Nike+ Running is the latest app with Google Fit integration


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The list of apps with Google Fit integration is slowly growing. The latest app to support Google’s health and fitness platform is Nike+ Running. Version 1.5 of the app will allow you to connect with Google so you can see all of your health and fitness data in one place.

The Google Fit app was just released a couple of weeks ago, but we’re already seeing support from some big names. Last week RunKeeper added Google Fit integration, and now Nike, who has been infamously bad at supporting Android, is on board. Google’s goal is to consolidate all of your data into one centralized location. So if you’re running with Nike+, cycling with RunKeeper, and using your watch to check your heartbeat, you can see all the data in one place. Download Nike+ Running and Google Fit below.

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  1. I’m going to take a wait and see approach from Nike about this.. They’ve infamously and publicly strayed away from Android citing a few technical reasons and have always seemed to align themselves with Apple.. If they offer proper support then I’m all for it but like I said I think many will be on the fence about this till they do..

  2. Wow did hell freeze over? It’s good to see the support, too bad I stopped running regularly a year ago.

  3. Will apple kick Nike out of their stores too?

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