Verizon’s Motorola DROID Turbo leaked in new photos


droid turbo 1

We’ve been hearing murmurings that Motorola is working on a super powerful device for Verizon. It’s been given the name “Motorola DROID Turbo” for now, and aside from its impressive computing components (including a Snapdragon 801 processor and 3GB of RAM) that name could be a nod to another neat feature — super fast charging.

Today we may have gotten our first clear look at the device. HelloMotoHK has leaked photos of the device showing a design that builds on the Kevlar-infused Motorola DROID MAXX from yesteryear (pictured on the right in the photo above). The design seems a lot more rounded than the DROID MAXX was, a move no doubt made to improve ergonomics.

droid turbo 2

droid turbo 3

The leak also gives us a look at the camera. We don’t know much about the sensor, but it will be donning two LED flashes instead of just a single one. The photo doesn’t show it well but the device is also supposed to sport front-facing speakers. Finally, we see that the capacitive buttons have made a return — no on-screen navigation here. Finally we’re told to expect wireless charging, 32GB of internal storage and a 5.2 inch display with 2560 x 1440 resolution.

Verizon’s DROID Landing Twitter account lit up a while ago, something that usually only happens when they’re getting ready to release a new DROID device or a contest. It’s been rather quiet since, but if the goal is to get this phone out before the end of the year then it should be booting back up in no time. We imagine Motorola’s quite busy with the launches of the Moto 360, Moto G and Moto X, but we’re just as excited to see this bad boy make its way to market.

droid turbo 4

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  1. For me, I suspect it will be between this and the Sony Z3v (leaning toward the Z3 for several spec reasons).

    That new Moto X, I’m not that impressed.

  2. Is the one on the right an existing phone? If not, why are there two different backs?

    1. I’ll bet you can answer your own question by, I don’t know, reading the article maybe?

      1. Missed that part (clearly) on my skim through the post., oops! I’d already read The Verge’s post on the topic, which didn’t specifically point out the phone, so I wasn’t interested in a full-scale word-by-word type of deal here. Thanks for taking the extra time to point that out though! Love you, xoxox!

        1. And thanks for taking no offense to my initial smart-alec reply. ☺

          1. There’s enough hate in this world…let’s be friends!

  3. That is impressively ugly.
    Meanwhile the Moto X is gorgeous.
    Why can’t we have awesome design and top end specs in one package?

  4. So, no expandable storage? Guess I won’t care then when Verizon announces there will be no Dev Edition.

  5. Love my current MAXX and wanted to love the new Moto X. Maybe THIS will be the new phone for this year.

  6. Probably the ugliest phone I’ve seen in a long while. Such a stark contrast from the Moto X. If only the X launched with these specs (aside from the 2K display).

    1. I was thinking the exact same thing. This phone is fugleeeeeeeeeeee!

    2. If only the x launched with more than a droplet off mah and non removable battery

    3. if by “ugliest” you mean “most beautiful” then I agree. Love me some kevlar.

    4. Being on Verizon I’m going to have to pass on the new Moto X, anyway. Seeing these Android phones go the route iPhone route in terms of voice and data is really disheartening. I’m going to assume this device has the same restrictions.

  7. Only the 801? Why not the 805? Especially of it has a 2k display.

    1. Or the 810? Or the 820? Or the 900? You people will never be happy.

      1. Not true. I’d be with the 805. I’m just thinking of the G3 the one with the 801 struggles with the 2k display, while the one with the 805 does not. From what I’ve read anyway. Granted, the moto will have a much lighter skin that the G3 so maybe it won’t be as taxing.

        1. I really wish the Phandroid app allowed me to edit my comments. Ughh

        2. Sorry you’re wrong. Just flat out wrong about the LG G3. I have had absolutely no lag or slowdowns on my G3 and I am a very heavy user.

          1. Just saying what I had read that’s all.

    2. I actually read somewhere that it would be coming with an 805. Sorry I don’t remember where, I’d love to link a source, but hope is not yet lost.

  8. Let’s all hope that the Verizon logo is in the top right corner of the front of the device.

  9. Take my money

  10. Most certainly can see 1254 engraved in the bottom edge. And other specs given out elsewhere still say Snapdragon 805 for this. Cannot wait to hear more, try it in hand next to Moto X (2014).

  11. I thought this bad boy was pegged for an 805 processor? Oh well, wait and see. I’m not too worried about the processor given the 3gb of ram. Still a beast either way with all the moto touches to the interface. Bring it on!!!

  12. I’ll just keep my Moto X forever I guess.

  13. Like it allot.

  14. Looking at the picture of the screen, I’m trying to figure out where the speaker will be.


    For all of the design progress that they have made, please dear god NO!

    Were all of the Designers from Google? Did they all leave?

    This is LENOVO’s doing, isnt it?

  16. be the perfect phone…if it had on screen nav buttons…god i hate that they took this off the droid…
    droid hd was still my fav designed phone ive ever had next to my moto x…if only they relased that guy with smaller side bezel and updated specs id be all over it

  17. Hardly anyone talks about accessories, but when Moto stopped making the car and home docks it made their phones almost unusable in a car or on a desktop. Maybe Moto has figured out from all the complaints that docs are important too!

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