Did you pre-order the new Moto X (2nd Gen) today? [POLL]


Phandroid Moto X

Earlier today the new Moto X went up for pre-order from Motorola and AT&T. If you bought it from AT&T you had your choice of black soft-touch, black leather, or bamboo. Over on Moto Maker you had a wide variety of color and material choices, plus the option to buy the “Pure Edition” model with zero carrier branding and bone stock Android. It was a good day for personalization.

The launch was not without its hiccups. We heard widespread reports of people having issues with Moto Maker while trying to purchase the device. The same thing happened with the original Moto X. Everything seems to be working fine now if you’re still waiting.

We want to know how many of you pre-ordered this new phone. The original Moto X was a mild success, but has very loyal and loving fans. Are you getting on the bandwagon? We also want to know what choices you made when customizing the device. What colors, materials, and engravings did you choose? Let us know in the poll and comments below!

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  1. want to though…

  2. No option for waiting for the Verizon option to come up?

  3. As my model with wood back & 32Gb of storage costs 609€, I may wait Christmas…

  4. Z3 for VZW is what I want to wait for.

  5. I have been trying to all day but after just now finally getting through to customer service I have been told I havent been able to cause they are having issues with motorola credit at this time. UGH! Now the earliest it says I can get one is mid-October.

    1. I had the same problem. Now I get the “Some items in your cart are unavailable” message. Support told me it’s the black fronts that are sold out.

    2. Same here. It says call during business hours. What a bunch of bull.

  6. I just really don’t have that money to throw around. Maybe I’ll buy when they start throwing out sales like last year, but I just can’t afford it off-contract till then.

  7. It’s a good choice but big for my needs. The 4.7″ form-factor was one of my favorite features of the Moto X. Considering I refuse to buy an Android device with a non-stock interface, and want one that will get timely updates, that only leaves me Moto X and Nexus.

    Normally I would have no issue buying one of the two but they have just gotten too big. Also, no ARMv8 SoC still? The 20nm 64-bit Apple A8 is far beyond the Snapdragon 801.

    I hate to say it but the iPhone 6 looks far more appealing at this point. I’m not ready to give up on Android quite yet… *Looks to Nexus before getting Moto X.*

    1. Yeah man that dual core 1.4 ghz is rocking, plus the 64 bit system with a gig of ram oh man the creativity is amazing!

      Seriously though you are comparing apples and oranges, what is the off contract price of the iPhone 6 compared to the off contract of he Moto X? The iPhone cost double easily.

    2. Unfortunately the Nexus 6 will also be 5.2 inches. I am in the same boat as you. I am all for larger phones (at least larger than iPhone 5 sizes) but 5.4″ is too large. I wish they still made Play Edition or premium flagship phones at 4.7-5.0″

  8. Moto-x Spec !!! Yes, I did pre-order but sorry it was iphone 6 Plus…

    1. FAIL lol

    2. I need to see the iPhone in store in order for me to consider it..I will definitely use T-Mobile’ s 14 day return policy on this device.. Please bring the Xperia Z3 compact!!!!!

  9. Still waiting for TMO preorders on the Sony Z3…

  10. Played around with the moto maker and make 5-6 different combinations. I’ll sleep on it and think about which color combo I want. I mean, this is a BIG decision!! oh the colors the colors!

  11. There needs to be a ‘waiting’ for the Nexus 6 specs.

  12. i love my 13′ moto x…i want to love this one…but i dunno…that battery is a lil ridiculous and that dimple i dunno i mean i seen some designs that look great but its a lil over done…but they dropped the ball with the size(why 5.2?? i love my 4.7 i mean at least go to 5 and call it a day) other then that i love the phone itll be hands down the best phone people wont buy sadly

  13. Absolutely did not reorder and not planning to. Instead I’m impatiently waiting for the Note 4 which is the most functional phone known to Man

  14. I really thought I wanted this phone but camera and battery is deal breaker… Which i really want too upgrade on…. Coming from a nexus 5

    1. What’s wrong with the camera? I just want to know.

  15. battery performance killed it for me. This phone isn’t good on battery from the reviews I have seen

    1. Just install auto data app, it will turn off data when screen is off and turn it on every so often to update. I just don’t know how that will play with always listening but worth a try.

    2. Agreed. This would be absolutely perfect for me for my next phone, but coming from the 3000mAh battery in my LG G2, 2300 just isn’t going to cut it.

    3. I was just about to post that. Subpar battery life is a no no.

  16. no verizon and crossing my fingers for SHAMU.

  17. Also, no ARMv8 SoC still? The 20nm 64-bit Apple A8 is far beyond the Snapdragon 801.

  18. I would, but am a little broke. Totally love the look of the ebony with black front and red trim. Also, would love to get the Hint in Walnut.

  19. I wanted a 32GB pure edition and it would not let me buy it.

    1. I tried to pre-order it on my phone but it wouldn’t let me so I ended up using my laptop and it worked.

  20. WTH MOTO?

    Why offer expandable storage & two front-firing speakers on the mid-range/budget MOTO G but not on your so-called flagship model?

    Paired up w/the HINT & the hockey puck of a watch,the entire line-up is a joke.

    1. Interesting, I thought the opposite. When I saw the entire line up I thought to myself “Moto is killing it!”. Finally we have a nice solid vision of what Android can be and no I don’t consider Samsung a contender, they can’t pick a namespace (commitment).

      1. I dont necessarily want every android device to be stock-ish

  21. Although the look of the phone and its features are great, that battery size is keeping me away and some reviewers are already saying its not as good as expected in battery life. I’ll stick to my g3 for now.

    1. Battery size means nothing. It is how the phone uses the battery it has. From what I hear the Moto X uses it very well and at the end of the day if you have 5% or 35% you are still going to charge it overnight.

      1. I understand to a certain degree what you are saying. Like on the difference in the m8 and s5 and the way each of those use software to get better battery life. But at one point size will matter and at 2,300mah for the moto x and 3200mah on the g3 there will be a difference. I guess i will wait for a trustworthy review on battery to know for sure.

        1. The G3 desperately needs the extra battery capacity because it’s pushing an additional 1.6 million pixels.

          1. Compared to my g2 battery life isn’t much different. So the screen thing is blown out of proportion.

      2. you can say it isnt everything, but you cannot say it means nothing. If it meant nothing everyone would be walking around with 1,000 mah batteries in their phones. Software is hugely important as is the processor. And processors chew up battery. And the Moto X is running the same processor as a bunch of other phones and is getting “average” battery life reported by some reviews.

        So while yes mah isnt everything, adding an extra 700 mah would have boosted the battery by 30%. And yes you will probably charge your battery everynight, however not everyone goes to bed at 11 pm, and sometimes that 5% battery left and 35% battery left is the difference between your phone dying while you’re out on a friday night before midnight and your battery making it until you get home at 3am or until you wake up in the morning.

      3. Considering the 2600mah battery in my s4 gets me through 8 hours, I think I’ll pass on a phone with a 2300mah battery, since no processor, display, or software is going to magically make it last 12+ hours with my usage.

  22. I would have purchased one but to be honest my Nexus 4 still works nicely and I am trying to be less wasteful in my life so decided to wait a bit longer.

    The Moto X is the phone I will get next though, no questions about it.

    I am still really bummed the Texas/USA plant closed though :/

  23. My N5 is still rocking but this phone looks sweet. Battery is a concern and no Qi … I like the Qi charging! I am going to see what Google does in the coming months.

  24. Planning on pre-ordering the Moto X ASAP. Teak back, white front with gold accents, man, that’s got luxury all over it. Plus I need an upgrade from my Nexus 4.

  25. I need a phone with a bigger battery, hopefully moto max for Tmobile will come soon…

  26. I’ll wait till next summer if Motorola can produce a qHD phone with SD CARD slot other wise I’m sticking with SONY.

    1. You should get the Razr Maxx. It has a qHD screen and the option to add an SD card.

  27. Motorola really looks like they’ve tried but I don’t know how they haven’t capitalized on one of the biggest problems with smartphones (battery life!) given they had the MAXX Droid line up… If only they could have the best in class battery life, decent camera, and some better storage options since 16/32 gigs is not enough; then, they could make some serious competition.

  28. Holding out for the Droid Turbo Quark Maxx2.

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