The Misfit Flash is a $50 fitness and sleep tracker with Android support


misfit flash

The world of fitness trackers is getting more crowded by the day. Every company from Apple to ZTE is getting in on the game. A lot of the new devices put fitness tracking in the background, but there are still some that focus 100% on your activity. The newly announced Misfit Flash is one such device. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of a smartwatch, but what it can do it does really well.

On the surface the Misifit Flash looks like some sort of space-age communicator. It has a smooth round “face” with no screen or dials, just a ring of dots that light up. The dots can show your progress throughout the day, and even give you a rough estimate on what time it is. It comes with a band to wear around your wrist or you can use the magnetic clip that can be put almost anywhere. The battery lasts up to 6 months and you never need to charge it (just buy a new battery).

But what does it do? The Flash tracks your steps, calories, burned, distance walked, and sleep quality. Misfit also claims the Flash can track things like biking and swimming, which other devices struggle with. All of this data can be accessed through Misfit’s well-designed Android app. Plus, we haven’t even mentioned the best part. The Flash comes in 7 great colors and is available for just $49.99. That’s a great price for a great device. You can pre-order right now from Misfit’s website, or wait for it to arrive at Best Buy, Target, and Walmart next month.

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  1. This the price point the Moto 360 and all others should be.
    $50 not to much of a waste for a fadwear.

    1. $50 would be quite low considering the capabilities of the Moto 360. The leather strap alone is likely worth that. Some nicer leather watch bands go for as much as $150. Would I like a high end smart watch to cost $50? Sure. Will it happen any time soon/at all? Not likely.

    2. You are comparing completely different products, this can not do anything other than the few functions it has. The other is a smart watch with apps and a screen and everything..

    3. “and even give you a rough estimate on what time it is”

      You read that and come up with that comparison? Get real.

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