Oct 24th, 2014

sundar pichai atd

There’s no question Google has their hands in just about everything these days. That’s nothing new. Because of a vast and ever growing product portfolio, Google has typically seen itself run by a large group of execs, with CEO Larry Paige overseeing things, of course. But it looks like that could soon change.

After the departure of high profile execs like Andy Rubin and Vic Gundotra, Larry Paige is now reportedly handing the reins of their entire product line to none other than Sundar Pichai. This is yet another promotion for Pichai who joined up with Google back in 2004, only to quickly rise in the ranks and move from Chrome lead, to head of Google’s Android division.

Although it’s a major milestone for both Pichai and Google, Sundar’s title wont change — at least not at first — despite having execs from products like Maps, Search, social, and more now reporting to him instead of Page. There is one exception, however, with YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki keeping the video unit separate from Pichai’s management for the most part.

Google is continually evolving and the newest change in management is a clear sign that they’re looking to keep the innovation flowing. We wish Pichai the best of luck in his new (still hush-hush) role.