The beautiful Sony Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact are up for pre-order



We’ve been drooling over Sony’s new Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact since they were announced at IFA. Now the time has come to put some money down on these gorgeous new phones. The Z3 is currently up for pre-order from Carphone Warehouse for $700. The Z3 Compact is up for pre-order from Clove for $570.

The Xperia Z3 still has a 5.2-inch 1080p display, a 20.7MP camera, and waterproofing. The biggest aesthetic change from the Z2 is a more rounded aluminum frame, which should make it much more comfortable to hold. Sony has also added a new wide-angle 25mm lens, extra-high ISO 12,800 light sensitivity, and a slightly more powerful 2.5GHz Snapdragon 801 processor. The Compact is essentially the same, but it has a 4.6-inch display, 720p resolution, and plastic frame.

We’re still hoping to see these devices arrive on U.S. carriers. T-Mobile will be carrying the Xperia Z3, and Sprint is rumored to have it as well. Sony makes great hardware, but just isn’t as popular here as the likes of Samsung, HTC, and even LG. Anyone going to pre-order these devices?

Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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  1. Really hoping the rumor of the z3v for verizon is correct.

    1. “The brand-new Sony Xperia Z3 phone, announced today, will be coming to Verizon Wireless as the Z3v, according to reliable documents sent to”

      I have been following this daily on Google to see if anything new comes up. I also hope it comes to VZW.

      1. I hope that is correct and also hope that Verizon doesn’t plaster their logo on the front. I can deal with the back, but leave the front alone!

        1. Yeah, I hate that! That’s like putting a Comcast logo on my TV.

      2. Does that rumor include the Z3C for Verizon?

  2. My wife really wants the Z3 Compact, so we’ll be getting that for her. I couldn’t wait for the Z3 since Sony wasn’t giving any timeline for it’s release, otherwise I had planned to get that.

  3. I’d buy the Z3 Compact on Tmo for $250. Not gonna pay more than that unless it’s a Nexus.

    1. It’s a premium high-end smartphone (just smaller) yet you wanna only pay $250?

      1. He’s willing to go $450 but must subtract $100 for the top bezel and $100 for the bottom.

        1. Ummm… No.

      2. Why you waste time on a reply..Lex clearly has not a damn clue about phone pricing..lmao

      3. A phone is worth about $250 to me. When my Nexus 5 bites the dust, I know I can get something that will handle everything I need it to for less than that. I don’t care about bleeding edge specs, so I won’t pay a premium for ’em. The compact version of this looks great, and if I can toss CM11+ on it for around $250, I’d be very happy.

        1. so do you feel robbed that you paid $400 for your nexus 5?

          1. I paid $350, so no.

            By the time I’m done with this phone, the specs in Moto’s budget phone will be good enough for me and it’ll be less than $200, more than likely. This Sony phone looks pretty cool, but I don’t see the point in dropping that kind of money on a phone if I don’t have to.

          2. But that $350 is still more than the $250 you said you never would pay more than, that’s why I ask. (i said 400 for after taxes n shipping n such). Cheap phones are definitely great, but they do usually come with their compromises. Just a matter of whether those matter to you or not.

          3. I said ‘unless it’s a Nexus.’ :)

            If I can buy this thing off contract with full on CM11+ support, then it starts to look more and more like a Nexus and I can justify spending that kind of money.

            I just find, in my experience as a heavy power user, we reached the point where specs were good enough a while ago. The philosophy behind the Moto X is solid. At this point, I’m really only ‘upgrading’ for cosmetic purposes.

          4. ah i must’ve overlooked that part. Interesting perspective. I’m personally at the point where the discounted price is my main attraction to the Nexus. I feel as if the android software has matured quite a bit and outside of major redesigns i don’t get update fever for incremental updates. I also like the different designs of different UI’s (specifically sense and the g3 ui, not touch whiz). But perhaps i will look at the nexus 6 if the up the battery size and i can see what kind of camera they are working with.

  4. Waiting for these to go up on Sony’s site with US carrier bands. Ugh, between the Compact, Moto X, and M8 — I don’t know which to choose :/

    1. I’ve been holding my breath off-contract for the Moto X. But now, the Z3 is going to get my money (wife is getting the compact). It wasn’t even a hard decision!

    2. the one being sold on clove supports ATT LTE. Unlike the Z1C.

      Ordered mine already.

  5. You’re listing the prices that include VAT, you should also show the price without. It’s about ~$471 for us here in the US.

    1. I would buy that in a heartbeat if on VZW. I would kick in an extra $20 for the bronze color.

    2. I believe you’re confusing the UK and others parts of the world with the US and A. There’s no such thing as VAT in North America as far as I’m aware. Sales taxes and state taxes exist, though.

      1. The website linked is a UK website, which is his point. The price you see includes their VAT tax. However, you can subtract 20% from the UK pricing (the link for the Z3 Compact shows before/after VAT prices) and you’ll get about what the US may pay for the phone.

        Then again, Sony may price it better/worse over here in the U.S.

  6. OK well that’s one step closer to me getting the Z3c. Now that I know the retail price, I know what to put out unless T-Mobile offers it. If they do..for the Z3c will about ≈$20-$24 per month on EIP payments…

    1. It’s one of those “stay tuned” things, really, although it might fall a bit less than that. I got my Z1s day of release from T-Mobile, and it was $22 a month. I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up seeing the Z3c as low as $19 a month, but $20-22 seems more likely.

  7. Will the Moto X or Z3 hit T-Mobile first? That’s the one I’ll get.

    1. The Mad Knight knows his stuff.

    2. Z3 will have better battery life

  8. I bet the Z3 compact would sell more if it get the same market availability, people prefer decent and normal screen size that giant and uncomfortable size.

    1. uncomfortable and decent are very subjective terms my friend.

      1. Exactly

  9. I paid 500 euros (including vat) for a z3 compact with his noiseless headphones include. It is a shame that the magnetic charger and cases are not available so far.

    1. May be embarrassing.. What’s VAT ?

      Edit: Nevermind, I found out now.

  10. I really hope T-Mobile carriers the z3 compact this fall.

    1. Me too. If not…I’ll still get the Z3. I’m gunning the compact.

  11. If you want the z3 compact to come to T-Mobile sign th the petition here! #DemandGreat

  12. I preordered an unlocked Z3 (almost all phones sold in Sweden now are unlocked).
    They claim that it should be available in 2-3 weeks

    1. do you know if it will support tmobile LTE ?

      1. No idea but you can see the specs here

        (Click on “teknisk specifikation”)

        1. It should work fine. I’m not 100% sure of what bands they use but generally AT&T and T-mobile phones (that are gsm rather than cdma) work in Sweden. My Nexus 5 works great on AT&T as well as with my Swedish carrier, on LTE.

  13. I’m debating between the Z3 and the Note 4. I’m on ATT, so had thought I’d not have the Z3 available. But I now realize I could purchase on TMO and use on ATT. In either case, I’ll probably purchase from TMO, as my understanding they don’t lock down the bootloader. Root will be necessary for me.

    If I go Z3, I’d lose stylus capability, and more importantly, removable battery. If I go with N4, I’d lose the speakers/audio, and better camera.

    Just no ‘perfect’ phone out there.

    1. Not to mention losing waterproofing on the Note.

    2. Note 4 has a fantastic camera.

  14. Just bought a Z2 about three weeks ago because I was under the impression that the Z3 wouldn’t be available for months in the U.S. Also paid $700 and days later the price was lowered to $580, and I didn’t find out until last night and it’s too late to do anything about it…so yeah, not too happy about this. Really I couldn’t care about the Z3, it’s the $120 that irks me.

  15. Sony makes the best phones…such a premium design and materials.

  16. Just waiting for the TMO announcement… I’ll be replacing my m7 with it.

  17. gsmarena reviewed the Z3 compact. The phone has the best battery life of any phone you can imagine.

  18. If it were usable on the AT&T network I would definitely get it.

    1. If you buy an unlocked, European version it will work. I’ve had two different phones here that I bought in Sweden here in the states as well as 4 different Nexus phones bought in the US working in Europe. Nexus 5 works with LTE there.

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