More Nexus 6 units hitting the Play Store tomorrow and every Wednesday from here on out


Nexus 6 Play Store listing Weds stock

Look out. Google has just updated their Nexus 6 listing in the Play Store. Before you get too excited — no, there’s not more stock. But we know exactly when to expect more units to arrive: tomorrow. After leaving prospective customers in the dark in terms of availability, Google is now promising that more Nexus 6s will become available every Wednesday until, well, they stop selling out. They didn’t disclose an exact time, but get ready to refresh vigorously come tomorrow morning.

As far as carrier availability, Google also mentions T-Mobile, Sprint, and US Cellular models will arrive in retail stores later this month. Take it as you will, but you’ll notice no word was made about the Verizon Nexus 6, which could mean it may not actually be sold in-store.

Nexus 6 on Google Play

Thanks, Michael!

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  1. Waiting for T-Mobile to get their stock is driving me nuts.

    1. I would get it from T-Mobile but they are only stocking the blue one and Google Play’s Warranty support is absolutely amazing!

      1. Their support is the only reason I’ll try so hard to get it straight from Google. Every time I’ve had to talk to them they’ve been super helpful and super quick to send me a new device if something is wrong.

        1. How many times have they sent you a new device and why do you have to get replacements so often?

          1. Twice. The original Nexus 7 and the Nexus 5. My original Nexus 7 started having problems with the power button. I’d have to push it a good 3 or 4 times for it work. That got annoying.

            My Nexus 5 had a the screen cracked. Completely my fault and I didn’t think I’d have a chance of getting it covered under warranty. But I decided to call anyway because I had heard that you may get lucky and have them replace it anyway. And they did with essentially zero fuss.

            My comment did make it sound like I returned stuff every other month lol but that isn’t the case.

      2. I was leaning towards the blue anyway. I have an upgrade burning a hole in my pocket.

        1. You’re on T-Mobile with a contract plan? Dang.

          1. No, I’m on JUMP and I’ve been eligible for a trade-in/upgrade for 6 months now. I’ve just been waiting for something worthwhile to upgrade to. No contract and I can upgrade every 6 months.

          2. Tmo doesn’t do contracts its like prepaid. And they still offer unlimited data. Yeah no data anxiety.

          3. Left sprint after 18 yrs joined T Mobile 2 yrs ago , couldn’t be happier 4 lines 2 with truly unlimited high speed date for 140 the other ljne has 3 gigs of high speed data and the 4 none .

  2. Every Wednesday? What are we OPO now.
    GTFO with the games Google. Either put the device as available or not.

    1. I don’t think they expected any demand for the full priced model. The point of this year’s Nexus is that it would be available discounted from major US carriers like a normal phone.

      1. I still like to get some stats as how many they actually pre-ordered/sold. If this is a strategy, at least their competitor says they sold 9 million the first weekend!!!

      2. BINGO!
        They do this every year,to gauge interest & adjust production/stock numbers accordingly.
        Those interested in the NEXUS scene should adjust their expectations regarding availability every year from here-on-out,basically,expect about 15-30 days after the “Initial Release” for a more realistic ETA.

    2. #NeverSettle for a Nexus 6?

      1. For now Mr Ross I’ll settle with my one plus until stocks are available. Nothing wrong with cyanogen.

        1. There’s nothing wrong with the OnePlus One or Cyanogen. Great people at those companies. I’ve met many of them. Great hardware and software too. But that product launch though…

          1. Agreed.

  3. I still don’t get it. Let the people pre-order their stuff , and once you produce them ship them out. What is complicated?

    1. Apparently Google is trying their best to emulate OnePlus.

      1. I tried to ge the one plus for the first mnth everyday like an addict, now that I can actually buy one and cheap on craigslist , I’m over it , there will always be something better or something with a different gimmick around the corner every 6 mnths or so, especially since allot of the smaller not so well known companies are getting in the game there should be allot more choices for consumers in the coming year .

    2. This is what Apple does…my parents ordered two iPhone 6’s, it took like a month for them to come (VZW), but at least they knew they were getting one.

  4. So another two minutes of sales tomorrow? I can’t wait!

    1. Glutton for punishment. Will be there with you tomorrow. Was going to wait for vzw to sell it but now that they’re being douchey about it it’d back to the pre order I go.

  5. Anyone know what time it will become available?

    1. If anyone knew this it would be all over all the android blog sites. Your best bet it’s too refresh religiously between 12-2 pm est

  6. im confused does the one in the play store work on VZW?

  7. Will it have any price cut in December? Around 50$?

    1. Unlikley

  8. If I decide to buy one, I’ll just wait until the fake hype is over and can buy it any time I want.

    1. fake hype causes them to sell out in 5 seconds, lol.

      1. Well, if Google’s business was not about collecting info and stats, I would not have used the term. If they cant figure out their phone demand year after year, I Would say they have failed miserably.

  9. By January it’s not going to take an act of Congress to get one. Like the one plus which I’ve had since august . Patience is a virtue.

  10. I HATE THIS! I need a new phone by the end of November, THIS is the one I want, and I’m stuck wasting my time searching articles and message boards, and now refreshing a web page every five minutes all damned day in hopes of being one of the VERY few who might actually get to place a pre-order today. Ridiculous.

    1. walk into a carrier mobile store on nov 12th and pick one up, i think that’s when they’ll be in-store.

      1. I’m hoping for that I think T Mobile is the 14th fingers crossed

        1. Fwiw a T-Mobile rep told me the 12th but wouldn’t guaranteeIt. He also said if I had an account with them then I could pre order it. To bad I’m with vzw

      2. Not on Verizon. Would be nice if you could buy from anyone. I doubt t mobile and others will sell to non account holders. Buying from an opposing carrier may make you incur activation charges and possibly a locked phone (I think this is unlikely though). Guess we’ll find out on the 12th.

        1. i read on a blog post somewhere, that you can get a nexus6 from an opposing carrier, and just plug in your verizon sim card, and voila, it works. out of the box.

          1. Yes you can do that with the 6. What I’m saying is I don’t know if a carrier will sell to a non subscriber without having to sign up

        2. edited, i meant to say nexus6

  11. If anyone is able to order one today, please update this board and let us all know. I assume it will come and go in a minute, and it will be the minute I’m away from my computer. I’d at least like to know when the opportunity has passed so I can reclaim the rest of my day.

    1. I second this. I’m sure I’ll fail as I’m at work and will be attempting to order from my phone. I’m not putting my credit card info on my work computer

    2. I’ve got Auto Refresh Plus doing its thing… as soon as i hear the music, i will jump on and order ASAP. then i’ll post back here if i’m successful.

    3. the Chrome browser “Auto Refresh Plus” extension was refreshing the page every 5 seconds. it detected when the phone was no longer out of inventory and then stopped refreshing the page, and played some loud music so i would be alerted to go and buy one. this happened at today (11/05/2014) at 1:15pm EST. I immediately clicked “Add to Cart” and then purchased the 64GB Midnight Blue Nexus6. after i purchased it, i went to see if there were any others available, and they were all sold out before 1:16pm. I’m not sure if they were in inventory for 1 full minute, but most likely it was seconds.

  12. Every wednesday, for exactly 5 seconds, you will see “Out of Inventory” –> “Add to Cart” –> “Out of Inventory”………….. This is the worst possible launch of a Nexus phone in history… when will those 5 seconds happen? well my friend, you will need to waste an entire day in front of the computer monitor refreshing the webpage to find out.

    1. Here’s an advanced congratulations to the 17 people across the United States who guessed the right 5 second window in which to place their order.

    2. So dramatic: “WORST RELEASE EVER!”

      1. Yes, indeed. even the Nexus5 took at least 30 minutes to sell out. the Nexus6 took seconds!

    3. I would just appreciate if someone, ANYONE, would post something on this board when those 5 seconds have invariably elapsed while I’m going to the restroom, and the golden tickets have all been doled out, so I can get back to life. I’ve got reminders set on my calendar for 5m before every hour all damned day, hoping I’m lucky enough to hit the window and refresh my browser and get a pre-order. I would like to at least know when I’ve missed it.

      1. install the “Auto Refresh Plus” chrome extension, it will refresh the webpage every 5 seconds, and as soon as “out of inventory” is no longer written on the webpage, it plays music so that you’re alerted !

        1. DUDE!!!! That is AWESOME! Just did it and I’m just sitting here watching it do it’s thing. Wow. I set it to monitor when it no longer sees “We are out of stock”. Not sure if that will work, but it’s cool.


          2. if you read on the webpage, it says “We are out of inventory. Please check back soon” nowhere does it say “We are out of stock” at least not on my version of the google play store webpage.

          3. I heard the music……….. dropped everything, and went and bought the 64GB Midnight Blue Nexus6, by the time I finished buying it, they were sold out. wow……………

  13. 11:00 est totally out of stock……

    1. I don’t think the sale started yet. Last go round it started around 1est or so

      1. Thanks for the info. Now I can get something done instead of staring at my computer…..

        1. No problem. Just I hope I beat you to the pre order lol

  14. Yo dawg…

  15. Welcome to the f5 show! Anybody see the sale go live yet?

  16. It’s live!!!!! Just grabbed one. Go now!!!!!!

    1. man, stock dissapeared faster than chocolate cake in front of a fat kid

  17. I just got confirmation that those on T Mobile will be able to get the nexus 6 in store on Nov 12 th so at least for me that ends all this play store pre order non-sence, so i have to wait 7 more days probably get it before the people that preorder on the Playstore anyway …………..now back to your regularly scheduled website………………; )

    1. I ought to sock u

    2. If I was on T-Mobile I’d do the same. But I’m on vzw so ipreorderdd. I’m hoping it ships before than it says. My ship date is 11/26.

  18. They are live!

  19. Surprise, surprise…that didn’t last long.

  20. Got mine! Feels good to get my life back :-)

  21. I GOT ONE! Just now, 12:30 central.

    1. CONGRATULATIONS ! did the auto refresh plus chrome extension help? apparently, they are releasing a batch, waiting for it to sell out, then releasing another batch, and waiting…… then repeat.

      1. It saved me the trouble of constantly refreshing the screen, but I didn’t get the alarm thing to work. Whatever. I got it. Thanks for the help. I’m jacked.

  22. Is this like a joke or something? At least publish a time or something.Who is running this program out there. I thought they hired only smart people. :)

    1. It was a joke. Getting tired of it. Wishful thinking, but I’d sure like it if they gave us the REAL date when they decide they actually want to sell these things.

      1. If it helps I noticed I got mine a little after 1pm est today. Next Wednesday start monitoring it and furiously refreshing at 1pm est. This was also around the time last week that I noticed it was sold out in seconds.

  23. Google isn’t OPO just take a pre-order with some estimate of shipping, email me when its being ready to ship and that my credit card is being charged and I’d be OK with that. I know its a popular item, I know its going to sell well.

  24. Does anyone know if T-Mobile will get the white version?

  25. Oh well….

  26. Looking at the screen for too long :)

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