Motorola’s Turbo Charger adds 8 hours of battery life to your Moto X (2nd Gen) in 15 minutes


Moto Turbo Charger

It was back in February we told you guys about Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0 technology, a new feature that was said to be soon arriving on Snapdragon powered devices allowing them to charge up to 75% faster than the other guys. A lot of time has passed since then, with Qualcomm promising the first Quick Charge 2.0 devices would hit early this year. True to their word, we watched as the first Quick Charge 2.0 devices began trickling in, as devices like the Sony Xperia Z2 and HTC One M8 all launched with the technology baked in.

With today’s Motorola announcement, it looks like you can add another device to that list, with the all new Motorola Moto X (2nd Gen) officially supporting the new technology. Not only does the device support Quick Change 2.0 out of the box, but Motorola will actually soon make available their own Quick Charge 2.0 capable wall plug dubbed the Turbo Charger.


According to Motorola, it only takes the new Moto X (2nd Gen) 15 minutes reach an additional 8 hours of battery life. While you’d assume another 15 minutes would bring it to a full charge, that’s not exactly how Quick Charge 2.0 works. The quick battery boost is only provided when the device is completely empty, after which it brings charging to more normal levels (we’re sure this has to do with battery health).

At $35, the Motorola Turbo Charger isn’t exactly light on the wallet, but could prove invaluable when you’re in a tight spot. The best part about the charger is it’s backwards compatible, meaning it can deliver up to 15 watts of power to larger devices like tablets. You can learn more about Quick Charge 2.0 in Qualcomm’s video below. The Motorola Turbo Charger doesn’t have a firm street date, but you can find it on Motorola’s site via the link below.


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  1. I think $35 is a great price point for this. I’m so excited about all of these Moto devices. I think I’m getting everything but a Moto G. Lol.

  2. I think I would have preferred wireless charging to this.

    1. With a 2300mAh battery pushing 1080p worth of pixels around a 5.2″ display, I absolutely prefer this to wireless charging.

      1. I would rather have fast charging and the ability to use my phone while charging. Wireless is a gimmick.

        1. Agreed.

        2. Only a gimmick if you don’t have it and fast charging is likely to affect battery life – not important in a phone with a sealed in battery though?

          1. Wireless charging has been around forever with Powermat. Its not a great feature since you can’t pickup up your phone to use while charging.

          2. So that’s it? Because you can’t use it while it’s charging it’s not a great feature? That’s lame logic. There are benefits to both methods of charging including the ability to quickly lay your phone down to charge with a wireless charger without having to screw around with a USB cable. But I guess all is lost if you can’t lay in bed with your nose glued to your phone while it’s charging to enable you to compulsively browse social media 24/7.

          3. I manage to use my phone while charging wirelessly. I have the nexus 4 charging orb which I use on my desk with my nexus 5. It’s tilted and while it is on my desk I can easily see and interact with my phone. Plus if I really need to use it intensively I can easily pick it up, do my thing, and set it right back down to continue charging. So convenient.

        3. The only gimmick here is people like you who use the word gimmick to describe something that’s absolutely not a gimmick. I happen to love my wireless charger for my Nexus 5, but continue on with your gimmicks.

        4. Wireless charging is great for a number of reasons and is poised to take over the future of recharging. With IP rated phones and devices coming out every year, it’ll be important to do away with USB ports or any openings. Granted, data transfer will still be needed, but wireless transferring may become the next push. I currently use a wireless charger to charge my phone every night and use Dropbox to sync my photos to my device. Once in a while I’ll need to bust out a USB cable to transfer a movie or something large. More often than not though, I’ll pull out my SD card and plug it into the computer to transfer instead.

      2. Actually, I would have preferred a bigger battery, but wireless charging means my phone is always charging at my desk or at my bedside table and can be picked up and put down easily without loads of plugging.

        It could be that the large range of rear materials made wireless charging difficult.

  3. I want to read, not watch a video.

  4. Fast charging is known to degrade the battery much sooner, which sucks for devices where you can’t replace the battery. Instead of being able to charge your battery up to about 80-90% after a year of charging cycles, it will probably be much less if you fast charge all the time.

    Would like clarification from moto on this (obviously they’d love it if you’d replace your device sooner)

    1. It is known.

  5. While this is indeed awesome, I think I would prefer a longer-lasting battery (Xperia Z3) than one that can be recharged faster. There are many times where I’ve been almost out of battery and nowhere near a wall outlet. I also prefer to not have to carry around a charger all the time for that 15-minute burst.

    But to each their own! This is still great tech.

  6. This is what OEMs should be funding to bring to the mobile market:

  7. A replaceable battery could get you to 100% in 0 minutes, even when you’re not near a wall socket, or left your high-tech charger at home.

  8. Won’t this work on all SD 800,801,805 devices? I have the LG G3 “Prime” with the SD 805 and I’m pretty sure it’s supported. Can anything confirm this?

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