T-Mobile’s Uncarrier 7.0 event kicks off Sept 10th – ‘This time it’s personal’



Hold onto your butts, T-Mobile has just announced a date for their upcoming Uncarrier 7.0 event. Looks like everything will go down on September 10th — a day after Apple’s iPhone 6 event–  so we’re wondering if T-Mobile wont have some kinda Apple tie-in planned. According to T-Mobile press invite “This time it’s personal.” Sounds ominous.

The event is actually being held at a T-Mobile retail store in San Francisco, right on the corner of Market and 3rd. The last T-Mobile event actually announced Uncarrier 5.0 and 6.0, where we saw week long, no strings attached, trials to test T-Mobile’s network using the iPhone 5s (did any of our readers ever take them up on that offer?), along with unlimited music streaming on very specific services (Google Play Music is coming soon).

While it’s true you can find prepaid wireless services for a few bucks cheaper than T-Mobile (like the new Cricket which now operates on AT&T’s network), there’s no denying the added value you get when signing up with Magenta. The event kicks off at 1PM PST. Anyone want to guess what they’ll announce this time around?

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  1. Loving this competetive back and forth. Fantastic for us consumers. Even those who always hate on TM for not having strong reception in their area should realize that the competition is beneficial for them as a wireless consumer. (Disclaimer: I use Sprint and have never had TM … Yet).

  2. I suppose they will be taking a few jabs at Sprint for their new plans and spread more lies about Sprint’s coverage & speeds while T-Mo’s own coverage and speeds (4G HSPA+ vs EVDO 3G aside) are more lackluster.

    1. You are smoking some good stuff. T-Mobile’s LTE… FASTER than Sprint LTE. T-Mobile HSPA+, WAAAAYY FASTER than Sprint EV-DO. Sprint is just a bag full of hurt and I wouldn’t even use their service if it was free.

      1. T-Mobile doesn’t even serve my area (Top 200 Metropolitan area), so their 4G speeds are 0 here.

        Sprint should average in all the markets T-Mobile doesn’t (or won’t) serve.

        T-Mobile: We’re #1!*
        *In the 5 markets we serve.

        1. Top 200? You mean the whole metro has 200k people AKA the middle of no where. Fargo North Dakota is at about that point, Fargo! Which to anyone familiar with a city would be known as the middle of no where.

        2. top 200? Are there even 200 metropolitan areas in the US?

      2. I think you’re the one who’s smoking and clearly you have selective reading issues.

        I used T-Mobile for two weeks. Their LTE sucks compared to Sprint and Verizon LTE. LTE coverage for T-mo is putrid. Fallback to HSPA? LOL. I sent my T-Mobile hotspot back after two weeks of suffering with their overrated service.

        But, your selective reading issues kept you from reading where I mentioned HSPA was faster than EVDO. That is, if you can find a spot to get service.

        1. I went from Sprint to Tmobile and the switch was like going from DSL to Fios. I’m in NYC, I tend to pull between 15mbps and 30 mbps on LTE, on HSPA+ i would get between 6mbps and 12 mbps.

          I destroy my sprint speeds, 3g was 500 kbps and LTE was super spotty and I would get around 14 mbps.

          It’s actually faster than many of my friends Verizon’s internet who’s varies from like 6mbps to 18.

          1. The problem with T-Mobile is, they work best in big cities. You get outside of a big city, you get Edge at the most. Perhaps they should change their name to Metro T-Mobile since they purchased Metro PCS and their coverage is no better than what Metro PCS offered.

            T-Mobile’s data speeds were terrible. No, I don’t live in a major city, but their data coverage maps were terribly misleading saying I lived in a 4G LTE coverage area and I barely got a signal with dial-up speeds. I travel to a spot I frequent for train watching, closer to a big city than I live (Atlanta) and I STILL didn’t get good speeds on T-Mobile LTE. When the hotspot dropped back to HSPA+, I couldn’t even establish a good connection.

            Where Sprint excels, T-Mobile sucks hard boiled eggs. Sprint covers the smaller towns and lines the interstates in Georgia. T-Mobile dots select cities and that’s it. Bottom line is T-Mobile sucks if you don’t live in a big city. They have no business talking down on another carrier (Sprint) when they have more work to do than the carrier they talk down on.

          2. Sprint sucked for me and I did live in a big city and it took them 3 years to build an LTE network that still isnt as good as what Tmobile did in 1 year in my city. So the question goes, which is better for more people? Tmobile or Sprint? Looks like they are about to be head to head in subscriber base soon. So i think they have all the right to talk smack. Anyone has the right to talk smack.

            Also, its odd you have bad speeds in Atlanta. I went there a year and a half ago with a Nexus 4 hspa+ model and my data speeds were pretty good.

          3. Sure, T-Mo can smack talk. They just shouldn’t spread lies about how they claim their network is better than Sprint’s when in real life it isn’t. There’s more to a network than just data speeds and while T-Mo may have that in some cities, they certainly lack the coverage that Sprint has.

            Look, I get it, T-Mobile is perfect in the big city. Again, leave the city and you’ll be wishing you had a different carrier. And, as far as T-Mo speeds go in the Atlanta area, I experienced faster speeds on the old Sprint WiMax network than I did on T-Mobile’s “4G LTE” network.

            I believe T-Mobile’s subscriber base climb may be topping out and they may begin to lose customers once people realize how terrible T-Mobile’s coverage really is. That, is my own personal opinion. Maybe I’ll be wrong. But, until T-Mo does something about their Metro PCS-like coverage, they’ll always remain last in the race.

      3. Considering T-Mo doesn’t even have 3G where I live, but I get Sprint LTE no problem, I know where I’m sending my payments.

        1. Here (Chicago suburbs), Sprint’s coverage is hit and miss, while T-Mo has LTE all over.

      4. I was just going to say that they might announce John Legere (T-Mobile’s CEO) smokes crack. I can smell the crazy (and the funny) through pictures I’ve seen of him, haha.

  3. Damn Sept just keeps on getting better and better.

  4. Whatever T-Mobile’s announcing, I’m just hoping they leave the awesome $30/mo prepaid plan alone, because even their cheapest post-paid plan can’t compare to it (as long you don’t need to yak a lot)

    PREPAID: $30/mo == 100mins talk; Unlimited text + 5GB 4G data + unlimited 3G after that ($0.10/min after 100min)
    POSTPAID: $50/mo == Unlimited talk; Unlimited text + 1GB of 4G data + unlimited 3G after that

    Prepaid is a no-brainer for people who only talk an average of 3mins a day but use tons of data. Speaking of which… what is the average # of minutes people use a month? Can’t be much higher than 100…

    1. Yep same plan I have. Other things this plan has is 2.5GB of Tethering, free domestic (US) roaming, & unlimited international text messaging. I hope to keep this as long as possible

    2. Unlimited 3G after that? I don’t think so. Edge is less than dial-up.
      But yes, that Walmart plan is awesome.

      1. 128kbps is what most people report, over double dial-up.

        1. The last time I remember speeds like that was using the Internet 2008 in South Africa. (Shudders)

    3. Also went for the $30 Tmo plan the day I received my N5…and I love it! Hope they keep it around for awhile! Here in Tacoma,WA. I easily get between 42-48 Mbps all day long!!

      1. Same here, I left Verizon and got the $30 T-Mo plan when I got my N5. I typically get 25-35 Mbps here in the Chicago burbs. The best I ever got on Verizon’s LTE was 18Mbps… and that was a rarity.

        1. I live in Stockton, CA. My wife is on T-Mobile and I am on Verizon (Work Phone). She usually gets about 10-15Mbps and I usually get 40-50Mbps but get 75+ from time to time. XLTE is awesome. Since XLTE came around, I rarely get less than 30Mbps even when I am in the middle of nowhere out in farm fields.

  5. Need a link to schedule in calendar!

  6. As long as it keeps other bigger guys scrambling to alter their plans I am all for an all out full frontal assault and attack on the pricing structure. Just more win for everyone.

    1. Exactly! Please, support the war. The consumer is who wins at the end.

  7. $0 down on iPhone 6 for everyone…..

    1. Pfff, not bloody likely for that overrated, overpriced thing.

  8. Funny and unrelated… when I was a teen just realizing the big 4, when I heard the name for some reason I always thought people were saying teen-mobile

    1. I agree, but that was way, way back during the Sidekick days. . .a lot has changed.

  9. Had a coworker with Verizon who loved to constantly brag about his coverage and speed. I challenged him to speed tests in different areas. He beat me in about 16 of the 20 places we tested but I had the last laugh cause the last test his phone dropped to 2G and I looked at him and said damn your LTE is quick! You burned up your allotment in no time! Then I turned on my hotspot and said hey man jump on mine for now. It’s not as quick but it’s unlimited. We became good friends and he still asks if I can hotspot him cause he wants to conserve what he has. So moving forward I’ll gladly choose unlimited over speed. Wait till we hit 6G and you click the wrong YouTube video and it buffers that one hour video three seconds into realizing you clicked the wrong one.

    1. My girlfriend has Verizon and I’m on T-Mobile, There are definitely times when we’re traveling and she’s on 4G LTE, while I’m on 2G.

      But what’s really interesting is how there have been more than a few instances where we’ve just been around our city (shopping, eating, running errands) and I’ve had blazing fast 4G LTE while she’s stuck on Verizon’s super slow 3G.

      It’s happened so often that now she’s ready to switch.

      1. That’s part of the reason I left Vzn, I pay for LTE, not EVDO Rev.A!!!

        1. I too left Verizon. I was sick of paying $150 a month for 6gb of data to share between my phone and tablet. I left last year when I was able to get unlimited data with 5gb hot spot for $70. Never been happier. :)

  10. As a T-Mobile customer, interested in seeing what they have in store. Although I’d love for them to be all like “GUESS WHAT WE SECRETLY HAVE BEEN BUILDING TOWERS ALL ACROSS AMERICA AND NOW YOUR COVERAGE ANYWHERE WILL BE AHMAHZING”… but this is reality.

    1. If that happens, I can kiss the Big Red good bye!!!

  11. didnt 6.0 come out like a couple weeks ago ?

    1. Yes but who cares. More great stuff coming out. Why complain?

      1. Dont mind me ive been in a fog for the last 3 months

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