Report: Nexus 6 and 9 will offcially be revealed tomorrow along with pre-order and launch dates


htc nexus 9 leak

You know what they say, when it rains, it pours. The typical birthing pangs of a new release, leaks have been spewing out from all around the net as Google prepares to launch the newest additions to their product portfolio: the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9.

If you needed any further confirmation that we’re nearing an official announcement, Forbes is now chiming in, confirming that tomorrow will be the day Google finally reveals, not only their new super-sized smartphone and tablet, but the latest version of their software currently known as “Android L.” They wont have an event, instead of opting for a simple blog post as they work on getting Android L up to speed (and get the jump on Apple’s iPad event).

According to sources, the Nexus 9 (aka HTC Volantis) will be available for pre-order starting this Friday October 17th, public availability (and shipping) on November 3rd. The new tablet will be available in 2 hardware configurations: 16GB for $400, or a 32GB 4G LTE model for $500.

When it comes to specs, Forbes was able to confirm the Nexus 9’s 8.9-inch 2048×1440 resolution display, 64-bit Nvidia Tegra K1 processor, 8MP rear/3MP front-facing cameras, and an approximate weight of 480 grams. As far as stylings, it appears HTC and Google decided to go with a “brushed aluminum” frame instead of “all metal.” This was an effort to help keep their costs down.

An origami-like magnetic flip case / stand will also be available tomorrow as well, and mimics a design we’ve seen before where it bend into various shapes to suit your favorite viewing angles.

Unfortunately, Forbes wasn’t able to confirm much else about the Nexus 6 (like available colors), but then again, tomorrow is only a short time away. Stay tuned!

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  1. you have to get LTE with the 32 gb??? ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I think their wording is poor. No way that they would release a phone with those specs and no 4g

      1. If you think their wording is poor, you should check your reading comprehension.

        1. You are totally right. I wasn’t thinking. I thought he meant for the Nexus 6.

          1. That dude sucks at life. Good job being the bigger person. You have yourself a nice day my internet friend.

          2. LOLOLOL “Tipsy McStagger” thinks I “suck at life,” I should probably just go kill myself after that revelation.

          3. You should most definitely NOT kill yourself. Try instead, to be a more enlightened individual :)

            Peace and love <3

          4. Nah I’m gonna go with my original plan but thanks bro!

      2. That is about the tablet, though.

    2. It is kind of annoying, but it could just be their way of streamlining the models a bit, if I remember right, previous iterations had WiFi only and LTE options in both storage options. Sure would be nice if they’d offer a 32GB model at $450 though.

  2. Wonder if Google will provide Android L for immediate download for Nexus devices?

    1. This, I am really interested. My Nexus 5 is waiting!

  3. A 8.9 inch should be $299 16GB and $399 32GB or no 16GB at all.

  4. Can you stop playing with my emotions, if I don’t see a nexus tomorrow I will be highly upset.

  5. Nexus 6 , White , 64 GB , Sub 500$ Come to papi :D

    1. I’ll take a black one in 64GB… but I don’t think there will be a 64GB.

      1. Love the pokinatcha punk!

      2. Same. I got N5 in white, but have grown to not liking it any more. If only there was a Navy option. Or, as Moto did before, kevlar – I love it on my RAZR.

    2. I want some of the drugs you apparently have access to.

    3. Ngfh – not gonna fcuking happen, bithc! There’s no way that the Nexus 6 64GB will be anything less $500.

  6. Any chance in hell that we’ll get moto maker?

  7. I’ve got a Shield Tablet… And that K1 is a MONSTER processor.

  8. I just want L. And the final SDK. :)

  9. Anybody know what time they announced the 5 last year?

  10. I’m betting the Nexus 9 is actually 2048 x 1536 and not 2048 x 1440. Any Android enthusiast should know this. The device reports its resolution minus the nav bar to apps. My Nexus 10 reports 2560 x 1504. The same missing 96 pixels.

  11. 16GB leaves no space for games that take up much space. They can sell more apps if they start with 32GB. Kind of short sited in my mind. At this point it should be 32GB and 64GB.

    1. NO tablet OR phone should ever be sold or produced at this time in a 16gb size. That verges on stupidity. Books, music, games, apps, photos, videos, movies, ROMS, backups.. 16gb is seriously retarded. And in a tablet.. good Lord.

      1. With 16 gigs Google is forcing you to use the cloud. Which I personally don’t mind. 16 gigs us plenty of you use it the way Google expects you to

        1. By the time you throw on firmware partitions, OS and some apps, your storage it’s probably 9-10 gig. Add cache and user data , and after time, it adds up. 32GB should be the minimum IMHO.

          1. The cache is always huge for Google music and Google+ Photos. I have to screw with it all the time to make room. Irritating and that is my biggest storage hog. So even with the cloud the photos cache is over a gig. I delete all local copies after they push to the cloud.

        2. Just stick a SD card in there

        3. Good luck accessing data on the cloud while on a 14 hour flight to Tokyo…

    2. I prefer the cloud usage. I don’t get why ya’ll want all that crap on your phone.

      1. I have a OnePlus One with 64GB. I never have to settle on what apps get to stay and which ones I have to remove. I had that same opinion you had until I got this phone. I love apps and now I can leave them on my phone.

        1. I was referring more to music and other media. But I guess if you’re an app whore, then yeah more than 16gb would be good.

          1. An “app whore?”


  12. Not a fan of new tablet unless they come out with a nexus 12 later

  13. 4:3=fail. 16:10 only.

  14. I guess that’s why the nexus 5 is not out of inventory because they will sell the 5 and 6 together for people that don’t want bigger phones. So that means the nexus 6 won’t replace the nexus 5 which means it will cost more than the Nexus 5 ($50-$100 more probably).

    1. i do not like your logic.

      1. I do not like it either. I actually want them to release a nexus 6 and nexus x like was rumoured but only one device has been leaked and no one has any evidence of a second device.

    2. Brilliant! Especially after Android L improves battery life. LG has come so far I hope they stick around awhile in the nexus line.

    3. Nexus 5 is out of inventory at the Play Store as of today. It was available yesterday b/c I was thinking of purchasing one for my wife.

      1. The 16GB has been going in and out of inventory but the 32GB is still in inventory. With other releases Google would put all the versions out of inventory weeks ahead of announcement but they didn’t this time.

        1. Good catch

  15. Crabby patties I don’t have any money saved up for the phone… By the way do they work on Sprint?

  16. Really hoping there’s a 64GB version of the Nexus6. (Disappointing that the Nexus9 doesn’t even offer a 64GB version)

    1. With SD card slot, why would you need it?
      The 100 bucks is really for the LTE chipset.

      1. Unfortunately, I don’t think this will have an SD card slot… as usual. It’s the only thing keeping me from buying a Nexus device.

        1. very unfortunate indeed:(

        2. You could get a flash drive for it.

  17. I’ll be honest. This is the first time I’m honestly not hyped about a Nexus launch.

    1. The price is also a HUGH turn-off.

  18. Gonna have to break out the Amex Gold and earn some points. It’ll either be a Nexus 6 or Moto X depending on N6 size and how quickly I think MX will get Lollipop.

    1. depending on the size? We already know its 5.9 inches

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