Humbile “Mo-boo-ile” Bundle brings 6 spooky games for cheap


humble moboooible bundle

New Humble Bundle is roaring in for folks looking for great new games on the cheap. It’s the special Mo-boo-ile bundle — yes, it sounds very cheesy. But it’ll bring you 6 games that should help you get into the spooky spirit of Halloween that’s coming up in a week’s time. You can pay anything you want for the following three games:

  • Rebuild — a post-apocalyptic turn-based strategy game
  • Oscura: Second Shadow — platformer
  • Containment: The Zombie Puzzler — a pretty dark puzzle game

Reach the current average mark of $2.99 and you’ll be awarded the rest:

  • Five Nights at Freddy’s — sentient fuzzy robots want to kill you
  • Dead Effect — your typical zombie shooter
  • The Walking Dead: Assault — top-down real-time strategy game

The value of the whole bundle if you’d buy them individually is about $25 so you’re getting a pretty good opportunity to save serious coin on entertainment. As always, more games are expected to be added within a week or two so don’t forget to check back to see what they are. Be sure to give the whole bundle a look-see over at their website and let us know if you’ll be taking advantage.

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