Sprint cuts Galaxy Note 4 contract price to $300


sprint note 5 price change

Once upon a time, Sprint asked you to pay $350 for a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on contract — that’s a full $50 more than it’s going for on other carriers. Someone super smart at Sprint decided it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to overshoot the price that their competitors put up so they went ahead and brought it down. You’ll now have to pay just $300 if you upgrade to the Galaxy Note 4 using a new two-year contract.

Of course, going the Easy Pay or off-contract route remains the same. That’s still a $720 price tag that can be split into 24 equal payments of $30 per month if you prefer to go those routes. No one ever said it wasn’t going to be expensive — this is one of the most advanced smartphones in the market, after all. Let us know if this price change will make you more inclined to buy your Galaxy Note 4 on-contract.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. But its still Sprint….

    1. At least they’re not T-Mobile. That would be abysmal…

      1. Uh… T-Mobile has FAST LTE that falls back onto FAST HSPA+. Sprint has SLOW LTE that falls back to molasses speed EV-DO.

        I think we know which is better.

        1. Yeah, and Sprint has coverage OUTSIDE of city area’s, unlike T-Mo better known as T-Metro.

          1. i am sorry to hear you having such a hard time with tmobile! not me i have excellent signal here in Boston ma.

          2. Exactly my point. You live in a MAJOR CITY. They don’t work outside of major cities. T-Mobile is useless outside of the city. The other THREE carriers, Sprint included, get service outside of the city.

            News flash: Not everyone is a city dweller.

          3. They do, I travel all the time for work and TMobile works just as good as ATT 97% of the time and places… for half price… and wifi calling… and hot spot… and international msgs… and unlimited music streaming. .. and no contract. ……. ;P

          4. Yeah. If stay in the city, it’ll work. If you stay near the interstate. It may still work. Go about 5 miles away from the interstate? Hope you have Wifi.

            Why do you think T-Mobile was the biggest player to almost always offer WiFi calling? Because they know their network coverage sucks hard boiled eggs. It has barely even improved over the last 5 years, even 10 years.

        2. wherever they have LTE. all of these US carriers are kinda crappy

    2. as if Verizon wireless or any other wireless carrier is any better. they all get dropped calls, LTE inconsistency, etc. I was with Verizon for 5 years before I discovered it was overly hyped.

      1. Travel the nation and you will see the hype is real.

        1. I traveled enough to know that Verizon drops calls as much as at&t or anyone.

          1. Everybody drops calls. What I mean is you’ll have far more places with LTE service than any other network and that’s just fact.

  2. Nothing wrong with Sprint in my area. Love unlimited spark data. I know it’s not great everywhere but here it’s amazing.

    1. Same for me

  3. I wouldn’t buy sprint just yet. They need to blanket the country with spark first. I had them before on both postpaid and prepaid. Definitely wasn’t worth the money they charge.

  4. Well, when your network is a shitfest you have to make your money somehow right? … right?

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