserting a SIM card wouldn’t necessarily give you Sprint service, perhaps just LTE. I honestly hadn’t swapped cards myself, so I’m not sure what actually happens. But there ARE sim cards, but it’s for the LTE technology.

          2. I disagree. my HTC One M7 has a SIM and if it is removed the phone is inop. Seems to me that they are used for something…

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  17. I kind of use Sprint (As a Republic Wireless customer I use Sprint’s towers) if the 32GB blue becomes available to me I’ll buy it!

  18. Nexus 6 is available for a huge discount at http://tiny.cc/6xg6ox

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