Start the clock: HTC One M8 and M7 will receive Lollipop before February of next year


Android 5.0 Lollipop HTC One M8 M7

Now that Android 5.0 Lollipop is now being pushed to AOSP, HTC USA announced via Twitter that they are now in possession of that same source code. With Lollipop now officially in the hands of HTC, the clock has now been set to 90 days — that’s how long HTC promised it would take for them to begin pushing out Android 5.0 Lollipop after getting a hold of the code.

So really, this is nothing more than a reminder, but it’s fun to watch an OEM get as excited about software updates as we all are, especially when they’re as big a deal as Lollipop. We’ll still have to wait and see how HTC interprets Lollipop into their custom version of Android, but if the current version of Sense is any indication, they’ll do a great job.

Chris Chavez
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Android 5.0 Lollipop is now being pushed to AOSP

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  1. How soon for the GPe HTC M8?

    1. a few days, at most a week, after the nexus 5.

      1. When is the Nexus 5 getting it?

    2. Thats what im looking for too. It was the only reason i fully converted my T-Mo M8 into a full GPE. Pays off

      1. Yeah, I converted mine as well. I’m loving it! So much cheaper than actually buying a real GPe!

  2. Carrier versions will undoubtedly take longer. Telstra in Australia is inherently late with updates. Won’t be holding my breath.

  3. But this is htc USA saying 90 days, so that is carrier versions. At least here

  4. This is HTC. I don’t believe them.

    Samsung has shown to be more capable of updates than they have.

    1. you must not know anything then because htc been sticking to there word…..its the carriers that F things up

      1. That’s not really an excuse.

        Reports say every manufacturer has had behind-the-scenes access to Lollipop code to prepare their devices for the update (and S5 lollipop dev leaks indicate as such). 90 days is a cop-out.


        1. Werent the updated only delayed a few days? Hardly anything to get worked up about.

        2. Manufacturers are not the carriers. He said the carriers F things up. 90 days is amazing in this day and age to push an update. Samsung has not shown to be any more capable than HTC. Seems like youre a jealous Samsung fan.

    2. HTC does actually do this better than samesung. Let’s hope LG and others get a move on too

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