iFixIt teardown gives us a look inside Samsung’s Galaxy Alpha



Samsung heralded the Galaxy Alpha as their first smartphone in a long time to change their design language in a big way. The biggest change came in the materials department: Samsung used a lot more metal here than they ever have. The phone features more squared-off corners and a bold look that demands attention.

But how’s it all look on the inside? iFixIt was able to answer those questions thanks to another one of their trusty teardowns. So what have we learned? Well, things are packed in tight, but not tight enough where Samsung couldn’t deliver on their long-time beliefs of providing a user replaceable battery. Unfortunately Samsung decided to ditch their usual touch of placing a microSD card slot inside, but that shouldn’t be a terribly large issue with 32GB of internal storage to work with.


iFixIt gave it a repairability score of 5 out of 10 where 10 is the easiest to repair. Most of their points came from the ability to remove the battery and modular components, though they note that a remarkably thin display attached with copious amounts of glue provides a tricky barrier to the rest of the device’s innards.

Needless to say you probably won’t want to get this repaired by anyone other than Samsung, but it shouldn’t be impossible if the need to repair it yourself ever arises. Headed to the source link for the full teardown photos and results.

[via iFixIt]

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  1. That display tho lol 1.4mm . Less than half of iphone6 panels.

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