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Is that a phablet in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? Yes, we’ll answer that question today in our weekly roundup of the very best Android Forums has to offer. Would you read on if I told you there might be an Inbox invite waiting for you?

How do you carry your extra large phone?


The Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Note Edge, Nexus 6, and even the iPhone 6 Plus are all what we would consider phablets — those extra large phones that straddle the line of tablet territory. While many love the extra screen real estate when it comes to surfing the web, watching video, and running apps and games, the flip side is that these devices are in reality still quite bulky. Why aren’t there more discussions about how to carry a phablet like the Note 4? It’s certainly pocketable, but is it better suited for a holster? Do you toss it in your bag and go? Opinions welcome.

Itching for Inbox

Inbox by Gmail promo hero

Google launched their new inbox solution, aptly named Inbox, this week on an invite-only basis. Everyone wanted one, but there were few to come by (at least initially). Google+ was overrun with excited Gmail users begging and pleading for their golden ticket, and Android Forums wasn’t all that different. Now that the dust has settled, did you get an Inbox invite? Have any you’d like to share with the forum faithful?

Getting started with Android programming

coder coding developer development

You know how it goes: make Android app, profit to the tune of thousands of dollars a day. But what comes before, in between, and after those steps? How does one actually get started programming for Android? That’s the million dollar question…or at least you hope it is.

Buying your first car


Normally we’d expect Android Forums to be a place where we can go to get some advice on buying our next smartphone, but lucky for sfbloodbrother we’ve also got quite a few auto enthusiasts. In the market for his first car, he has been soliciting help from the forum goers for a few months and is finally on the verge of laying down his cash. Any last minute suggestions?

And more…

And that will take us into the weekend. If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for an Android Forums account. We’ll be scouring the subs for next week’s best threads, and yours could be among the chosen few. Until then, have a great weekend.

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Inbox by Gmail ‘app’ now available in the Chrome Web Store

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  1. I’ve always used holster cases and always will.I hate when my wife puts hers in her back pocket

  2. #BringBackTheFannyPack

  3. I put mine like the picture, but always screen facing in.

  4. Solution to having a big phone for your pockets:

    Dont wear womens jeans! You’re a man, act like one!

  5. This is the direction this big phone nonsense is going.

  6. I use a holster in my right front pocket. Usually a Seidio so I can lock the mechanism.

  7. Anyone have inbox invites?

  8. Big time! Remember watching that when it was released on MTv when they played music. Brings back awesome memories. Thanks. Downloading song now. Lol

    I put the note 3 and now 4 in my back pocket. Use it like a wallet and take out when I sit.

  9. Thank you for that video clip at the end. I started clicking down the memory lane: Big Time, I Can’t Dance, We Didn’t Start The Fire. Good old times, that music is forever.

  10. if you get an inbox invite to one gmail account, can you use it on your others? anyone have a spare invite?

    1. Yeah, I have two Gmail accounts linked to my Inbox.

      1. Nice, thanks. how do you like it?

        1. It’s cool how they group all my crap together. Did you get an invite?

          1. nah, not yet. Wonder if you can use a business email that is hosted through Google. I have a gmail inbox and everything but the domain is different. we’ll see if Google gets around to sending me one.

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