Verizon LG G2 gets updated to make way for VoLTE


LG G2 Verizon Wireless

VoLTE is on the way. What’s VoLTE you ask? In short it stands for “Voice over LTE.” This allows users to make calls over LTE networks, which vastly improves call quality. So far only a few devices support this new technology. The LG G2 for Verizon is going to be one of the first.

The G2 currently is receiving an update which includes VoLTE support. You’ve probably never thought too much about call quality since it’s been the same for years. Once you hear a call with VoLTE your mind will be blown by how much better it sounds. Here’s the full changelog for the G2 update.

  • Autocorrect functions properly when ‘?is selected
  • Cancelled meetings can now be removed from calendar
  • Mobile Hotspot UI prompt to connect corrected
  • Fixed assisted dialing for international numbers
  • Prepare your device for the new Advanced Calling 1.0 feature coming soon from Verizon.
  • Chrome : v31.0.1650.59 > v34.0.1847.114
  • Gmail : v4.7.1 > v4.7.2
  • Google Search : v3.1.24.941712 > v3.3.12.1106182
  • Google Settings : v4.0.34 > v4.3.25
  • Google+ (Google Plus) : v4.2.4.58179886 > v4.3.1.63038142
  • Google Maps : v7.5.0 > v7.7.0
  • Google Play Books : v3.1.23 > v3.1.33
  • Google Play Games : v1.1.04 > v1.5.08
  • Google Play Movies & TV : v3.0.25 > v3.1.22
  • Google Play Music : v5.3.1317M.940995 > v5.4.1413N.1048534
  • Google Play Store : v4.5.10 > v4.6.17
  • Google Voice Search : v3.1.24.941712 > v3.3.12.1106182
  • Google Play Newsstand : v3.0.1 v3.2.0
  • YouTube : v5.3.28 > v5.5.27
  • Google Drive : v1.2.484.18 > v1.2.563.31
  • Google Photos : v4.2.4.58179886 > v4.3.1.63038142
  • Google TTS Engine : v2.4.3.864779 > v3.0.11.1070024
  • Upgrade to SSO v3.1.19
  • Upgrade to Cloud v13.
  • Upgrade to CaNID v2.5.11_2859
  • Upgrade to ISIS Wallet v2.01.00-build.15.30
  • Upgraded VVM : v3.0.3 > v3.1.13.1
  • Alarm Clock : v4.2.13 > v4.2.20
  • Contacts : v4.11.19.2 > v4.11.51
  • Help : v4.4.204 > v4.4.234
  • LG IME : v4.4.22 > v4.4.34
  • LG Email : v6.30.28 > v6.30.53
  • LG Home : v4.3.7 > v4.3.35
  • Music : v4.5.15 > v4.5.24
  • Weather : v4.1.8.1 > v4.2.28
  • Vu Talk was removed

[via Droid-Life]

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  1. That all sounds good, but not good enough to give up my root access.

    1. I was running rooted stock 24A with Xposed running a few modules. I took the OTA and did not lose root, although I have not hacked hotspot or anything. All I had to do after the OTA completed successfully was re-enable Xposed and its modules.

      1. That is a scary thing to gamble with… My root is always my primary concern regarding this OTA from Verizon.

        1. I read a thread on xda that indicated I shouldn’t have any problems.

  2. Hopefully they fixed all of the MMS problems the LG G2 was having as well

  3. If read correctly, iphone 6 supports VoLTE and should work with AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc.

    1. I know I will get hell for this but the iphone6 has caught my eye for the first time

      1. That would be like people with freedom wanting to move into jail.

        1. Best Apple comment I’ve seen on the board. I think I’ll use it myself.

        2. Free health care three meals a day guaranteed bed and roof no need to work for it looks tempting jk

          1. And all the Apple love you can handle

    2. The iPhone 6 DOES support VoLTE. Verizon’s usage of VoLTE is very odd. They are actually using something called Advanced Calling 1.0. This feature will require an OTA update (the new iPhones will come with it, though) to the Android devices as it becomes available, after the devices are approved. Currently you have this updated rolling out to the LG G2 and Samsung Galaxy S5. The rollout actually began on September 1st and Verizon was alerting customers with these devices on their lines via text or email prior to that.

      The way that Advanced Calling 1.0 works is that you initiate a call while connected to LTE in an LTE area to another device that supports this feature. You may then switch to WiFi, but must not leave an LTE area or lose your mobile data connection (you will use WiFi, but must still have the mobile data on for authentication ,etc). If you do, the call drops. You can call back, but it won’t be an “HD” call with Advanced Calling 1.0, it’d be a “regular” voice call.

      Advanced Calling 1.0 also introduces video calling. Again, you are limited to certain devices. You must also connect initially with LTE and can then switch to WiFi. Video calling over cellular data can incur some painful fees. The estimate is 6 to 8 MB per minute. If you call someone on your shared data plan… that is doubled. The voice calling does not use data, it uses your minutes (I hope most of us have moved on from plans that track out minutes usage), but it does impact your bandwidth since it will be traveling over the same LTE connection as your data.

      Advanced Calling 1.0 will be the only way that Verizon customers can use voice and data at the same time. This means that the same old issue will be plaguing Verizon iPhones. Until the Advanced Calling 1.0 rolls out to enough people, well… you’re still outta luck.

  4. LG g3 would also like this

  5. What effect does VoLTE have on data usage? Does it count against my monthly max?

    1. Counts against your minutes (for calls) video calls against your data.

  6. Since this update…my battery life has been cut by 2 1/2 to 3 hours…WTF!!!!

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