You can barely see the bezel on LG’s latest display


07mm lg display

LG Display has announced a remarkable achievement for folks who can’t stand those annoying black bars bordering their screens. The company has developed a 5.3-inch full HD LCD panel that has a bezel width of 0.7mm, which is said to be thinner than the width of a standard credit card.

07mm lg display girl

That mark gives them the title of thinnest bezel in the industry, and there are some pretty darn thin ones out there. LG gave us a pretty good rundown of how they were able to achieve the feat:

To realize the 0.7mm bezel width on the left and right sides of the panel, which is narrower than the 0.8mm thickness of a credit card, LG Display used its “Neo Edge” module processing technology and the world’s first “Advanced In-Cell Touch (AIT)” technology.

LG Display’s Neo Edge technology uses an adhesive instead of double-sided tape to attach and completely seal the total area and edges of the panel’s circuit board and backlight unit. Because there is no plastic guide panel to attach the panel and backlight, the Neo Edge technology helps achieve minimal bezel width, while blocking light leakage and being waterproof and dustproof.

The adhesive seal also prevents corrosion that sometimes occurs along the edge of the glass panel when double-sided tape is used, while dramatically improving the panel’s durability despite the narrow bezel because of increased elasticity as the adhesive hardens.

The company’s AIT technology, exclusively developed by LG Display, reduces the need for bezel space because the touch panel is embedded into the LCD module. The technology offers a slim design and excellent touch, while saving costs since a separate process for touch functions is not required.

LG’s all set to begin mass production of the display this November, with Chinese markets set to get first dibs on distribution (mainly due to the advent of demand for displays by many of the country’s up-and-coming OEMs). LG says they’ll also be promoting it and shopping it out on a global scale to anyone finding themselves in need of such a display.

We imagine the company will eventually want to get one of these things loaded up into their own smartphones, though they certainly aren’t talking about any possible internal uses today.

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  1. Those pictures are awesome. Can’t wait for LG g4. But why in the second picture, is the top and bottom bezel so much bigger? Also how long till it works with 2k screen?

    1. Still need a connector to the screen etc.
      G4 should be interesting.. hope they don’t go too big.

      1. They should stick with same 5.5 screen, but cut bezel down, and we know there must be excess room inside USA version since Korean version fits a tv antenna

  2. Cool, now can I have my N5 2014?

    1. Meet the Moto X.

  3. Just like there is a point where overall device thinness exceeds practical implementation, bezel thinness needs to be calmed down. A bezel does serve a purpose, it gives you a grippable area without activating the screen.

    1. And the ability to have a case that doesn’t cover the screen.

    2. They have control (or can give the user control) over which areas activate the screen.
      But if they don’t do that, then I totally agree.

    3. Make a dead area around the edge of the screen. Problem solved.

    4. Yeah, once totally bezel-less phones are out and keep getting incidental touches and broken screens due to zero protective bezel, the pendulum will swing back. I kind of need 5mm at least in order to pick up my phone sometimes.

  4. Good that at least they are innovating… Back Buttons, thin bezel, and now almost bezel less. Unlike Apple, just blaming and then copying…. Good going LG.

    1. You may be right about innovation sure, but was apple even necessary to bring up?

  5. Sony, Apple, please take note..
    oh, and so can you OpO #NeverSettle and all that crap..

    1. One only needs to look at the phone that the girl in the picture is holding to see why apple decided this is a bad idea for a mobile device. But if their was ever a group of people willing to bang their heads against thee wall in frustation of a half baked gimmick fandroids are it. Happy ghost presses!

      1. Umm.. you have tech to stop ghost presses in fact Apple use it in the iPad.

  6. HTC, take some notes!!! – Happy M8 owner.

  7. Good luck holding that phone.

    1. I’d be willing to try, pass one my way.

    2. What does the thickness of the bezel have to do with one’s ability to hold the device?

      1. When the bezels on the sides get too small, the flesh on your fingers will always be touching the screen when holding the phone in a conventional way.
        So when the screen is unlocked, holding the phone in a conventional way is out of the question.
        That is what it has to do with one’s ability to hold the phone.

        Bezels on the sides of phones need to be at least between 2 – 3 mm wide. Any narrower and you risk constantly touching the screen.

        1. Just make a dead area the size of a normal bezel around the screen and you won’t have to worry about it.

  8. “increased elasticity as the adhesive hardens.”

    Hmm, doesn’t really make sense physically… as don’t adhesive hardens decreases elasticity? Someone please educate me ^^

    1. RTV is a type of silicon that has it “hardens” – or drys and become firm – it still remain flexible, elastic and pliable.

      But I get your point as the wording is poor as adhesives don’t have to “harden” to work. I think they should have said “dries” or something to that effect.

  9. I wonder what they did software-wise to not detect edge touches while holding and how they detect ‘real’ touches. Should be interesting, I think that has always been the challenge of these small bezels.

    1. Just make a dead area the size of a normal bezel around the edge. You wouldn’t even notice it.

  10. Now that’s some awesome shizznizzle. I’d love to test drive something like that – see how it actually functions in the day-to-day.

  11. Such small bezels they should make it at least 6″ big!!!

  12. Good luck with the phone case….

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