Pebble and Pebble Steel get permanent price cuts, new health features


pebble update

Pebble has announced some very good news today for not only existing owners of their smart watches, but folks who are interested in jumping into the fray at some point soon. For starters, the smart watch has gotten a permanent price cut across the board. The normal Pebble now costs just $99.99, while the Pebble Steel will run you $199.99. We originally thought the device was on sale for those prices at Best Buy yesterday, but it looks like those prices will stick for the foreseeable future.

With that, Pebble also announced new features for folks who have an interest in health tracking. For beginners, activity tracking apps — such as Jawbone, Misfit and Swim.com — can now work in the background while viewing the watch face or using other apps. You’ll be able to see which activity apps are actively running by looking within the Pebble menu.

Beyond that, Pebble has added a quick launch feature that allows you to go to your favorite app with a long press up or down. This can be customized from the settings menu to be whatever you like. Not a bad way to start a Tuesday if you’re one of the many who have yet to get on the Android Wear wagon. You’ll be able to update your Pebble using the Android or iOS app so be sure to take care of that as soon as you can.

[via Pebble]

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  1. Android Wear or BUST!

    1. Bust for me please.

      1. Sure, where would you like it to land?

  2. Pebble is getting even more awesome. 5 day+ battery life, screen visible outside. Simple UI, great apps, a huge range of watchfaces.

    Love it!

  3. This stuff is cutting edge. Kind of nice to be around at the start of it all.

  4. I had an original pebble and I worked well. I bought a pebble steel and it is the worst toy I have ever purchased. Hardly ever notifies when it gets messages.
    I have a friend that had the same experience…. Original pebble: great and pebble steel: crap.

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