Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Galaxy Note 3 [CHART]


Note 4 vs 3

There is a new Note in town. Samsung has just announced the Galaxy Note 4 at IFA, and like previous models, this one is sure to be a hit. Many people were skeptical about a smartphone with such a large display, but history has shown that people love big phones. You can blame Samsung for the phone in your pocket being so big. So what does the Note 4 offer compared to the previous iteration? Let’s take a look.


For the first time in the history of the Note series Samsung has not increased the display size. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has the same 5.7-inch display as the Note 3, but the big difference is the resolution. The Note 4 comes in at 1440 x 2560, compared to the 1080p display on the Note 3. A big improvement for such a large device. Pixel geeks will love the improved ppi.

Camera & Battery

Samsung has made similar improvements all around the device. The camera has been bumped up to 16MP, and they have made big improvements in the “Selfie” cam. You can take panorama “wefies” when you take selfies with groups of people. The battery is only 20mAh bigger than the Note 3, but Samsung says it gets considerably more life. They’ve also added “Fast Charging” so you can go from 0-50% in 30 minutes. Samsung made a big deal about the improvements they have made in battery life.


Software is another big focus for the Note 4, especially on the S Pen side of things. They’ve made multi-window much easier, and added mouse-like features to the S Pen. It’s easier than ever to copy text and take multiple screenshots. Samsung is trying to make the S Pen an essential accessory. All of the presenters have used the S Pen instead of their fingers.

What do you think of the Note 4? Is it a worthy successor to the Note 3? Will you be picking one up this October?

Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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  1. I know I said I would not buy another Samsung device I do not like TW. And I prefer a smaller phone <5.2 inches..However…I never owned a GNote before…hmmmm….

    1. I agree for the most part, however, TW on the note series actually comes in handy (specifically, the s-pen functions).

  2. I was the first at my local T Mobile store to get the 3 , I’ll be the first one this time too, especially since I signed up for jump the first week it was out it should be as simple as here take the 3 and give me the 4 C’mon October…..

    1. You sure you don’t want the Note Edge?

      1. Well now that you mention it , and I know about it , yes definitely,didn’t even see it coming………nice surprise ……..now it’s just how long do I have to wait………………..lol

  3. The Note 4 looks great but the Note Edge is stunning. Probably couldn’t justify the premium price, whatever it will be, but it really does look handy. I wonder how much it drains the battery though and apparently the Edge has a smaller battery (3000mAh) than my own Note 2’s (3100mAh)

  4. No pricing yet for anything?

  5. A big big big disappointment! I’ve had the Note 3 for a year now and was hoping for at least 6″ (6.3″ like the first Mega would have been even better). I also hoped for a great low light camera – but I got nothing. I work at least three hours on my phone every workday and 5.7″ just feels to small!

    1. The front facing camera has improved low-light capabilities.

  6. Guess only 3GB of RAM and not the 4GB that was rumored.

    1. Depends who you ask :/ Waiting for Sammy to put up an official page… like Apple would the second their new products are announced.

      1. Well this is NOT apple!

    2. It’s a good sign. 4 GB means more bloatware.

      1. 4GB of ram does not at all mean more bloat. Ram is memory. Storage is storage.

        1. Yes, it does. Use logic and reasoning. Why would there be a need for 4 GB of RAM in a phone these days? Most use 3 or less. With Touchwiz, it uses the most RAM of all the OEM skins, so the skin would require more RAM, it means more bloatware.

          1. No, it doesn’t at all. Stop assuming you know a muti billion dollar company better then they do.

          2. If that’s how you feel, then I am done here because everyone knows Touchwiz is a resource hog. They wouldn’t just increase the RAM each year as a selling point only.

          3. Yeah because the Sony Xperia Z2 needs 3GB of ram. It has it, and it definitely doesn’t need it. Stop acting like you’re a great business man. You’re not.

  7. TBH the *ONLY* feature I’m interested in with the new Note 4 is the Optically Stabilized MEMS camera. All the rest is meh VS my current Note 3.

    Phandroid: please compare cameras; especially the stabilization.

    1. I concur. Love my Note 3. Actually takes really good photos. OIS does sound cool. But I think I’ll be waiting for the Note 5.

    2. i’m surprised more people aren’t talking about this, this is the biggest deal about the note 4 to me.

      1. Yep. Still waiting on a camera comparison.

  8. I’m glad that the super battery saver mode is on the Note 4. I’m also looking forward to the VR once there are more things I can watch on it or games I can play on it. Galaxy Gear has come a long way since last year also. I’m a fan I thought the new tech was great but, deciding between Note 4 and Note Edge at this point Note 4 is on top. I’d like to wait and see what glitches they run into with the Note Edge though.

  9. Dimensions in the chart would be useful.

  10. biggest improvement for me is the screen sensitivity whilst using the stylus,
    They doubled it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Metal band supposedly makes the phone not feel “plasticky” according to the verge. This could be the device that finally breaks Samsung out of their recent rutt. They look to have made improvements in TW too.

    I’m cautiously optimistic about this phone. I’ll pick it up if the rumored nexus doesn’t pan out to be 5.9″

    1. as far as i’m concerned, you’re an idiot if you don’t put a phone in a case, regardless of the materials its made out of. at that point, metal vs plastic really doesn’t matter.

  12. What about water resistance? The S5 has that, but many people aren’t sure about the Note 4.

  13. The phone looks great HOWEVER I am a bit disappointed

    1.) No mention of water resistance
    2.) Was hoping for 64 bit
    3.) Was hoping for a bigger battery QHD is gonna eat 3220
    4.) wanted 4GB RAM
    5.) Was hoping it would launch with “L” Last time Samsung launched a phone then had a major update it was a disaster.

    I’ll definitely check it out because i have become reliant on the sPen on my Note 2, but i am still a bit let down. Was hoping for a bigger leap.

    1. None of Qualcomm’s 64 bit processors are available yet. I’m not sure if the 64 bit version of the Tegra K1 is available for production quantities yet, but Samsung never uses NVidia anyways. Next year you’ll start seeing 64-bit processors in Android smartphones.

      1. That’s incorrect. The new HTC desire phone that was announced last month has the Snapdragon 510 which is indeed 64 bit. and the upcoming 810 is 64 bit as well. its not in phones yet because of developement cycles and all that, but I believe it is in sampling, if not production.

        1. Yes but the 510 would be a dog in the Note 4. You are giving an example of a chip made for mid-range devices in which Android cant even support yet.

    2. You do realize that Android L is still in development, and there has not been an official release. Samsung is not going to put an unfinished OS on their new phone.

      1. example of unfinished OS on Samsung phone 4.4.2 on the Note 3 or 2, it broke wifi and blue tooth on many phones, I actually had to root my friends phone in order to fix his wifi. Why would an OEM release an update that can break phones. in my opinion that is the definition of an “unfinished OS”.

    3. How upset can you really be? This is a huge upgrade over your Note 2.

      1. My Note 2 still works great. Not sure i need to upgrade until I see the above specs met. Definitely in no hurry now.

        1. My HTC Evo still works great too. I would hate to still have to use it.

  14. We need verification on: Max MicroSD capacity, USB version, Water resistance /shock rating.

    1. I’m sure it will support 128GB SD cards as the GS5 and every other current phone does. No IP rating, as it is not water or shock resistant.

  15. I’m not sure if the Galaxy Note 4 is worth the huge price tag versus what the Galaxy Note 4 can be gotten for. Since it won’t be out until October, I’ll probably just wait until Black Friday to get it – then it’ll be discounted.

    The Galaxy Note 3 could have been gotten last Black Friday for about $200.00 with an upgrade.

  16. As I’m on a 2 yr deal with my Note 2, any chance of putting a Note 2 on the comparison chart as well? so that we can see the progress.

  17. Nothing here to make me leave my Note 3…

    1. Nothing on the Note 3 that would make you stay. It was a great device last year but Sammy took the Note to the next level! The screen alone is worth the price of admission.

      1. Really? I can’t see the pixels on my Note 3… why would I need higher resolution (assuming that’s the improvement you’re referring to)?

        1. Take a look a your Note 3 next to the G3’s screen next time you happen to be in any carrier’s store. No competition. Can’t wait to see what Super AMOLED 1440 x 2560 pixels looks like!

          1. Indeed, there is no competition between the G3’s and Note 3’s display. The Note 3’s (and GS5’s) display is brighter, more accurate, much better contrast and has better viewing angles. LG sacrificed all these qualities for more pixels in the G3. It’s actually worse than the G2’s in every way outside of pixel density as well. Source: Anantech.

          2. Every site has different measurements, comparisons and reviews of these screens. However, every initial review I have read today have commented on how much better the new Sammy screen looks in comparison to previous Super AMOLED screens especially given the Notes size. This screen should be the screen to beat on any phone period. I still believe the screen alone is worth the price of admission.



          3. i have, and the you’re right about one thing, its no competition. note 3 screen blows the g3 out of the water in color, brightness, viewing angles, and general usability. the pixel density difference is noticeable only if they’re held side by side and you’re too close. for comfort. using one, then the other, nearly everyone will choose the N3.

          4. If you are happy with your N3 then keep it. Even though it is showing it’s age it is still an excellent phone. I believe it was one of the best if not the best phones in 2013-14.

  18. Need help I have a note 3 and i can not for the life of me uninstall these built in apps that love to just drain my data and never stop running.. Thanks for your knowledge in advance

    1. Go to Settings > General > Applications Manager and select the draining apps, then select Turn Off if that option is available (not all apps can be turned off).

  19. i thought the note 3 had an 801 chip..?

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