Samsung Galaxy Note Edge launched in South Korea



The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 might be Samsung’s flagship phablet, but the “experimental” Note Edge is still just as exciting. The device, which makes use of a curved AMOLED display to enable information and app controls independent of the main area of the display, is now available in South Korea.

This kicks off what Samsung’s describes as a limited launch, with the company only expecting to ship about 1 million units globally. The initial launch plans from Samsung said to expect this in select and limited markets, so we wouldn’t be looking for this thing in 120 countries around the globe like a typical Samsung flagship.

We do know Samsung is planning on launching the device on the United States’ four largest carriers as mentioned in their original press announcement, though there has been no further word on availability outside of South Korea at this time. With today’s launch it’s likely that we will be seeing the Note Edge seed into other markets by the end of the year.

[via Samsung]

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  1. If I had to go with a phablet, I would definitely choose the Edge simply because it has the same hardware as the Note 4 and its different in design..Always a fan of innovative risks, especially ones like this…NBA season starts in less than a week, would love to see a live scores ticker on the edge strip…..

    1. I like squirrels too

      1. Our economy is gr… Oh, look at the kitty!

  2. Part of me wants this phone. The other part believes the rounded screen is going to break or fail and be a flop.

  3. Well I hope it comes soon been holding out on the note 4 , may buy the Nexus 6 , but I really want this phone it’s different , but if it doesn’t come down the pipeline in the next 60 days i’ll probably get the 6, I’m always looking for something different, heck I might even get the x3…

  4. I wish they had a demo unit over here. I wouldn’t mind going into the store just to play with it.

  5. I couldn’t wait anymore on word of this so I got the Note 4 a day early here in the US. Love it best phone Ive ever had, hardest part is finding a good case that protects it and keeps it as thin as possible. Best screen, great battery life, very fast no lag and very light for its size.

  6. So good..

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