Android Deals: 30% off the Galaxy Tab S, 90s albums at 90s prices, and more



This week’s Android deals include sweet savings on the Super AMOLED-equipped Galaxy Tab S, your one-stop shop for password management, and classic 90s albums at vintage prices. Act quick. These deals are here today, but they could be gone tomorrow.

Hardware & Accessories


Take 30% off the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 and unleash the beast that is the tablet’s high resolution Super AMOLED display. Normally priced at $549, the Tab S is available through eBay for $379.99 with free shipping. Also available is the Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 for an affordable $339. [eBay]

Snag a Motorola Droid Razr Maxx for $120 and get a piece of the name that started it all. The Droid Razr Maxx is one in a long line of popular Droid handsets from Verizon, and while it’s a couple years old at this point this refurbished edition is still a perfectly capable Android smartphone. [eBay]

Take flight with the $75 Micro Drone and wrest control of the skies. With a built-in camera, this little remote control flyer is one of the most fun and most affordable quad-rotor drones on the market. Normally close to twice the price, you save 46%. [AndroidArea]

Double your data at AT&T from now through the end of October. Sign up for a new AT&T plan at regular price and see your data allowance multiplied by two for the length of your stay at AT&T. Prices start at $130 for 30GB (normally 15GB) of shareable data. [AT&T]

Save 70% on Creative Airwave Portable Bluetooth Speaker and go wireless while you jam out to your favorite tunes. Normally $100, today only you can grab this mighty little sound machine for only $29.99. [Amazon]

Apps & Games


Manage all of your passwords with Dashlane Premium, only $49.99, and keep your passwords secure across multiple platforms. With apps for Android, iOS, and desktop encrypt and manage your login credentials for all your sites and services. [AndroidArea]

Become an elite Android hacker with this discounted bundle featuring 74 lectures and over 10 hours of educational content. Learn about app development, Java, and hacking techniques to test the stability and security of your newly created software. All available for only $39. [AndroidArea]



Music & Media





TV Shows


[[Find any great deals not included here? Be sure to send them our way or share in the comments below!]

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  1. Damn, great deal on the Tab Pro 12.2. It’s the absolute best for reading comic books.

  2. 90s prices? You mean 18 bucks?

    1. True, it was that much in the late 80″s, music is cheaper now!!

  3. It seems like you mislabeled the Droid Razr Maxx HD as the Droid Razr Maxx. There’s a significant difference between the two.

  4. I don’t see any 90s albums?

    1. Really? Do you have No Doubt about that? Why don’t you Blink-182 times to be sure you’re awake. Or maybe you just have the Blues, Traveler.

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