Google offering six free months of Google Play Music when you purchase a Nexus 6



Google’s giving folks quite the incentive to purchase a Nexus 6 for the holiday season. The company is set to offer 6 months of Google Play Music All Access for no charge if you order the phone (which should be up for pre-sale any moment now) by December 31st, 2014. The only other catch is that you must redeem your offer by the end of January 2015, though we have a feeling you won’t be dragging your feet on a $60 value.

Unfortunately this offer does not apply to you if you’ve used a Google Play Music trial or have been a paid subscriber within the past 12 months. Another catch is that you need to be a United States resident in order to be eligible.

Once you get a 6-month helping of Google Play Music you probably won’t want to look back. Google has built up a massive collection of on-demand music that you can listen to without issue. The added bonus of being able to store 20,000 of your own tracks in the cloud is just more icing on a very sweet cake. Let us know if you’ll be taking advantage once you get your Nexus 6 starting next month.

google play music nexus 6 offer

[via Google, Google Play]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

[Update: someone jumped the gun] Nexus 6 is now officially available for pre-order on Google Play

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  1. 2. This offer is not available to anyone who has subscribed to Google Play Music’s unlimited service on a paid or trial basis in the past 12 months”

    Thanks Google…

    1. Hopefully they can get those who have been faithful to GPM since launch some love also.

    2. Free gas for 6 months!
      If you’ve never driven or been a passenger in a car…

  2. That’s okay. At their current rate of sales, they’re only going to have to give out 150 free six-month trials by year’s end.

    1. Well, it sold out in fifteen minutes in all 4 options…

      1. It wasn’t anywhere close to 15 minutes- bank it. There is plenty of evidence on various forums now to point to the suspicion that it actually hasn’t even been made fully available.

        If it’s truly sold out, it’s because they’ve moved four units- hence, my snarky comment.

        1. You’re right: they only manufactured four phones. They spent millions on research and development and advertising to sell these four phones. What they didn’t count on however, was a clever sleuth like you figuring out their plan.

          1. Sarcasm matched with sarcasm. I like it!

            Really, though… I just got a 32GB blue unit, and as soon as it took me to the cart, the cart showed empty. No, they haven’t sold out, and no, they don’t have just four to sell. And no, they haven’t really opened the preorder yet.

            As much as they appreciate a good trolling match, I’d not be surprised to learn that they’re trying to be at least somewhat “funny” intentionally.

          2. Another failed “launch” was this even really a launch? or a pre-order? or wtf ever this was? I can’t stand Apple, but Google could really learn a thing or two from them when it comes to pre-ordering and launching a device. I think someone was just editing the play store site, and accidentally made the buy button avail. If this was really a Google pre-order…. it’s just disappointing. Hopefully the tech blogs hold Google somewhat accountable for the mess today tuned out to be

          3. Dang it Google take my money…. I want 64gb white. With overnight shipping and give that Google music crap to someone here in the comments section

        2. “There is plenty of evidence on various forums”

          And yet you show no evidence and no forums.

        3. I thought it was shady for about 30 minutes but I kept hitting refresh and at 1:51pm yesterday it magically appeared. A few clicks later and I ordered the 32gb Blue Nexus 6. Lucky but good day!

  3. Wasn’t Farewellcell charged with fraud a few weeks back?

    1. Look at Darron’s profile. He spams the crap out of that site. This is just another junk post from him.

  4. I’ve had subscriptions to both Google Music and to Spotify for the past 9 months or so. I only use Google Music for the stuff I uploaded – the part that’s free, in other words.

  5. GPM is a good service for sure … Especially is you have an Android device .

  6. Will you this also be available if I buy it through T-Mobile?
    Edit: also when you have google all access can I download music?

    1. Yes, you can pin songs or albums to your device so you can still listen to them when you don’t have a data connection. It’s also useful if you have data limits since you can download them while you are on wifi if you want.

  7. Never used Google Play Music All access, but I will now

  8. Six months free if you get a Nexus 6. I see what you did there, Google. ;)

  9. Damn, I might just have to “pull a Chromebook” and return it immediately after redeeming the offer.

    1. I just find one on display in a store, add my account/log in, get the promotion immediately, then factory reset the device. =D Worked for the N7 deal for $25 Play Credit when it first launched.

      1. Genius!
        Although, I imagine it might be difficult to find a Nexus 6 set up on display and working. Google had Nexus 7s out last holiday season at the endcaps in Best Buy because they were doing a big push. I know because I was part of it. This year they are only doing it on a very limited basis at select stores, and may not have the N6 out.

      2. Outta line!! LoL!!

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