All Grand Theft Auto games on sale right now in the Google Play Store


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Rockstar games is giving everyone a little treat ahead of Halloween next week. The company has placed all three of their Grand Theft Auto games on sale, including Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto Vice City and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. They’re coming in at price points of $2.99, $2.99, and $3.99, respectively.

Those are some good prices for mobile versions of a series of games that defined their generation. The Grand Theft Auto series was by far one of the most successful back when it enjoyed mid-2000s prominence, and it was as much fun as advertised.

The graphics may not have aged too well up against contemporary counterparts, but Rockstar did a well enough job remastering the graphics for high resolution displays that you should still find it an enjoyable experience. Use the Google Play links above to get going if you’re interested.

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  1. Its a shame San Andreas isn’t even available for the devices that Rockstar say it is, I’ve been waiting for it on Android since it was announced.

    1. I have San Andreas on both my Android devices (Nexus 7 2012 & LG g2) don’t know how you don’t have it.

      1. Not all devices can install it. Apparently yours (and mine) can.

      2. It says on the support page of Rockstar’s site that the Sony Xperia SP is supported, but Google Play says no.

  2. I have GTA3 and Vice City, but sadly not the patience to complete them, although they are fun for a good few weeks. Does San Andreas introduce anything new to make it worth me buying it?

  3. san Andreas plays well on the iPhone. I was thinking about getting it for Android. Good pricing.

  4. They’re on sale in the Amazon app store as well. I just picked up Vice City for 299 Amazon coins.

  5. Will these be compatible with Android TV? Will be nice to play at home and pick up on mobile as I leave the house.

    1. If you like GTA that much you should just buy it for your pc/console and your phone.

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