Samsung dishes out two new Galaxy Note 4 ads [VIDEO]


The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is available just about everywhere now, so Samsung wants to make sure you know that. The company has dropped two new ads promoting their latest and greatest smartphone. Samsung’s taken a break from their usual humorous approach to give us a collection of ads that shows off the device’s unique features. What better way to make something look cool than to show off stuff that actually makes it cool, right?


Phandroid reviewed the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and donned it one of the must-have smartphones of the year. The huge screen of a phablet still doesn’t fit everyone’s needs, but if you don’t mind a rather large slate that comes with innovative features such as S-Pen, true multi-tasking and more then there’s no better option right now. The ads are sitting above and below for your enjoyment.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. If only I wasn’t on a plan with my Z2 I’d snap this phone up in a heart beat.

  2. It Doesn’t Take a Genius ads are better.

  3. Highly disappointed with my note 4 and it’s lagfest. Touch response is horrible.

    1. You probably have a bad one lol, mine works great.

    2. Mine works perfectly. It’s a rocket ship and the screen is amazing. More sensitive than note 3 and oneplus one.
      I love the note 4.

    3. sucks yours is laggy. give a factory reboot a try? i can sense even the slightest lag/framerate drops which is why i hated my S4, but man, this Note 4 is incredibly fast. as fast as my G2 was, and that was one of the quickest phones i’ve ever had.

      1. Look at the word “lagfest”. Typical crApple user.

    4. Liar.

  4. Just tried to get this phone this past week in the Miami area while on vacations. Checked 3 best buys and 2 At&t stores. Sold out everywhere.

    1. Samsung’s clearly doing something right. Sorry to hear that they were sold out.

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