Motorola Camera app now features remote shutter through Android Wear


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Users of Google Camera may have been enjoying remote camera shutter on their Android Wear smart watches, but if you’re a Motorola user and don’t fancy using Google Camera (we’re not sure why you wouldn’t as it’s AWESOME) then the latest update should delight you. Motorola Camera will now allow you to remotely snap photos using your phone’s camera.

You can prop the camera up or use a tripod, set your shot up, and then step back and let the watch do all the work. This is useful for folks who don’t want to touch their smartphone for a shot and risk messing up the composition, or perhaps can’t easily use the touch screen to snap a photo for whatever reason. Motorola also mentioned performance and stability improvements, though in typical changelog fashion it doesn’t go into any detail.

The update is compatible with last year’s Moto X, this year’s Moto X and Verizon’s DROID phones of yesteryear. All you need to do is find the upgrade in the Google Play Store and hit the download button.

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  1. Really? Unless they’ve seriously updated it recently, I’ve found Google’s camera app to be seriously lacking in features (e.g. doesn’t save pictures to SD card).

    1. I agree. The Moto camera app on my OG X takes consistently better pictures than the Google app. I only keep it for the photosohere and blur function.

  2. Do you know that that you have ART runtime option in your Moto X, which is featured in KitKat. And you can enable it from developer options. I found this info in here,

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