Google Glass XE21.0 rolling out, brings Waze info into navigation and quicker Google Now cards


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Google Glass Explorers are being treated to yet another software update hitting their headsets this week, albeit a bit of a smaller one. Last time around, we saw Google add an assortment of goodies with XE20.1. New features like complete access to your entire contact list (finally), additional Google Now cards, and the ability to turn off Glass’ “head nudge” to wake feature.

As detailed on Google’s official changelog page, this time around XE21.0 is fine tuning some things, dramatically decreasing the wait time for specific cards like flight information or sports scores — updating info within seconds. They’ve also managed to include some helpful Waze information in this update, displaying accident indicators when navigating to a specific destination. And well, that’s about it.

Google Glass XE21.0

It seems the update was so small that the Google Glass G+ page didn’t even bother mentioning it, but we’re still excited to see any new advancements hit the headset before its official consumer release. You know, whenever that may be.

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  1. Goolroids are still wearing those hideous Glass things? Glass and Smart Wristwatches are competing against each other. Not much hope for either I am afraid, even with tons of media hype.

    1. I see the benefit and convenience of both, but neither are necessity.

      1. I am a techno geek really, I do love technology as long as there is a real need for it, and neither as you say are a necessity. Status symbol? Nah!
        I can see where some might enjoy one of them, but most times the thrill of the new wears off and it becomes a past memory rather quickly.
        I embrace things that are worthy, and useful. Smartphone, I can’t see life without one now.

  2. The picture of the hot girl wearing glass was clickbait. Damn that’s girls cute clickbait face.

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