Cosmos for Android lets you browse the web without an internet connection



Here in the US most of us are constantly bathing in glorious LTE, or at the very least, 3G data connections. That’s not the case everywhere on the globe. S what do people do in those areas when they want to browse the web? Right now there isn’t much they can do, but an upcoming Android app aims to fix that.

Cosmos Browser is a project that will allow users to browse the web via SMS text messages. That sounds pretty crazy, but it’s actually very feasible. Here’s how it works: you go to a web page which sends a SMS request to the Cosmos backend. They then get the source of the website and send it back to you in a compressed package. The page won’t look pretty, but you should be able to view the essentials.

As crazy as this sounds it has actually already been done. An app called Smozzy Beta is available in the Play Store right now, and it does basically the same thing (if you’re on T-Mobile). Apps like Smozzy and Cosmos could be huge on Android One devices. Cosmos is expected to launch at the end of this month.

[via Engadget]

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  1. So wait, if you have no web connection to being with, then how do you “go to a web page”?

    1. You type it into the address bar. When you press send the magic happens

    2. If you have a text message and voice plan with no data, then this browser app can communicate with the company’s server via text messages.

      You better be sure you have an unlimited text message plan. This app is going to do a lot of texting back and forth between the phone and the company’s server.

      It’s a clever way to access the web (but not the general purpose internet with other internet apps) using text messages.

      The only thing, at text message prices, it works out to, IIRC, something like about $8,000 per megabyte. So you definitely want an unlimited texting plan. This also illustrates what a scam that text messaging plans are and always were.

  2. Is it coming back as text only (sms) or a picture (mms)?

    1. Good question.

      Another theory is that it only uses SMS and effectively writes compressed packets of data as text messages that you never see. The app recognizes the text message and grabs it. Once you have a working data stream over text messages, the browser could display ugly pictures. Considering the slowness of text messages vs. internet packets, they would definitely want to be using as little “data” over this sms mechanism as possible.

      1. But it’ll need access to read your SMS and people will think it’s trying to read your text messages. =.=

  3. This reminds me of the old text only web pages, oh the memories.

    This means T-Mobile users now can browse on flights all they want, if I can recall the latest Uncarrier movement well.

  4. Im assuming you have to at least have a WiFi connection, otherwise you couldnt even send a SMS. Right ?

    1. no, you dont need wifi to send a sms -.-

    2. you can send an sms with only a cell signal

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