T-Mobile guarantees best trade-in values ahead of crazy autumn launches


t-mobile trade-ins

T-Mobile knows you’ll probably want to be trading in a smartphone or two in the months ahead. There are some big launches taking place, including the new Moto X, Moto G, Sony Xperia Z3, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and — yes — the iPhone 6. With that they’re getting a head start on marketing their trade-in program.

Today’s announcement by T-Mobile puts a pretty big guarantee on the table: they promise to offer the best trade-in values for used phones in the industry. T-Mobile says they’ll be tracking the trade-in values of their competitors on a daily basis to make sure they’re always offering the most value. And should they miss one and you help them point it out, they’ll give you an extra $50 on top of your trade-in credit for helping them out. All of this is said to come with no strings attached.

Unfortunately the offer isn’t going to last forever. T-Mobile says it will run from September 17th and will go on for a limited time. We imagine they’ll want to keep the offer going until all of the big autumn launches are out of the way, but that’s little more than a humble hunch.

If you trade a device in and see a better offer from one of the other big three carriers within seven days you’ll just have to give them a ring or drop a note at their website right here. Let us know if you’ll be looking to take advantage for any of the upcoming launches.

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  1. When’s the Z3 launch? :D

  2. Is there a list of devices they’ll take? A friend of mine is still on an iPhone 3gs he would probably trade in to help…

    1. he would probably get 10 cent for it, hahaha! couldn’t resist.

    2. Gamestop takes iOS devices. At the time I had my 16GB iPod 2G sold for $90. The iPod 4G was out at the time.

  3. Well not that it matters a whole bunch here but that probably confirms the new iPhone 6 launching on the 19th like the rumors stated. Everyone kisses apples behind smh

  4. You are better off selling it on ebay than trade it in!

    1. Always.

    2. Not always, my Note 3 looks like sh*t now (almost a year of reckless caseless use) and TMobile will give me over $400 for it and I don’t even need to send the charger back with the phone… on ebay I would prolly be able to sell it for around 300 and after commissions and paypal fees I’d be left with pretty much half what Tmobile is offering me… the catch? I still own around $400 to TMobile for the phone, so all they are doing is paying off the balance for me… Im happy with it tho, Ill just get a Note 4 and keep paying the 25 per month for it… till the 5 comes out. Gotta love TMobile.

      1. how you figure? I checked on tmobile and it said it would give me 250 for my note 3 and I own it with no payments in good condition

        1. Thats the catch, I have JUMP and still own 400 for the phone so basically TMobile is just paying off my balance for the old phone if I get a new phone with them on JUMP again… with that logic Ill always have a new phone and always will be paying around $25 a month for it… for me its a great deal because I like to change phones at least once a year.

  5. Same here. I am grandfathered into the original Jump program that allows switching every 6 months no matter what the remaining balance on my phone is.

  6. Trade in note 3 for note 4 ?

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