Deal: 3 years of VPN Unlimited Premium helps cover your online tracks for $19


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A hot new deal from has rolled through this morning, with an offer for 3 years of VPN Unlimited Premium being offered up for a cool $19. The service, which would normally run you $65, gives you a secure VPN connection to route internet traffic through. Not sure what VPN is?

It stands for Virtual Private Network, a technology which helps users route their web traffic as if it was going through a completely private, encrypted network as opposed to an open one (like a public WiFi connection at a Starbucks, or the cellular sites you connect to every day). Without VPN, users may be subject to traffic snooping if they’re on a public network, which would allow no-gooders to see pretty much anything you’re doing on the internet.

While malicious activity isn’t often targeted toward random people in your everyday coffee shops, it’s worth being more safe than sorry. A VPN enables more than just protection from hackers, though. The technology is often used to bypass geographical restrictions placed on internet content. That hot new music service not available in your country? Use VPN to connect as if you were living in that very country.

The best part is that it works just as easily on mobile as it does on desktop computers, so all of this is available on your Android or iOS phone or tablet with ease. You can use your account for up to 5 different devices so feel free to go wild with all the different gadgets at your disposal. The sale ends in 9 days so be sure to take a look at and get going with an account as soon as possible if you feel this can benefit you in any way!

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  1. I have been using this for about two months now without issues. Pretty decent speeds, and a decent UI.

    1. What kind of speeds do you get?

  2. Do they offer anonymous payments? e.g. Via store gift card to target. If not there is no privacy at all in paying for their service with your card thats registered to your name and billing address.

    1. Sadly, this doesn’t appear to be the case. From the FAQ on the site:

      What payment options are available?

      We currently use iTunes and Google play in-app-purchases, PayPal and Amazon purchases. You can find the available pricing plans on the Purchasing tab in the VPN Unlimited app.

  3. Great deal, unfortunately I already paid for a year of Private Internet Access .

    1. same here @ $40 a year :(

  4. What phone is in that first photo?! There’s practically no bezel!

    1. That’s a damn good question!

  5. What are the reviews for VPN Unlimited? How do they rank against other popular VPN’s?

    1. I don’t know of any reviews myself yet, but from my research they don’t allow torrents / P2P. There are other cheap alternatives out there like or privateinternetaccess, while not offering such a bargain as 3 years for $19.. they have many other benefits like various proxies, P2P, etc.

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