Samsung teases Lollipop on the Galaxy Note 4


note 4 lollipop

In what would otherwise be an ordinary social media marketing pump, Samsung posted a photo of the Galaxy Note 4 noting that its Quad HD Super AMOLED display is “super sweet.” On the display was a picture of some sweet, sweet looking lollipops. This leads us to believe Samsung is no doubt excited bout Android 5.0 Lollipop and will be looking to bring it to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, though we can’t say we weren’t already expecting it considering it’s their latest flagship smartphone.

We’re sure you can expect Lollipop for the Samsung Galaxy S5 too, but any other devices are up in the air. Samsung has yet to formally detail plans for bringing Lollipop to any of their smartphones, but we’re sure they’ll be getting a move on development as soon as they can and look to have the upgrade out before the candy goes stale. We’ll be reaching out to Samsung to see if they have anything to share on their Lollipop plans.

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Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Hey Mods!!
    The 2nd paragraph says: Samsung has yet to formally detail plans for bringing cupcake to any of their smartphones.

    I’m sure that should be Lollipop.

    1. Cupcake… Throwback Thursday?

    2. dont you get the joke? Touchwiz looks the same since Cupcake

  2. uhh…what about the damn Note 3? Not everyone can afford Samsung’s latest note entry, especially if they are fine with the Note 3.

    1. Because its a hot new Android phone the Samsung wants to hype, and Phandroid wants to write about… Companies don’t advertise their old products, at least not nearly as much as the new ones. That’s how the wolrd works. Did you expect different?

      1. All I’m saying is that the note 3 better get it. There is no software or hardware limitation why it shouldn’t.

        1. Most likely it will get it, the real question is, will we get the new or old touchwiz on top of lollipop?

  3. I’m sure they’ll find a way to make it bloated and unbeautiful

    1. no need to bring your mom into this

      1. Lol butthurt fanboys are the best!

  4. And it will still run far worse than an HTC, Moto, or iPhone with lesser hardware specs, because Touchwiz.

    1. one suggestion for you! don’t buy it i’ll be happy to.

      1. Right! ! So funny how people will bash Samsung like it’s an ex gf or something, if you don’t like Samsung/touchwiz devices…..DON’T BUY IT! ! Surely they don’t think that they will make or break Samsung, yes I know that Samsung has “lost” profits last couple quarters, so to some, they prolly think that Samsung will be closing it’s doors. Lolz. I’ve had an m8, g3, g2& I have s5 now and love it. It’s not perfect , but show me a device that is , and I want to try it out!

  5. I would hope Samsung isn’t bringing cupcake to their devices lol

    1. Where is the fucking proofreading?

    2. Hmm… Stock cupcake vs Touchwiz. Could be an interesting battle

      1. True true lol

  6. Lollipop Touchwiz….no thanks!

    1. I can’t wait for it :) I actually love touch-wiz. Gives me all the features I need.

  7. Samsung has yet to formally detail plans for bringing cupcake to any of their smartphone…

    Really? Cupcake? Not Jellybean or Gingerbread or Eclair..or Doughnut.but Cupcake. Someone fell asleep watching Quantum Leap.

    Any who…I’m Glad the note 4 is getting updated to lollipop

    1. I believe you mean Quentyn Leap.

      1. Nice.. The mobile version of Phandroid does not show the author’s name :/

        1. Turn your phone sideways. I’ve asked for that to be fixed – we’ll see.

  8. Sorry, Quentyn. You guys are great but this isn’t the first time it’s happened.


  9. I dont understand why people complain about Touchwiz. I have had Samsung and HTC phones they both work pretty much the same. Both have there flaws. I think the slowness for most phones comes from all the bloatware crap the carriers install. Most of it being junk.

    1. It also comes from the bloatware and junk that the OEM installs onto their phone.

      1. I agree with you but to my surprise Samsung actually got rid of MOST if not all bloatware on the Note 4. It is replaced with a Samsung App store that allows you dowload what you wish instead of forcing it on the end-user.

        1. Right on. I’m getting a note 4 in couple weeks, sellING my s5. Can’t wait

          1. You, my man, just made an excellent decision!

    2. Exactly, that’s what I just replied to someone

    3. Samsung is the brand that people love to hate I guess. I’ve always had LG devices (nexus 4, lg g1, 2 &3) , bought the s5 and by far, fav device. But I’m not guna bash any other OEMs bcuz there not to my liking

      1. Dude, most people who dislike Samsung have good reasons to do so…I know I got mine, I’m a long android user so I stand behind my comments

        1. I am as well, got my first Android in dec 09, I’ve never owned a Samsung galaxy phone ….until this year, and I love it, of course I paid only $200 for a brand new in box cricket wireless(at&t) galaxy s5. I think that the s5 truly needs 3gb of RAM to function properly, but like I said, all phones have their flaws

          1. Touchwiz doesn’t need 3gb of ram, it needs a true overhaul, it’s like a whole bunch of features thrown in their skin with hardly any optimization

          2. I’ve had an m8 from Verizon, I liked it…but just like the s5 better, just me. To each his own.

          3. But I agree, they do need an overhaul, but there going in right direction. I’m sure they see the “writings on the wall” or more appropriate, on the blogs, and will adapt accordingly.

          4. But besides the software, another thing about Samsung I don’t like, how could a company have the balls to build a phone made from metal (premium material), lower the specs and charge out the ass for it, like Samsung is like a stuck up female, she knows she is popular by name, so she figure the only way she is gonna give u what you want ,is if u pay out the ass for it, only a fool would buy a galaxy alpha over a M8, Samsung know they have the money to build a more premium product with features and stuff and charge the same as the S5,

          5. Lolol. Great comparison! But with me, like a stuck up female, I put em in their place, same with samsung: ok sammy, u got a great camera, bad ass screen, latest specs (@the time), but u ain’t worth $649 , so to me, I’ll give ya $200. Same w females, most of em are wOrth bout HALF or less than what they think! ! Lol. I joke I joke.

          6. Hahaha, wait, lol, ok ok , back to Samsung, if they actually made the S5 exactly the same but with the build quality of the alpha and charged the same price as the S5, then I think it would be more worth it…now I’m not trying to say metal is better than plastic, they both have pros and cons, but HTC proved they can use premium materials and high end speccs and charge around the same as these plastic phones or goin for

        2. I was using Android since the G1 days and I have owned 4 Nexus Devices. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Galaxy line when I had the S2 but I am certainly a fan of the Note Series as it adds an experience not found on any other device. The “Bloatware” situation has been heavily reduced to dust on the Note 4. It is the best Android experience I have had to date.

          I just jumped from the HTC One M8 which was alright (at best) compared to the Galaxy Note 3 and Note 2 experience that I had prior to its purchase. The camera on the M8 made me feel as if I downgraded from the Note 3. The build design beautiful (slippery but beautiful) and I used blink feed for my tech news and worldly news, however, that is not enough for me as if I was missing a lot of features that the Note 3 offered. I guess to each his own.

          1. Nooooo…..you are absolutely right ..in many aspects I to think the camera is a downgrade…..but when I compare, I compare to the S series, not the Note…because the Note is a phablet and has now power to offer a better experience, the S line lacks features of the notes as well, that’s y I only compare the normal phones. But you said it, you wasn’t a fan of the galaxy line

          2. Aw..I understand and that’s fair.

    4. Sorry buddy not the same, down vote, I speak on experience that’s sense is better than touchwiz

      1. That it is… til this day my One M8 still flies and handles multitasking like a champ. Can’t even remember the last time I had to power it down for issues.

        1. yes but my issue with htc is that danm bezel, the extra added chin for no reason!

        2. bezzzzzzzelllllllll

      2. Experience does not attest to one being better than the other. Sence is just your preference. I’ve tried both sence and touchwiz and like touchwiz better

    5. So you compared one phone with a skin to another with a skin?

      How about you compare touchwiz to a vanilla android device?

      1. The advantage pure android offer is smoothness over all OEMs. I would take ttouchwiz over pure vanilla, I don’t know how to root or flash Roms so I like the extra added features you get, but I’ll take sense over touchwiz

        1. me too, vanilla all tho is nice but to me is boring!

    6. Because touchwiz has the aesthetic qualities of a 1984 Mitsubishi Colt, is slow and is packed with pointless gimmicky ‘features’.

  10. Seems to me that these companies for the most part find it easier to just produce a new device than to update an older one. Even ones that are slightly older like the sgs5.

  11. I cannot wait for cupcake to be released to all devices

  12. lollipop will be unrecognizable by the time that samsung gets done with it. soo…who really cares what version its actually running? that majority of the Material design stuff with be snuffed out by touchwiz

    1. Those of us that like touchwiz and are looking forward to optimizations in the next Android version

  13. Some people actually use tw and the software Samsung add. I’m included in the group, although I find nova provides more flexibility in the way I want a launcher to work.
    If you don’t like this, buy another phone or root it and remove this said bloat. Cracks me up how people moan, but still buy it….

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