Aug 27th, 2014

Cricket promo

If you ever said to yourself, “Man, you’d have to pay me to use Cricket” today’s your day. The now AT&T owned prepaid carrier is offering up a $100 credit to anyone who leaves T-Mobile or MetroPCS (also owned by T-Mobile) for up to 5 lines.

Those crazy enough to switch to Cricket from T-Mobile, heaven help you. With JUMP early upgrades, free music streaming, free data roaming, and all the other recent moves T-Mobile has been making in recent months, it’s easy to see where I choose to spend my money. But because no 2 people have the same wireless needs, you may find saving a few bucks upfront with Cricket’s cheaper monthly rates and new promo to be a bit more enticing. Cricket’s deal is valid until October 19th and will only work for those porting their number to one of Cricket’s available Basic, Smart, or Pro plans.

This new move shouldn’t come as much of a surprise considering AT&T officially purchased Cricket earlier this year for $1.19 billion which, to be fair, greatly expanded Cricket’s footprint from their CDMA days of yore. Cricket and MetroPCS often go head-to-head in rural markets offering up affordable off-contract devices for those on a budget.

As a one time (and still bitter) Cricket customer, I’ll admit, current customers using newer GSM devices assure me things have changed since they’re now operating on AT&T’s network. Guess you’ll just have to take their word for it.


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