Aug 29th, 2014


Hold onto your butts, T-Mobile has just announced a date for their upcoming Uncarrier 7.0 event. Looks like everything will go down on September 10th — a day after Apple’s iPhone 6 event–  so we’re wondering if T-Mobile wont have some kinda Apple tie-in planned. According to T-Mobile press invite “This time it’s personal.” Sounds ominous.

The event is actually being held at a T-Mobile retail store in San Francisco, right on the corner of Market and 3rd. The last T-Mobile event actually announced Uncarrier 5.0 and 6.0, where we saw week long, no strings attached, trials to test T-Mobile’s network using the iPhone 5s (did any of our readers ever take them up on that offer?), along with unlimited music streaming on very specific services (Google Play Music is coming soon).

While it’s true you can find prepaid wireless services for a few bucks cheaper than T-Mobile (like the new Cricket which now operates on AT&T’s network), there’s no denying the added value you get when signing up with Magenta. The event kicks off at 1PM PST. Anyone want to guess what they’ll announce this time around?

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