Android TV Devs: Nexus Player Gamepad and ADT-1 Gamepad are interchangeable


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A handful of developers who attended Google I/O last year received the ADT-1, the first development unit for Android TV ahead of its formal launch. The Nexus Player is out as the first consumer-ready Android TV box, though, and many of you may be thinking about purchasing it. With that, you’re likely to have some questions regarding compatibility between controllers and accessories. Those questions should vaporize as we’ve done the dirty work to figure it out for you.

Phandroid coder Steve Albright found that the gamepads for both the ADT-1 and the Nexus Player are interchangeable, at least as of firmware LPX13D on the ADT-1 and the release firmware (LRX21M) of the Nexus Player.

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Unfortunately the same is not true for the Nexus Player’s voice-activated remote control included with the device — that one will only work on the Nexus Player. But for the gamepad, this is is good news for ADT-1 owners in two situations:

  1. Those who are looking to save a bit of money for the full Nexus Player experience as they won’t have to order the $40 accessory to complete the set.
  2. Those who don’t want or need a Nexus Player but wouldn’t mind an extra controller for their ADT-1

The Nexus Player and its controller are currently available for purchase via Google Play, so use those respective links to get started (shipments not expected to go out until November 21st at the earliest). We’re still talking about the Nexus Player over at, and discussion is sure to pick up as more folks are beginning to receive their units this week. Get on over there and make an account if you want to jump in on all the fun!

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  1. ADT-1 came out this year, not last year.

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