Aug 29th, 2014

Moto 360 bezel

Motorola has been hard at work promoting their upcoming smartwatch — the Motorola Moto 360 — these past few days. Wednesday, we saw Motorola kick off their Yo contest where the manufacturer gave out 40 Moto 360s to lucky winners and it seems they were only getting started.

We’ve been receiving reports that the official Motorola account on Twitter has been busy notifying select users on Twitter of a “sweet opportunity” headed their way. Motorola’s tweets seems to follow anyone who has recently tweeted the hashtag #moto360, where they’re then asked to DM Motorola with the email associated with their Motorola account. If that sounds a little fishy to you, here’s how it played out for one Twitter user:

Motorola Twitter DM Moto 360 early access

We did some digging on Twitter and sure enough, found this was not an isolated incident. Motorola spent a large portion of their day yesterday replying to just about anyone expressing interest in the Moto 360 over the past few weeks. Once Motorola receives a DM with the user’s email address, the conversation picks up there with Motorola notifying these Moto 360 fans of a chance to buy the smartwatch before it’s officially available to the general public. Here’s the email they’re sending out to a few lucky fans:

Motorola Moto 360 early access email

Motorola was careful not to provide any kind of firm release date or timing for the Moto 360, only telling fans to continue checking their inbox over the next few days for a followup email where they’ll then only have a few hours to participate. We imagine that wont be too much longer as Motorola has a big event planned for Sept 4th in Chicago where the Moto 360 (along with a handful of other devices) will officially be unveiled unto the world.

While it doesn’t appear that Motorola notified anyone else after yesterday, there’s no saying if they wont do so in the future. While I wouldn’t go rushing to tweet out any #moto360 hashtags, it certainly couldn’t hurt. Cheers.

Images via Reddit

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