Asus ZenWatch goes on sale November 9th for $199


asus zenwatch

The most attractive square Android Wear device finally has a release date. Asus has announced that the ZenWatch will be going on sale in the US on November 9th at Best Buy for $199. That’s actually just two days away from today (Friday). The ZenWatch will also be available from the Google Play Store at a later date.

What’s so special about the ZenWatch? As we mentioned above, it’s the first square Android Wear device that actually looks well designed. Asus has been touting the “fine watch craftmanship” a lot. This is also the first Android Wear device with software customizations by the OEM. You can see a few of those in the video below. Will you be buying the Asus ZenWatch this weekend?

  • 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400
  • 512MB RAM
  • 4GB  of storage
  • AMOLED 1.63″ 320×320 display
  • Curved Gorilla Glass 3
  • 1.4Wh battery
  • Water Resistance IP55


[via TechCrunch]

Joe Fedewa
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  1. pretty solid specs for a watch

    1. Not that different from most of the others, except for a lower IP rating.

      1. and a more important bigger battery…

  2. I’ll wait until after Christmas, when the millions of unsold units will be on sale for half price.

  3. I like. Not as sexy as the 360, but sexy for a square watch.

  4. Asus… You just took too long for me. You will be sorely missed. Good price point for a solid design.

    1. Me think you moved to fast :)

    2. Motorola StarTac must have been a huge downer too then. Bringing a product people want and all, just too late…oh wait, it was possibly the most important phone design development in history. Give things a chance, chief.

  5. Have 3 days of life and you got a customer. Every day charge, please go back to the old drawing board.

  6. Does it last more than 2 days on a charge? If not, I’m out…

  7. 1.4WH? That’s over 4 times more than the others. If this thing has even 3 days of batterylife I’m in.

  8. Looks beautiful in pictures by itself, but absolutely awful on actual wrists. Looks too long for just about every wrist I’ve seen in pictures.

  9. looks awesome for a square watch

  10. Just came from Best Buy, they never even heard of a Zenwatch

    1. Me, too. Went to two different stores, nothing.

    2. Read my new reply to the article…it’s now available for pre-order. :)

  11. I’m sorry, but I have to tell you…I, like many, have stopped wearing a watch and I have no desire to go back to wearing a watch again…and I sure wouldn’t pay $200 for one. Just not gonna happen…Now, if they actually came up with a watch that would make me want to replace my smartphone with it, then I might consider it. But not one that doesn’t do anything more for me…Especially when we keep going to bigger screens (Note 3/Note4/iPhone 6+), why would we revert back to a tiny screen just because we can strap it to our wrist where it’ll get scratched or cracked in no time?

  12. The bezel makes my eyes bleed…

  13. Heads up: The Asus ZenWatch just became available for pre-order on Best Buy at 11:30am CST. Here’s the url:


  14. This watch is beautiful. But I’m holding-out on Android Wear, until the watches include speakers you can make or take calls with.

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