CyanogenMod 11.0 M11 begins rolling out, here’s the changelog


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CyanogenMod faithful be joyous, for a big new update is headed to your phone and/or tablet. CyanogenMod has announced the M11 release for CyanogenMod 11, which is to be seen as a major milestone release that brings a lot of changes and fixes. Folks brave enough to be on the nightlies track may have already been enjoying these features, but this is a rather important release for folks who prefer to stick with stable goods. Changelog? Thought you’d never ask:

  • New Devices: Galaxy S4 Active (jactivelte), Galaxy S4 SK I-9506 (ks01lte), Galaxy S5 GSM (klte), Galaxy Tab 10.1 (picassowifi), Galaxy Player 4.0 (ypg1)
  • Re-introduce Samsung Galaxy Relay 4G (apexqtmo) support
  • Fix signal strength showing ‘2147483647′ on certain devices
  • Frameworks & Core Apps: CAF and other upstream updates
  • Lockscreen: Do not play sounds while a phone call is active & MSIM updates
  • Frameworks: Add base & MSIM APIs for SEEK (Secure Element Evaluation Kit) support
  • Frameworks: Fix volume button changing two ‘steps’ per click
  • Frameworks: Add ‘Screen Off’ action for double-tap/long-press configuration options
  • Show devices connected to your WiFi (tethering) Hotspot
  • Fix bug related to ‘switch to last app’ action while in Recents view
  • Fix Navigation Bar arrow keys in RTL locales
  • Translations updates from CyanogenMod CrowdIn team
  • Adjustments to ‘Glove Mode’ (High Touch Sensitivity)
  • APN Updates for various regions
  • Camera: Add support for all available Slow Shutter speeds (hardware dependent); Improve shutter button
  • Dialer/InCallUI: Fix smartcover always showing answer fragment
  • LG G2: Address GPS and NFC issues
  • Base support for HTC Desire 816 & HTC One Mini 2 (pending nightlies)
  • Various security updates
  • General bug fixes

At this point we most likely won’t be seeing a lot more exciting additions as we’re on the road to Android L, but it’s always nice to get such a wide breadth of changes that should benefit a great majority of the user base. Be sure to head here to find the download for your specific device, and don’t forget that you take full responsibility for anything that happens with your phone. Happy flashing!

[via CyanogenMod]

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  1. This is cool. Been thinking of slapping CM on my GS3 to bring new life…

    1. Personally I’ve always found stock based roms to be the best. The camera always seems to give way on custom roms built from source. Do what you like though, that is of course, just in my experience.

    2. I ran CM on my gs3 for quite awhile. It was definitely solid. As it was my first time roming, it was good that it was so simple and stable.

      1. Did u feel like it ran smoother? Was there more usable storage Sans Touchwiz?

        1. The phone runs much smoother. On TW I could type faster than it could keep up. With CM10 it felt much faster. Had better battery life too. I did pay attention to usable storage. I tried to go back to TW 3 different times after a nightly caused my phone to completely lock up. After one day I went back to the latest stable release. Haven’t gone back in over 6 months.

        2. Much smoother and faster IMHO. I hate TW though. JCavthegreat has a point on the camera but, it’s negligible. I have the GPEGS4 now and running CM11 on it without fail. GS3 has CM11 on it as well, it’s my back up phone. ;)

        3. Oh without a doubt it ran smoother. Perhaps that was just the renewed honeymoon period messing with my mind, but it felt much better. I would assume that there would be more storage, but my the time I got to cm11, i had already been between Cm 10 and aokp a few times, so I can’t really draw a direct comparison. Although I’m on Verizon, so being able to escape the 800 bloat apps they load up on there was huge. I went for it when I was in your position and haven’t regretted it once.

  2. Looks like there won’t be milestone releases for toro (VZW GNex) any more. I guess that’s the cue for me to find a new phone and perhaps a new carrier.

    1. Yeah they dropped support for toro during the last release.

  3. Anybody try Cyanogenmod 10 or 11 with AT&T’s Note 2 (i317)? The official KitKat update seems to be causing slowness for me. I am hesitant to make the leap because I’m afraid of losing camera and video functionality. That’s primarily what I use my phone for nowadays.

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