Deal: get a factory refurbished Chromecast for $15 via Groupon



Chromecast is already an incredibly cheap accessory that helps you watch content from your mobile phone or tablet on the big screen, and today you can have it for about as cheap as you’re ever going to find it. Groupon is selling refurbished Chromecast units for $25, and you can take an extra $10 off using the coupon code HAPPY10.

The price is likely to come out to about $16 after taxes and all that jazz have been figured in, but it’s still a pretty nice deal for such a useful device. The “refurbished” tag might put some of you off, but there is a fair return policy and a standard one year warranty. And if all that fails? Well, it’s $15 — pretty much water under the bridge. Head to Groupon now to take advantage.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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    Looks like they have hit the max. No longer available.

  2. “No Longer Available”… Those went quick!

  3. Thanks Phandroid! I picked one up for my dad. I just got him a tablet and this should make it even more useful for him.

  4. Odd, unless they cancel the order, I just ordered one no problem

  5. Just got mine no problem.

  6. Just ordered mine succesfully…

  7. Got mine… Thanks!!!

  8. I want this but 10foru and happy10 codes aren’t working. Any other codes? Why aren’t they working?

    1. Those codes don’t work for everyone.

  9. Damn. Sold out.

    1. Try again.

      1. You’re awesome! Thanks much. I had kept trying every now and then, since I posted earlier and kept getting the error either that it was sold out or problem with the site. Got mine. Always good to have multiple chromecasts in the house.

  10. Just got another one for the kids room.

  11. LISTEN UP!

    Forget the mobile site, use the desktop version, order went through.

    Now to try a second separate order, which probably won’t work.

  12. I tried and the Chromecast is still available but the HAPPY10 code is sold out, according to the app.

  13. Chromecast is sold out on Groupon now.

    1. No, it’s not

      1. Yes it is

  14. Add YMMV to the title.

  15. I love Groupon

  16. I just bought a 2nd one using the 10foru code. I don’t have a use for it but was to good to pass up. I’ll just sell it to a friend or save it to give away as a Christmas gift

  17. I read all the comments before posting and checked Groupon to find it was sold out! I tried again and it was back in stock! The coupon code worked too. Very nice.

    Try again folks!

  18. 10foru just worked for me

  19. by the way, don’t forget ebates to get another $1 off. Here’s my referral link to use when you join ebates:

  20. 10foru and happy10 both not working

    Edit: nevermind, you have to use desktop site. Using mobile or app won’t get the code to work.

    1. try with caps lock on

  21. Just ordered mine…order code 10foru. Codes don’t work on mobile site…desktop only.

  22. Seems that some folks are seeing it available and some aren’t. It doesn’t even show in the mobile app anymore for me.

  23. 1900 NY time, sold out.

  24. BubbleUPNP app works well along with the BubbleUPNP Server to stream from my DLNA server to the chromecast for proper playback of files.

  25. I get this error when I try:
    We don’t recognize this code. Please try again!

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