A Chinese city has made a special sidewalk for phone addicts



Walking with your head down looking at a glowing screen has become a symbol of our times. Everyone has a smartphone, and for some reason we feel the need to constantly check them. Every moment of free time is filled with screen time. All of this walking around with eyes down can cause accidents. One city in China is doing their part to try and solve the problem.

You’ve heard of bike lanes, but what about phone lanes? Chongqing City in China has created a special sidewalk lane for phone zombies. One side of the sidewalk is clearly marked “Mobile Phone Sidewalk,” and the other side is for normal pedestrians. Now all of the accidents can happen in one lane.

This idea was actually tested here in the U.S. earlier this summer. Back in July a group from National Geographic painted similar lanes on sidewalks in Washington D.C. However, a funny thing happened. People who were consumed by their phone didn’t notice the lane markings. I guess it’s hard to tell a zombie where to walk.

What do you think about this idea? Is it silly or a good idea?

[via Engadget]

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  1. This idea is as stupid as the full screen Chevrolet ad that this site puts on….. XD

    1. Pretty sure they’re targeted ads…. So your search history, site history, etc has targeted you as a potential Chevy customer.

      1. Unless they turn off all that and get unrelated ads only to complain that that the ads are unrelated. Haha!! =.P

    2. I get h20 and phone related ads all the time

  2. Don’t encourage them china. Let Darwinism sort them out lol.

  3. They should have put the cell phone lane on the other side, further away from vehicle traffic.

    1. No, you should put them closer to the traffic so that these oblivious people will get crushed by the traffic.

      1. The first thing I thought when I saw the picture was that the government intentionally designed it for that reason.

  4. That little kid in the cell phone lane is about to get run over!!

    1. That’s on the kid then.

  5. Wow no proofreading lol ” one city is China is ” lol otherwise good work

  6. Some tagger needs to go around and fill in the screens with porn scenes.

  7. When I first saw the photos, I thought it was a path for people using 1980’s calculators.

  8. I wouldn’t notice the lane markings as lane markings, but just “this gasline is here”. That’s what I assume when I’m walking by and see markings on the sidewalk. Something related to construction, piping or wiring.

    I think this is a good idea, nonetheless. I do walk looking at my phone. But that’s because society doesn’t really seem to like it when we use our phones any other place. LoL!!

  9. I love how people not using cell phones are in every lane *except* the lane intended for people without cell phones…

    1. The problem with the zombies, is they move left to right to middle and back again, I walk behind zombies and they can’t walk straight. The non zombies will be moving all over to avoid the oncoming zombie horde, unless there are barriers to keep the zombies in their area they won’t be able to stay in it. I suggest 80000 volt barriers.

      Dear god how does someone come to such a low point in their life that they can’t even walk down the street without checking for moronic facebook twitter updates and nonsense.

  10. you should put them closer to the traffic so that these oblivious people will get crushed by the traffic.

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