Verizon adds over 1.5 million new customers in Q3 2014


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Verizon has reported their Q3 2014 financial results, and things seem to be as they should be. There weren’t any new records broken this go ’round like Verizon seems to do every quarter, but they did enjoy steady growth in a couple of different areas. One of those areas is the addition of 1.53 million new retail connections, 1.52 million of which were postpaid accounts.

Phones accounted for just 457,000 of that, while tablets saw huge growth at 1.1 million additions. In all, smartphones accounted for 77% of Verizon’s connections which is no small feat. That brings Verizon’s total up to 106.2 million, with the only other carrier being able to come remotely close being AT&T.

Verizon also recorded an uptick in revenue of 4.3% to $31.6 billion compared to the same quarter a year ago. Wireless was responsible for $21.8 billion of that, and it enjoyed growth of 7%.

The numbers aren’t eye-popping by Verizon’s standards, but good enough to confirm that they’re doing enough right to keep the arrow pointing upward (even if most of that “right” is in sheer network quality opposed to value and customer service).

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  1. But they lost at least 1!!! T-Mobile has been treating me real well since my switch. I’m getting almost the exact same 4G speeds I was seeing on Verizon. No complaints here!

    1. Same here, just jumped on the Tmobiles $30 prepaid with my N5. One or two dropped calls so far, but still worth it.

  2. A moment of silence… … … … … … Amen.

  3. That’s good for Verizon but I don’t understand people who are signing up in hoards. There are a very few people who need the coverage as extensive as Verizon. For what you pay it’s really not worth the money but whatever makes people happy. It’s a free country.

    1. Some people don’t understand. I live in NYC, so T-Mobile has been my carrier for the last 1.5 years. Prior that was VZW for 13+ years. I have brought over 15 or so people. It makes sense in NYC to have the T-Mo, VZW is overpriced for what you get. Other areas might only have VZW/AT&T service, so that service is worth it.

    2. “few people who need the coverage as extensive as Verizon”… Until you need it. I agree in general, but it’s the outlier situations that make you thankful to be on Verizon.

    3. I feel the same way about Rogers, Bell and Telus in Canada. They charge pretty much $70 or more on 2-year contracts and provide service across most of the country. However, I’m almost certain that a lot of those people don’t really need the very best smartphones (meaning lower costs per month on contracts) or service across such a vast area. Even if they’re not that tech-savvy they could still get phones like the Nexus 5, Moto X and Moto Green. Some of them have superior or at least acceptable performance and specs compared to both high-end Android and iOS devices. If nothing else the 1st gen Moto X is very efficient and reliable considering it’s “low” specs and it’ll save people a lot of money overall if they get a device like it or the other two I mentioned. If the iPhone, Galaxy and specs craze among the majority of smartphone users (including all the non-techy people) wasn’t blinding people to fact that you don’t necessarily need the high-end/high spec/premium phone to meet your needs then they’d save themselves a lot of money and frustration.

  4. I sure hope their VoLTE improves quickly – it’s already feeling like their LTE rollout, a beta product at best and not quite mainstream ready.

    1. Their VoLTE is kinda odd, though. Bonus: Video Calls. Bonus: VoWiFi Beat: Caller on other end must also be on Verizon VoLTE/VoWiFi or you use 3G. Beat: Can’t fall back to Verizon 3G on an in-progress call.

      Everyone else is doing VoLTE to their CO, and routing as necessary (HD Voice internally, POTS/interchange externally).

      1. Not sure how much of a bonus the video calls are since it’s platform agnostic, same with wifi calls I’m assuming (i.e. neither work on iOS). And the inability to fall back on 3G has been a PITA already in our situation, and we live in an incredibly strong LTE area. Calls dropping occasionally, or voice quality (on the other end) being really weak if the LTE signal isn’t full from time to time. I’m just not a fan so far, it feels half-baked. When we were with Tmobile, HD voice was nice, but there was no sacrifice of other services by having it… obviously that wasn’t VoLTE, but provided a similar benefit.

        1. iOS does support WiFi calls now, at least on T-Mobile and other companies using the same standard. Not sure if it will work with Verizon or not.

  5. No wonder they aren’t caving to pressure to drop prices, they obviously don’t need to. Their awful no contract plans were the final straw for me. I just moved our 7 lines to AT&T.

  6. They may be about to lose me soon. Ordered an unlocked AT&T compatible Xperia Z3 and will try it out on the Cricket Pro 10GB plan for $60/mo ($55/mo with auto pay).

  7. As much as I would like to hate Verizon and AT&T, they both have extensive coverage, better building penetration and I would rather spend the extra money than suffering with dismal coverage from T-mobile and Sprint.

    1. I’m starting to come around to that opinion as well. I had Verizon, but left due to the high prices, delayed and cancelled updates for the GNex, and how they are trying to force people off unlimited data. I got the T-Mobile $30 prepaid plan when I got my N5. Their coverage here in the Chicago ‘burbs is great. But I’ve taken a couple trips since switching to T-Mo, and the coverage is just abysmal outside of metropolitan areas. Now I’m thinking about switching to one of Cricket’s (which uses AT&T’s network) plans. Even if it costs a little more than the $30 I’m paying T-Mo, it’ll probably be worth it for the better coverage.

  8. Why don’t they ever report how many people left them?

    1. I definitely would be interested to learn if they lost more than they gained

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