What’s this about the Moto X+1 to coming equipped with 3D recognition and optical zoom?


Moto X1 evleaks

To say we’re hyped over September 4th’s Motorola event would be an understatement. Where we already have a good idea of what is going to be announced in Chicago, when it comes to the Motorola Moto X+1, there’s still a few small details seemingly left uncovered.

Today, the folks at HelloMotoHK happened upon a few new details regarding the upcoming smartphone as it relates to the display and camera capabilities of the device. According to the leaked screenshot shown below listing off a few of the phone’s upcoming features, the phone could come equipped with some kind of 3D recognition. While not much else was said, memories of the Amazon Fire Phone immediately come to mind. We’ve actually seen Motorola toy around with 3D recognition in the past with their Windy Day app. Whether this is merely more of that, or 4 cameras on the face of the phone is too early to say, but we’re intrigued.

Moto X Plus 1 placeholder banner specs

Also mentioned in the spec sheet is something about a “super camera” featuring an “optical zoom.” Although leaked images of the phone didn’t show anything particularly special about the Moto X+1’s camera, it did have an interested flash setup, with 2 LEDs outfitted on each side of the camera lens. But we wouldn’t get your hopes up too much about this alleged “super camera.” According to early reports from a user who’s played with the phone, the camera still leaves a lot to be desired.

Of course, we’ll reserve judgement until we get our hands on the phone come Thursday of next week.

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  1. Well there are those two round things at the bottom of the bezels. And then the top bezel is loaded with sensors…so ….maybe it is that 3D recognition that I will more than likely disable If I get this phone.

  2. Some idiot saw those 4 dots in the front and concluded that they were 3d cameras…..when they are OBVIOUSLY laser focus projectors to superimpose any image you want on your face for the ultimate duckface selfies. Psssh. People I swear!

    1. I think duckface selfies are a bit too 2013-ish. That being said, bahaha. Hilarious comment.

  3. In other news.. Nexus 5 may be my next phone.lol:

  4. This could make face unlock much more secure and useful. If they had IR cameras you could even use it in the dark

  5. An optical zoom on a camera phone would be impressive

    1. Hello Samsung.

  6. Optical zoom and 3D recognition= instabuy. And then I see…

    Snapdragon 800…WTF Moto?!

  7. People just have to get their 2 penny worth let people decide for themselves i don’t knock anyone who wants to get a of the market it’s always iphone it’s a bit of a change for me to hear about a another phone competing

  8. This is all nonsense. 5.2″ = crap, massive camera = crap, phablet = crap. All they have to do is keep the same 4.7″ form-factor, at most go to 4.9″ like the Nexus 5, color-calibrate the OLED and upgrade the SoC. Keep the unlocked price reasonable.

    1. Haha, that’s all I can say to that highly opinionated comment :)

    2. agreed 100%

    3. Wahwah…. Phinn the Hobbit is back like to clockwork to complain about the large phones an increasing number of people (and not hobbits) want.

      1. phablets are stupid…people look stupid using them…its people like that that make iphone hipsters think their cooler

  9. shame they ruined all that made the og moto x great…form factor and size

    1. I’m going to wait the short time of 1 more week, and find out what they REALLY are doing.

  10. really have more hopes now for this super droid coming out supposedly at 5″…but if it has onscreen buttons also a fail

    edit: i meant if it doesnt have onscreen buttons its a fail…i think the droid hd/hd maxx were much nicer looking phones then the droid ultra or maxx

    1. That’s just like… you’re opinion… maaan.

      OnScreen Buttons FTW.

      1. oh how embaressing…i meant if it DOESNT have onscreen buttons its a fail…i need me my onscreen buttons

    2. I also love this on screen buttons. I got tired of accidently hitting the capacitive buttons, especially when I handed my phone to someone to check something out. I had an S4 and I ended up having having to press in the home button. I just wanted to touch. Yea bigger screen orientation is better but there’s emersive mode where I can hide the navigation anytime. I’m a Nexus guy but open to love all android phones!

      1. i actually mispoke lol i love and prefer onscreen keys…i think its a more advanced cleaner look then physical buttons

        1. Oh Mmkay, I’m glad people are seeing the point of the on screen buttons

  11. I’m thinking “less Fire Phone, more Kinnect” personally. Here’s to hoping!

  12. If only they hadn’t phablatized it. If only.

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