Misplaced your Moto 360 charger? You can now buy a replacement (or spare) at Best Buy


Moto 360 charging dock DSC06925

We talked about it in our in depth review, but one of the best features of the Motorola Moto 360 was the fact that the smartwatch charges using the Qi wireless standard. That means if you’ve got another Qi wireless charger laying around the house, you could charge up the smartwatch using that as well.

Be all that as it may, not too many wireless chargers prop up the Moto 360 for easy viewing of the docked bedside clock mode. Should you ever find yourself in need of an additional (or replacement) Moto 360 dock, you can now find them available at Best Buy for $40.

A bit pricey, you’ll probably want to bookmark this for future use, especially given you wont be able to use this charger for anything other than your Moto 360. Don’t forget, you can also pair this with a portable charger for charging away from the outlet.

[Moto 360 wireless charger at Best Buy]

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  1. Store pickup only and none in L.A.

  2. I like how the charger sets the watch up at a good angle so that you can essentially use the watch as a bedside clock for at night. There doesn’t seem to be very many wireless chargers for phones that doe the same thing. Most of them force you to lie the phone flat on the charging pad.

  3. Hope they’re open 24 hours, otherwise those poor 360 owners will be out of juice by the time they get there!

    1. The latest update greatly improves battery life on the Moto 360. nice try though

      1. Wow! Do you get 1.5 days out of it now! ;-)

        1. well, for those days where you are up for more than 19 hours I can see it being a real pain, especially since your not already charging your phone daily….people.

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