Sony Xperia Z3 Compact lands on Sony’s US site with ‘Buy Now’ button


Sony Xperia Z3 Compact US page

Ever since the Sony Xperia Z3 was announced for T-Mobile (and more recently, the Sony Xperia Z3v for Verizon), we’ve been looking for any kind of information on US availability of the smaller — but still very capable — Sony Xperia Z3 Compact. So far we have hints that T-Mobile could carry it, but if they don’t, we’re still ready to pull the trigger on Sony’s unlocked model for the US with T-Mobile and AT&T compatible bands (D5803). This is the route we took with the previous Sony Xperia Z2 and it worked out great with a T-Mobile SIM.

If you needed any indication we were getting closer to a launch, the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact is now showing up on Sony Mobile’s US site, complete with a “Buy Now” button. Unfortunately, hitting the button simply forwards you to a generic landing page on for their eshop and doesn’t actually let you purchase the phone. Of course, a sign up page or pre-order would have been nice, but for now, the unlocked Sony Xperia Z3 Compact remains elusive if you’re looking to buy direct through Sony.

It seems everyone is making a big hoopla over the larger Sony Xperia Z3 these days (and for good reason), but we didn’t want Sony’s full-sized flagship to overshadow its smaller sibling. We’ll keep you posted.

[Sony Mobile | Sony eshop]

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  1. The button didn’t add it to the cart. It’s fake. =(

    1. Lol. I know, I’ve been clicking it every 3 minutes. Ha

  2. “hints at T-Mobile carrying it”? @ASKDES of T-Mobile did an official unboxing of the t-mobile z3 weeks ago.http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7FLkSlqFP3g

    1. That’s the Z3, not the Z3 Compact.

    2. Well, here’s a better hint:


      It’s already listed on their site.

      1. Nothing in there about T-Mobile availability but will continue crossing my fingers.

        1. Well, the second item on the list (from left to right) does say “Xperia Z3 T-Mobile”.

          1. No, I know that. The full sized Z3 has been confirmed for T-Mobile, it’s the Z3 Compact that remains unannounced. :(

          2. Yeah! Its the Z3 compact we care about!!!!

  3. im curious as to what the final price will be on sony’s direct site and the model. you can already buy the unlocked Xperia Z3 Compact D5803 with T-mobile US compatible LTE frequency for $500 or less online.

    1. Yeah, saw those (and almost pulled the trigger) but I prefer buying direct through Sony though so I can get their accident protection. That, or through T-Mobile with support for LTE Band 12.

      1. i also read about the lack of band 12 support over at xda but it seems it shouldn’t be a big issue as t-mobile has yet to do anything with this frequency purchased from at&t.

        1. Yeah, which is why I’m still considering the unlocked model.

          Still, with all the work T-Mobile is doing on their network lately, I wouldn’t be surprised to see band 12 in the near future.

        2. T-Mobile already has Band 12 running (in testing mode) in D.C. and Cleveland.

  4. *$@# **&!@ ***&^% that the compact is not coming to VZW.. **!@# I SO SO wanted the compact. The full sized, not so much. Damn!

    1. Because there’s no way possible that its coming and just not announced yet.

      1. You cats really think they would not have announced it at the laughably short 24 minute Sony extravaganza yesterday if it was? They announced the wearable and the phone and accessories and just decided to keep a lid on the fact that the compact might be coming? Uh yeah, that makes tons of sense. I mean, why wouldn’t they possibly want to grab up the people that wanted the compact, and were disappointed only the Z3 was coming, and do so by NOT telling them it is coming. Yeah, you are right, totally logical. Keep it under wraps and let them go consider a different phone. I mean, why announce that right? Please.

    2. Nobody said it WASN’T going to Verizon, anything is possible, man. You just gotta believe.

  5. Can anybody answer why t-mobile customers have to wait longer than Verizon for the Z3? I know Verizon has more $ but is that it?

    1. sony probably had to do this to please verizon and get their foot in the door on america’s biggest carrier.

      1. Hmm good point. I like that answer. I really like sony phones and I think it’s crazy how un recognized it is in the US so if this will help it I’m all for it. Thanks. Even if this just a guess.

      2. This. ⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆

  6. I want one!

  7. I wish there was a finance option.. May have to just use this Capital One that’s been collecting dust….

    1. Right? What the hell I want to upgrade my z1s

  8. I don’t like black faces on the orange and green. What’s up with that? I’d go all white or black.

  9. Buy Button = Bozo

  10. LOL! The Buy Now button doesn’t lead you anywhere except to another page. FAIL!

  11. I have been waiting for this!

  12. Read the”white paper”and much wisdom will be yours. At bottom of “buy now” site.

  13. Please, Sony!

  14. 4K video, 20.7 MP camera, 2-day battery charge, upcoming Playstation connectivity….and Waterproofing to boot. If the Compact is available on contract like the Z3 and Z3v, it should be even less than $199. Sounds like a good deal. Not sure if it has wireless charging like its big bro the Z3.

  15. Be sure to sign up for a student account and save 10% on every phone Sony offers as well as other items they sell too.

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